If you've been chomping at the bit to get your hands on the Chameleon update that Kickstarter backers saw earlier this month, the wait is finally over. Released just a little while ago, v2 is now available to the public.

This updated version of the radical take on Android's launcher brings support for folders and linked folders, app launcher widgets, updates to most of the stock Chameleon widgets, and a bunch of overall performance improvements. This is also the first version to support phones, a feature that has been long-requested by lovers of the launcher.

For those who only want the phone version of Chameleon, the team decided to release a more affordable version ($2.91) which provides just that. This version will not work on tablets, so if you want the additional functionality you'll have to shell out a buck more for the full version.

Both the update and the phone-only edition are live in the Play Store now – hit the respective widget to give them a shot.