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Today, Google announced a new update to the Google+ app that will be rolling out later today that brings a host of new features. For starters, the posts have been redesigned to look a little cleaner, provide more content up front, and are easier to interact with. For example, you can now swipe between photos in an album, and tapping content should take you directly to where you want to go. The current Google+ app has a problem with requiring the user to jump through several hoops to get to the meat of a post, so hopefully this makes things easier.

newG 1 newg 2 newg 3 

There's also a new feature being added to your profile that will allow you to add a permanent monitor for your location that's visible to select circles. Reminiscent of Latitude (which Ron predicted would start moving over to Google+), this will automatically display where you currently are to anyone who visits your profile, so long as you've given them permission to see this information. It will only be as accurate as your phone's location data allows, so if you have GPS disabled, it may not be terribly helpful. It's a little unclear how this is more useful than simply sharing where you are only when you check-in somewhere interesting, but the option is yours.

  locationsharingg  locationsharingg 2

Finally, Google is adding a host of features to Communities on mobile, including the ability to adjust how much content you see from them in your stream, invite new users, search members, and—if you run a Community—to moderate content and bring down the banhammer.

newcommunities1 newcommunities2 newcommunities3

The update is not live yet on the Play Store (we'll update when it is), but you can take read more about it from Google below.

Update: It's now live on the Play Store! Hit the widget or your device to get it. Gogogo!

What's in this version:

- New stream design (including comment previews and swiping through photo albums inline)
- Control the volume of posts that you see in your stream from individual circles/communities
- New app setup flow
- Filter search results by best or most recent
- Tell others about a community (by sharing it or sending an invitation)
- Re-share posts to communities
- Share your current location on your profile and control who can see it via G+ settings

Source: Google

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  • http://twitter.com/omac_ranger Logan Graham

    Did that post say anything specifically about the G+ Android app getting the snapseed integration? From the sound of the post, it's only the iPhone getting that integration at the moment while we're just getting an updated application.

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/author/eric-ravenscraft/ Eric Ravenscraft

      Oops. You are correct. Fixed the article.

      • http://twitter.com/omac_ranger Logan Graham

        Pity. I noticed Snapseed got an update today too though, which I believe is already integrated with G+? Maybe they're doing something similar through a share-style editing process.

    • Kelvin Davis

      That's pretty much built into Android. iPhones are just getting filters and contrast and brightness adjustments. We've had those for a while now.

  • http://twitter.com/_vinr vinothr

    Google+, the future of social networks. Keep up the good work, Google. Kill-off that virus of the internet that people call "Facebook"!

    • woj_tek

      google+ is equal parasite as facebook... but at least the latter has people I know...

  • Alchemy08

    And of course Android Police will be investigating any changes within the new update.

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/author/ron-amadeo/ Ron Amadeo

      of course.

      • http://www.androidpolice.com/author/ron-amadeo/ Ron Amadeo

        Teardown over. Nothing interesting.

  • Barton82

    It's live, I've downloaded it about 10-15 minutes ago.

  • xmichaelx

    How 'bout making better -- or even GOOD -- use of my screen read estate by showing me more than 1 post at a time? THAT's a G+ app I'd pay for.

  • bebo

    I'm new to G+ but i have problem i add friends to my circle and they do the same but w can't chat with each other immediately but after afew days and another thing i can't chat with any one have a G+ mobile app can any one help me ?

  • http://profiles.google.com/marcusleejh Marcus Lee

    Location sharing isn't just reminiscent of Latitude... It's a complete overlap of functionality!

    Dear Google, please don't go duplicate yet another of your services, it's troublesome enough that we have to juggle Messaging, GTalk, Voice, G+ Messenger... :-(

    • Tj Hariharan

      latitude locations can be shared to public via a badge on a website or a blog. Google plus location sharing DOES NOT WORK with public sharing, there IS NO badge to put on websites, public cannot see location on profile even when it is set so they should be able to

      • http://profiles.google.com/marcusleejh Marcus Lee

        Erm, so? What's your point?

    • Matthew Jones

      Don't worry. Location sharing is broken. Telling me I must have a data connection while on WiFi. Both Gnex and n7.

  • philnolan3d

    One of the only times when I want a facebook "like" button and it's not here.

  • rap

    Problem is 99% of the people I want to keep in touch with do not use Google+ I only know a handful of people that even have profiles. I'm not sure how you pull market share away from Facebook but they haven't been very successful so far for the average (not power) user.

    • basteagow

      It's a catch-22. By rejecting Google+ because our friends are not present or active on it, we're only contributing to the problem. I'm tired of Facebook and have been trying to transition to Google+ entirely, but the temptation to continue checking Facebook draws my attention away from Google+ even though I consider it the superior product.

    • MacVities

      Get some new friends then. Google+ is chock full of interesting people talking about interesting things.

      I just closed my Facebook account a never went back. My friends and family I prefer to talk to in person anyway.

      • woj_tek

        yeah, right... The catch of G+ was to make sharing with your buddies easier. Given that noone I know has G+ it's kinda pointless. (not that I have fb - prefere im/e-mail)

        I also don't need to get new friends (srsly?!) and those 2 people I found interesting (both of them use G+ as a 'mini blog platform with messages longer than 160 characters') were added to my rss. I see absolutely NO POINT in using G+ nor creating G+ profile (I had one, for the synchronization of photos from android but upon closing Reader I got rid of it and just grab my photos locally -faster, easier, not g+nonsense...)

  • http://www.androidpolice.com/author/ron-amadeo/ Ron Amadeo
  • andy_o

    STILL no link to original post on a re-share. Even the iOS app has this, come on!

  • Matthew Fry

    I swear that Felicia Day is the only person on G+.

  • Tj Hariharan

    too bad location sharing on google plus doesnt actually work fully. Only half the people can see it, even when its set to PUBLIC..dear google: if i want to share my location with the public thats my own damned problem stop trying to pretend you know whats good for me by stopping it.

    • Freak4Dell

      Never thought I'd see the day when companies like Google got flack for too much privacy.

      • Tj Hariharan

        actually this has always been an issue. For instance, pasword cannot be too simple, once you change yoru password you can NEVER CHANGE IT BACK to what it was before even after years..etc etc

        • Freak4Dell

          While I've been inconvenienced by this, I understand their reasoning, and I appreciate their efforts to keep my account from being used by somebody other than me. I don't think Google should be receiving hate for that.

          • Tj Hariharan

            hmm no thats not quite it. The worlds most secure websites like banks and so on have tonnes of security stuff (picture passwords and security questions everytime you log in etc), THAT is reasonable. what purpose could NEVER being able to change your password back to something it was 15 years ago possibly serve? and its not like its a default somewhere, they had to specifically program it in such a way that it will remember all my previous passwords. I like to change my passwords every few months, just to keep things fresh and secure, but i have a limited bank of "things i use for a password" like everyone else, there are only so many ways to do "easily remembered by you, but hard to guess"

          • Freak4Dell

            Banks are ridiculously annoying to log into. The whole enter your username, then confirm the picture, then enter the password thing is infuriating, not to mention you have to log in every damn time. However, they too, need to be safe, so I live with it.

            Not allowing a repeat password means no one who has ever known your password in the past can access your account at any time in the future based off of that knowledge. This is actually a pretty neat feature for social accounts, since many times, people trying to get into your social accounts are people you personally know. If they knew your password before (close friends and spouses/significant others share passwords with each other all the time), they could try again in 5 years and get lucky when you change it back to the old password.

            You have the choice not to use Google services. Google isn't in the business of custom programming things for you. They do what works best for the majority of their target market. They don't care about your strange unique preferences. If you want a custom method that is perfect for you, buy a server and a domain name, and code your own email client. No company should ever get heat for trying to make things more secure. You're being downright ridiculous. If you don't like it, go to a different company, simple as that.

          • Tj Hariharan

            you don't seem to get the difference between tailoring things for every person, and just simply letting people do what they want. For instance, it would be stupid of me to expect HTC to load my favorite apps onto my phone when i buy it (which apparently they're trying to do now?)...OTOH, guess what i can buy an HTC phone and THEN load my favorite app, i have that CHOICE. Sure, there's that annoying default, which is usually the "safe choice that the majority like" etc, but i can CHANGE the default. Sure, the default behaviour is to NOT allow location to be publicly accesible, a sensible default i will not argue with...but i can CHANGE that default in fact im not even ASKING them for something they haven't said they give us, location settings are ADVERTISED as publicisable, but do not work as such.

            On the same trend, the default behaviour CAN be "warning against using the same password", but the point is to LET ME DO IT ANYWAY. You know how some websites go "btw this is a weak password" as a warning, but let you do it anyway? Here you HAVE that warning, it's letting people know, reminding them, but not restricting me. The restriction requries extra effort on the part of the google programmers as a matter of fact. Basically someone in google decided to put in extra effort to PREVENT me from doing something that MAY or MAY NOT be a bad idea...why not just warn me, but let me do it anyway?

            Let's go back to the location thing, location broadcast has worked liked this with latitude for years. If you broadcast the location with a badge on a site, you'd get emails every month or so: "btw, just to let you know, you are broadcasting your location to the world"..it never PREVENTED me from doing it, that would require extra coding to put in that block..it lets me do it...

          • Freak4Dell

            No, I understand exactly what you're talking about. It's just not a reasonable request. Using your analogy with HTC, look at the iPhone vs. an HTC Android. Apple doesn't let you customize certain things, whereas Android will. You have the choice to either use the Apple device as you wish, or you can use somebody else's product, like HTC's, that will let you customize what you want. Google doesn't let you customize certain things, so the available choices are either put up with it, or go with somebody else that will. Nobody is forcing you to use one service over another.

          • Tj Hariharan

            I understand what you are saying, but THAT is the kind of attitude I am attempting to argue against. the CUSTOMER doesn't change according to the wishes of the company..it's the other way.
            The apple vs htc example is not QUITE the same...the level of customisation avaliable with android, if apple decided to program it into iOS version 7 say, that would actually require a LOT of recoding, lot of work and redisigning the OS. On the other hand, something like removal of a password restriction does not require massive changes (ofc the same would apply to SOME Of the simpler restrictions apple has placed, not too familiar with iOS to give examples though). MY question is not "rah rah, give me what i want", but rather "why even BOTHER putting in that restriction, SOMEONE sat up and programmed that restriction in, probably an extra "If clause" somewhere..why bother with that?

            Also, back to my original point, IF google decides to NOT let us publicise location information, then don't give me the option, the option is there, under g+ settings "show location to or "...it just horribly fails to work.

          • Freak4Dell

            Companies don't need to change to the whim of one customer. That would be financially irresponsible. How hard it is to implement a feature is irrelevant. If not enough people want it, it won't be done.

            I do think the location thing is a bug, and I suppose we're way off subject now.

          • Tj Hariharan

            "If not enough people want it, it won't be done" exactly my point...how many people want the feature of "password remembering and prevention of repeat passwords", that's a FEATURE...why did they put it there? IS it a bug? All im saying is that google (and other companies) have a habit of putting in extra "privacy features" that no one really asked for, the password thing being an example. None of the help files actually ever state that once changed a password can never be changed back, if i had know i'd have never changed it in the first place.

          • Freak4Dell

            It's how Google best thought the privacy issue would be handled. You're the only person I've ever seen whine and moan about it like this, so I'd be willing to bet that Google hasn't gotten much negative feedback on it.

            A customer should never have to ask for a privacy feature. A company should be able to judge how to best secure a customer's account and details. Google did exactly that. You're allowed to not agree with it, but it's silly that you would complain about something that makes your account more secure.

          • Tj Hariharan

            The balance between choice and "we have do things right without being asked" is a fine one, yes. Most people don't complain about a lot of things, even if they are heart of hearts, inconvenienced by it, I find. Most people would generally just accept things and move on. but meh, that's my opinion anyway, it annoys me so i complain, I really don't expect anyone will ever listen, much less a big corporation like google, and thats ultimately the issue here, that we are slaves to companies that choose how to deliver things to us, regardless of how we actually want them. Think about how long it took google to bring a bloody notes application, and for gods sake they STILL dont have a proper "tasks manager".

            And it's really no better with PAID things. I pay SHIT LOADS of money for my cellphone/TV/internet provider yet I can NEVER give my dad equal access to my account...

  • LewisSD

    now if only a few of my friends actually used G+...

    • Aida Yoguely

      Try inviting your friends and using G+ to share with them.

  • Davy Jones

    Oh come on Google, now my first post is always going to be "Welcome to Google+: To see posts from friends and family, add them." I've been using the service over a year. Is there any way to get rid of this?

    • Noah Minton

      This is ridiculously annoying. We are not children. If I want to add someone to my feed, I can do it myself without being reminded every time I open the app. The last thing I want is for Google+ to turn into Facebook, but this is a first step toward that.

  • Shiva Kool

    google should integrate all of its photo sharing and editing apps

  • Ray

    This makes the Facebook app look absolutely pathetic. Actually, from the very start the Google+ app made Facebook's app look pathetic.

    Even to this day, Facebook still can't get it right. It only seems to be getting worse as well.

  • John O’Connor

    I love that we have finally raised the creep factor on location sharing (queue shameless tinfoil hat privacy nazi response in 10 comment or less). Well not necessarily, I suppose.

    I am more disappointed that Waze lost it's foursquare integration, it is very hard to check-in while driving so that I can "own the road" with such a loss.

    Back on topic though, I always welcome these new and improved updates, I believe this is the one that resolves vertical scrolling on tablets, no?

    EDIT: Aaaaaargh, 2 force closes within minutes of update. perhaps I need to restart my device.

  • Jeffrey Bailes

    Thanks guys. My friends and I have been doing 'Red Pants Friday' for the last 10 or so months, my life is now complete having found the 'Red Pants Friday' Google+ community.

  • Robert Gonzalez

    Any chance Google will be making a Google+ app for iOS that actually works? I hate Facebook and their mobile product, but I gotta say on iOS, Google+ is complete ass and it never seems to improve so it continues to make Facebook mobile actually look good. I love Google+, but I really can't use it on my iPhone (both in app and in Chrome) so I have to be on a computer in order to get my Google+ on.