Android devices are already pretty awesome comic readers. There's very little I love in the world more than watching Deadpool hack and slash everything in the universe up on the ultra-high resolution display of my Nexus 10. Though, if anything is gonna give the merc with a mouth a run for his ill-gotten money, it may just be the collective comic anthologies of properties like Star Wars, Hellboy, Serenity, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and more. Yes, Dark Horse comics are live on the Play Store.

dawnofthejedi shepherd hellboy

The titles will launch in every country that Play Store books are sold (which, as of right now, includes Australia, Canada, Spain, Germany, Italy, the United Kingdom, India, South Korea, Japan, Mexico, Brazil, France, Russia and the United States). In the U.S. and Canada, though, there's an initial promotional sale: several comic series are available for $3.99. Not bad.

The collection is impressive and it's a huge get for Google. One word of warning, though. I just tried out a sample of Dawn of the Jedi on my Nexus 10 and night/sepia mode affect the colors of the pages. If you see any problems in how the comics are displayed, try switching to day mode first. Other than that, dive right in. This is awesome.

Source: Google+

Eric Ravenscraft
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  • Dominic Scatto

    You got a link to those deadpool comics?

  • soapisclean

    Astro Boy volume 1 and 2 are only $3.99 (regular price $12.99)

  • Dwayne Wilkinson

    For this to really shine Google needs to extend Books so that the viewer is similar to comixology's and tapping on the screen transitions from cell to cell. But all the same it's a nice start.

  • Robert Blenkinsopp

    I love how the preview for "Serenity: The Shepard's Tale" is just the front and back covers and the copyright pages... Nice preview there.

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/author/eric-ravenscraft/ Eric Ravenscraft

      Let's be real, though. If you've watched Firefly/Serenity, you already know whether or not you want to read the Shepherd's Tale

      (Personally, I don't. I know it's there, but I want to keep the mystery alive. "It's of interest to me how much you know about that world." "I wasn't born a shepherd, Mal." "You'll have to tell me about that some time." "No, I don't." GAWD.)

      • firethorn

        "That ain't a shepherd." -Early