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The highly popular VNC tool TeamViewer has updated its Android viewer client with a slew of new features, including one users have likely been clamoring for from day one: native touch control.

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The latest version of TeamViewer for Android now supports a brand-new input method for tablets - direct touch gestures. No more moving the cursor around to get the job done, just tap and drag to your heart's content, pointer-free. In addition, Windows 8 support has been enhanced, and now allows for the use of Windows 8's native OS gestures - making navigating your PC from your tablet even easier. I, for one, found the touch gestures on the Surface RT very useful for navigation, and miss them on my laptop. Now you can finally give them a whirl on your non-touch PC, albeit remotely. Check out the video below for a demo of the new touch interactions.

This update also includes a revamped settings menu, a new registration site for computers and contacts, re-written app instructions, and optimization for Android 4.2, along with the standard bug fixes and other improvements. Head to the Play Store to get it now.

David Ruddock
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  • John

    Love it. I probably don't give this app enough credit. I use it for several different operating systems(have for years), and their Android app is solid. Hats off to them for continuing to make it better and better.

  • bobbutts

    Wow, was just wishing for this yesterday. Going to check it out now.

  • Kaero

    I've been using the desktop program recently to remotely access my HTPC from my laptop, didn't even think to see if there was an app. I've still been using Splashtop. I'll have to give this a try and see how well it works.

  • bobbutts

    I think I like the mouse control better still.. My fingers feel fat with the touch. Also seems like there is a bug in this, when I changed the settings only a few of the pc's I connect to used the touch interface, the other ones still used mouse regardless of what I set.

    • quick

      Could be those PCs that were not working need to update the teamviewer version installed?

    • bobbutts

      I am forgetful. The reason I was wishing for this was when I was trying team viewer with bluetooth mouse. It works better with mouse, but still not perfect.

  • Daniel Wiggins

    I am so happy for this.

  • sahibunlimited

    Can touch support be added to a phone by fooling the app?

  • quick

    Fantastic update, have been hoping for these type of enhancements! Yet to test it on my tablet though.

    Since its the same app for both phones & tablets, I'm pretty sure you can trick it to acting this way on your phone as long as you change your DPI setting (Paranoid Android FTW!). Will test this out later but that is my best guess.

  • grellanl

    Does it support 1:1 mouse tracking yet? That's what I'm waiting for, and I've tried TeamViewer in the past, LogMeIn etc - none of them did this right. To be able to use a Bluetooth mouse on my tablet and have it behave complete normally in the remote session - no panning around or having a virtual mouse that doesn't align with the local mouse.

    Can anyone that uses TeamViewer confirm if that works? It would be awesome if so.

    • bobbutts

      trying it out on bt mouse seems to work ok but not perfectly. The remote curser lags behind the remote. The right click button on the mouse doesn't do anything either.

      • grellanl

        That's a shame, but thanks for checking it out.

  • xnifex

    since logmein is still $30 on the play store while free on iOS, someone please tell me what's the difference between this & them. Thanks

    • GazaIan

      LogMeIn on iOS isn't free, you have to pay for a subcription via an in app purchase. It's right in the description.

      "• If you choose to upgrade to a LogMeIn Pro subscription, simply select your subscription type - annual ($39.99), 6 month ($29.99) or 3 month ($19.99)"

      With Android it appears to be Pro only. But, you do get 30 days of free Pro service apparently, something that doesn't seem to be mentioned in the iOS version.

      • xnifex

        You're either not reading the full description or reading it wrong. With any new logmein user, you can try pro for free for the first 30 days. The iOS version works perfectly with logmein free, the in-app purchase is if you want the added benefits of logmein pro. For android, it works for both the free & pro versions, the app will be able to use all the features if you have pro. After those 30 days tho, your $30 android app goes to the same functionality as the free iOS version & only works for remote control unless you buy a logmein pro license.

    • Urbane_Gorilla

      IMO, this one is not only free, but a breeze to setup. I would definitely try this before spending money on any other Remote Desktop Controller. I'm betting you'll never bother with the rest.

      • xnifex

        I use teamviewer to access my stuff from my android tablet/phone, but still use logmein for access to my computer & the rest of my family's computers from a browser.

  • Jeremy Wielopolski

    Maybe I'm just an idiot, but I can't seem to get double-tap/click to work anymore, at all on my phone, and not in mouse interaction mode on my KF (connecting to an updated Win7 client). Sure, I can long press to bring up the right-click menu, but that seems a little long winded to simply open a file or folder.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=290601972 Justin Crowley

    finally..been waiting for native touch!

  • http://the-jade-domain.com Jaime J. Denizard

    I thought TeamViewer used a proprietary protocol, not VNC?

  • Adam Miah

    LogMeIn FTW!!

  • GragonV

    However, is there anyway to control an Android device by another Android device? Or by the computer?
    I really need it to support my family's member :( (so far, only teamviewer for SS device can do that, wth?)

    • Urbane_Gorilla

      Teamviewer will work on any OS. All you need is for both sides of the connection to have a Gmail Account and the assigned signon and password for the device to be controlled. It is OS independent.