Last Updated: March 24th, 2013

There's a little over a week left until Game of Thrones season 3 arrives on HBO and Google wants to make sure you're entirely prepared. The trailer below depicts the machinations of a plot to overthrow enemies, mercilessly and without hesitation. We won't spoil it for you, so take a look at it and see if you can guess who's using the Play Store to take over Westeros (if not, the end will spoil it for you plenty).

While, unfortunately, the show itself is not on the Play Store, Google's quick to point out that you can get all kinds of peripheral or related content, including kick-ass soundtracks, ambitious literature, fantasy games, and movies about dragons. Oh, and did we mention that you can get the entire Song of Ice and Fire series on the Play Store? Suppose that might be worth a mention.

Honestly, the ad itself is nothing revolutionary, but the soundtrack is awesome and anything that gets us amped for the next season of Game of Thrones is worth a watch. Also, it's starting to feel like the Play Store is coming into its own. Especially since most of this content wouldn't have been available or even possible a year or two ago.

Source: YouTube

Eric Ravenscraft
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  • Jeremiah Rice

    While this video is awesome, I have to point out that you can't get Game of Thrones TV episodes on Google Play. Or anywhere, for that matter, aside from HBO GO, incredibly late DVDs, and less-than-legitimate alternatives. Because unlike some of their less stuffy competition, HBO insists that you pay for a hundred bucks worth of crappy cable in order to have the privilege of paying for HBO.

    It's remotely possible that this is why Game of Thrones has been topping the "most pirated" lists in the last two years.

    • marcusmaximus04
    • UncleDuncle

      Just a head's up that it is available on iTunes, including Season 3 in HD. Sure, new episodes will be delayed ~24 hours, but it sure beats downloading crappy torrents in my opinion.

      • Jeremiah Rice

        Really? Ugh, I haven't had iTunes on any machine in 7 years. I'd hate to break the streak, but GoT Season 3 might be worth it.

        Note: I don't hate iTunes because I'm an Android user, I hate it because I'm a Windows user. That software is a bloated poison for PCs.

      • http://twitter.com/RaspberryDuff Matt

        Crappy torrents? I get the moral argument, but the SD and HD scene releases are actually remarkably well encoded and the scene has been pretty good at policing its own quality for a good 10+ years now on TV shows (and obviously has more experience in it than any other download service). If you're getting encodes some random guy put up, then yeah you've got shitty quality, but any scene group encode will either be pretty damn good or be fixed with a proper one almost instantly (generally within an hour or two).

    • RitishOemraw

      The books are better anyway!
      Currently on book 5 (wish 6 and 7 were out so I don't have to wait for them)

    • Jamesy

      you know what the scary part is? eventually, just like other media, the internet is bound to be raped by complex laws, that will be essentially all reaching, un-repealable buttplugs, intent on raping all of us simply because it will be impossible for any one man to know them all, even if he studied them for his entire lifetime. if you look at the history of governing new mediums of communication and expression, they all eventually become hallmarks of the government. just look at the debate over second hand games & software, and "jail breaking" and "unlocking phones" (no matter how stupid we know these terms are--phones shouldn't be jailed, and they shouldn't legally be allowed to sell us modified phones, with modified software). Inevitably, instead of competing--instead of tweaking their fucking failure of a business model, its much easier to pay some lobbyists, who pay some congressmen, and create a law that FORCES you to buy DVDs and software through their channels instead. If there were no laws like that, wed be able to buy whatever we want, however we want, on whatever device we want, because, by virtue of the voting-wallet, universal protocols for media formatting would have been popping up like the plague long ago.

      sorry, I'm not anti government, or anything like that...far from it. I just think that we ought to let capitalism run its course, and democracy run its course, by using law to enforce a free market, and hinder the companies who've become far too monopolistic-instead, we get lobbyists who buy our "representatives" (are they REALLY" representing us?), and have accumulated an innovation debt, which has held our country back at least a decade or two in terms of innovation.

      I was laying here last night thinking about how screwed we would all be if "regulation" reached into the web, and got a hold of it, essentially locking industry leaders into their position for decades to come. Even companies like apple, who used to be the underdog, are far too comfortable with where they are. Regulation was supposed to prevent a subversion of the free market, by means of con sequencing anti-competitive behavior...companies like ATT and Standard Oil could too easily push the competition around. But these days, why push the competition around when you can just buy out some congressmen, create a law that will last the lifetime of our American expirement, and then profit?

  • Taedirk

    Violet Eyez and Jorah. Nice.

  • Jamesy

    worst title for an article ever....if you're going to make a witty title, perhaps it should read like one of two discrete ideas, and not like one massive run on sentence, where you can't tell the beginning, middle, and end of a phrase....but what do I know, perhaps this really was the best way possible to word this monstrosity. haha.