So, you want that Samsung Galaxy S4 gamepad, eh? Ready to shell out several dead presidents to make it happen? How about the tune of $113? Thought you might lose interest. Looks like US retailer MobileFun thinks that's what Samsung's gaming-on-the-go handset is worth, because it has the pre-order listed at just that.


Of course, it's pretty unlikely that will end up being the retail price. This is most likely a case of "let's go ahead and list this even though we've no clue how much it will really cost." The high price tag could be a deterrent to keep customers from ordering before they actually get the official pricing and launch date – or it could be a way of scraping the pockets of would-be customers who have too much money to spend and must have the Game Pad as soon as possible.

Whatever the reason, we're sure the price will drop to something more reasonable in the coming weeks – though we're still not sure exactly how Samsung defines "reasonable." Let's hope it's less than this, though.


Cameron Summerson
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  • http://twitter.com/lusky3 lusky3

    So has Microsoft not sued them yet?

    • blind

      Why? For the choice of colors of the buttons? Why hasn't Nintendo sued Microsoft? The SNES featured red, green, blue, and yellow "action" buttons.

      • TY

        Not only the colours, but also the naming and the position of the buttons are extremely similar to the Xbox controller. Samsung has been notorious for having some of their products copying other's design including phones (not only smartphones!), chargers, camera... you name it.
        Actually, while some of Apple's patents are stupid, I don't find them suing Samsung irritating. Yes, the method may be wrong, but Samsung deserved to be sued.
        Sue them, Microsoft! Teach them a lesson and make them learn how to design by themselves.

        • Alm0s

          Don't be ridiculous.. this asymmetric thumb-stick design is basically the standard nowadays. Should Microsoft sue Ouya as well? Yes, the colors of the buttons are in the same order as on the Xbox controller. So what? Do you really want them to shuffle around the same colors and letters, just to make it slightly "different", like Micorosoft did when it copied this layout from the SNES controller?

          • Ivan Myring

            The button names are also the same

        • Kadaver

          The Sega dreamcast had the same button layout. As did other controllers before it.

        • ScottColbert

          Talk about being deluded. There's nothing remotely similar about the name or design. You must really hate madcat too, who blatantly copy designs. Sounds like a butthurt MS fan boy to me.

    • Kadaver

      If they even decided to sue they'd hqve to wait in line. Then they'd probably get sued before they got to sue anyone when it comes to controller design. Don't be like an apple fan. -_-

    • Cuvis

      Don't think they'd have grounds. They developed XInput as a standard, after all, so as long as this controller supports that, they could just claim that as the reason for the button labeling.

    • bluevoodo

      How dare you insinuate Samsung has copied design ideas from anyone? Dont you know its all a well orchestrated plan from Apple to slander, nay lambast, Samsung's great contributions to the tech industry, i.e. MoAr CoReZ, Bulky Batteries and palm stretching screen size's. Huh? /S

  • Aki I.

    $113? Idiots.

  • TheFirstUniverseKing

    I'm guessing it'll actually cost around $50.

  • TylerChappell

    You'd have to be an idiot to even pay $30 for this.

    • paleh0rse

      Replacement Xbox controllers run $35-$50, so that is what I'd consider the acceptable range. After all, this IS an xbox controller clone, isn't it? LOL ;)

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000003999549 Mike Harris

        No. None of my Xbox controllers have a rectangular shape.

        • paleh0rse

          It was a joke Mike, relax...

  • mgamerz

    I wouldn't pay $10 for it, it's so... hideous.

  • lamborg

    ehh with that price I can get logitech f510 wireless rumble gamepad + xbox controller + ps3 sixaxis ...

    dunno what samsung thinks

  • lampe

    Eh, a ball of cheap Samsung plastic for more than 100 bucks? No ty, any other Bluetooth controller is better anyway.

  • An Tran

    I can see it being priced at $50-60 since it's Samsung.
    But judging by the lack of rechargeable internal battery or even a micro-USB port for charging regular NiMH batteries and by the incredibly cheap, ugly, and boring look of this thing, I would say it's only worth around $30-40. Same goes for the original MOGA (to me it's only worth $25-30), which is the most comparable mobile gamepad because of lack rechargeable battery (design-wise, it's a Gametel with a 360 controller and the 3DS's circle pad shoved in).

  • FrillArtist

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! We still have 9 more days to April 1st. A little too early.

  • primalxconvoy

    mind you, Samsung were charging for the doa (but still not a badly designed) "smart hub". I suspect that they cod be charging silly money under the impression that Samsung customers will happily shell out mega money for "premium" products...

  • adi19956
  • paleh0rse

    I'm willing to pay $50 -- or roughly what I'd pay for a replacement Xbox controller -- and not a penny more. Anything higher than that would be completely ridiculous.