Last Updated: March 28th, 2013

Sometimes, classic games are just better. If you're tired of playing through endless variations of Temple Run and flinging animated birds across your smartphone display, then you'll no doubt be glad to hear that NAMCO has just released PAC-MAN + Tournaments on Android.

The app has been designed so that it remains very similar to the original arcade version of the game, and you'll be able to play PAC-MAN Classic to your heart's content with a virtual joystick at the bottom of the screen. If you want to try something a little bit different, you'll find new tournaments and mazes to play through too, with achievements available throughout the game, bringing PAC-MAN into the 21st century. Kind of.

pac1 pac2 pac3

The best part is that it's available for free, and only requires Android 2.2, so you don't need a new phone to be able to play. If you want to grab it, you can do so from the Play Store right now.

John Thompson
John's been addicted to technology ever since he tinkered with his first custom built PC when he was 10 years old. He's also the proud owner of seven Amazon Kindles, but only because he destroyed the first six.

  • Bren

    So many unnecessary app permissions...

    • wordmoss

      So many people who have no clue what permissions actually are.

      • Bren

        Then explain to me why it needs permission to "retrieve running apps", "Find accounts on the device", "Recieve data from internet" and "test access to protected storage"?!

        • tedadhe

          "retrieve running apps" - prevents multiple instances of the app being started if the app is started from diffrent kind of launchers, know issue with android at least older version, you can look it up on a dev forum,
          "find accounts on the device" - this is needed if the app has in app purcheses in order intereact with google play,
          "recieve data from internet" - does the app download stuff from the internet?

          the problem with android is that you need heavy permission even if you do light work, because a permission handles a lot of stuff. The permission system should really be reworked on the android system.

  • Dean

    And a background process and service

  • lionson

    Wow only one day and an aneroid player has the high score.