I heard from a reliable source that you guys like unlocked cell phones. Well, eBay's Daily Deals have you covered today with an unlocked international Galaxy S III for $449, which is slightly cheaper than the previous deal on this handset of $470. The device comes in  your choice of black, white, or blue. As a bonus, the shipping on these devices is entirely free, which makes it one of the cheapest high-end handsets you can get unlocked, excluding the Nexus 4.


Even if you are including the Nexus 4, this isn't bad. The GSIII was initially launched in May of 2012, so it's only 9 months old. The IV may be on its way in, but last year's model is no slouch if you like Samsung's flavor of Android. At only $100 more than the comparable Nexus 4 (both handsets pack 16GB of built-in storage), but no shipping costs, it's a pretty great deal.

Source: eBay Daily Deals

Eric Ravenscraft
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  • http://twitter.com/BadaJax Reformer

    Eric, can I use it on verizon with my current sim card buying this unlocked international s 3?

    • fixxmyhead

      nope it wont work on that POS carrier. it doesnt have an LTE antennae.

      • ProductFRED

        Has nothing to do with LTE. It has to do with the fact that Verizon is CDMA and the only GSM (SIM card) carriers that actually use SIM cards for service and not just LTE are AT&T and T-Mobile. However you'll mostly get EDGE on T-Mobile because they haven't moved the AT&T's band everywhere yet (1900 MHz) and this phone uses 1900 MHz (AT&T's band).

        • fixxmyhead

          yea i know its gsm but i see some gayrizon phones now have a sim slot for LTE sims so i wasnt sure. either way i know it wont work

          • lordmerovingian

            Well the LTE in VZW phones is for data only and not voice. Voice still goes over CDMA. No CDMA, no workie for VZW.

    • vineet

      it will not work on Verizon

  • Jhon Alonso

    No. GSM carriers only. AT&T and T-Mobile + their respective MVNO's. you can experience HSPA+ if T-Mobile has ref armed their 1900 MHz to support higher speeds.Paired with Straight Talk for $50( I average 10-15 gigs of data , no throttling) can't be beat.

  • Hexer

    And how is it better then $100 cheaper Nexus 4?

    • Dan Nichols

      SD card slot and removable battery.

    • tlogank

      better camera

  • http://twitter.com/jwyche007 A Deaf Mute

    Do not want