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The PadFone 2 may have received its Jelly Bean update at the end of last year, but original PadFone owners haven't been so lucky. Fortunately, ASUS has decided to level the playing field again, releasing an update for the original device with Android 4.1.1.

In addition to the OS upgrade, the latest update also provides some improvements to other areas of the phone. Here's the full changelog:

PadFone Firmware: V10.2.1.9 (Android 4.1) improvement:
1. OS upgrade to Android 4.1.1
2. Improve dictionary function
3. Improve Camera preview function
4. Improve Scrapbook function
5. Improve File Manager application
6. Improve Volume Key problem
7. Support SD card NTFS & EX Fat format

There are currently two variations of the update available - WWE (Worldwide) and CHT (China) - but other region specific downloads should be available soon. You can download the update from the ASUS website.

Source: ASUS

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    Guess I gave to give up with the original transformer. Time to install a 4.2 custom ROM!

  • Dimitris Metzikof Papadakis



    I have the Padfone 1, running Android 4.1.1
    The problem is that after the update, my GSM/WCDMA radio is erratic. I may have full signal, but I cannot receive calls (says my phone is off) nor can I make a call (it just drops the call). Moreover, I can't get or send text messages nor do I have access to my data plan GPRS 3G internet. I've tried switching only to GSM or only to WCDMA but to no avail. The same problem happens randomly many times throughout the day, my radio connection may appear with a perfectly healthy signal, but it's actually dead. The only thing that works normally is my WiFi radio.

    I've used a different SIM card (tried different carriers, i.e. Vodafone, Verizon, Orange, Cosmote), but the problem persists. In fact, my phone may stay in this brick state for hours without me knowing about it, when many people are meanwhile trying to reach me, or making it impossible for me to make a call when I need to!

    The only solution I have found so far has been to restart the phone, then to remove the SIM LOCK code (because I had to enter it each time, sometimes over forty times a day), and then instead of restarting the phone I switch on and off the airplane mode. I have to repeat this process several times a day! This seems to reset the radio, so if I make a phone call immediately after I turn off the airplane mode as soon as it gets the signal back, I can call, all incoming and outgoing text messages are delivered and my GPRS internet works for a few minutes, then it blocks up again. After I turn on and off the airplane mode, if I wait for too long, I can't call or receive calls because it blocks up again, so I have to repeat the same procedure again, airplane mode on off and do what I have to do quickly. This is infuriating!

    My battery also dies very quickly!

    ALL OF THIS STARTED AFTER THIS DUMB UPDATE! How do I downgrade? Is there a way to fix this mental masturbation for the love of christ?! This was a 600 EUros phone!

    email me at [email protected]