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Mothership Touch Battle Free

Ever wished that Asteroids was multiplayer? Mothership takes the idea and runs with it, though instead of directly controlling an attack ship, you control a mother ship that spawns fighters. Add power-ups, special attacks, new ships and nukes to wipe that vectorized smile off of your opponent's face. Multiplayer is local only, though you can have up to four players at a time.


"Take the head of a space fleet, give orders from your mothership. The fate of the galaxy is led by your finger ." Mothership Touch Battle is a multiplayer real-time strategy game for tablets and smartphones. Two players battle it out in space in order to be the last mothership standing. Tablets versions can be upgraded for three or four players . Summon autonomous spaceships, upgrade your mothership and launch nuclear missiles . You're the one in charge of your strategy : subtle or NOT .

Pixel Kingdom

Android Police coverage: [New Game] Pixel Kingdom Emerges From Kickstarter A Refreshingly Simple, Fun, And Lovable Take On Strategy

Hey, look at this! A Kickstarter project that launched a month after it was funded! (Are you watching, Star Command?) Pixel Kingdom mixes some of the fire-and-forget elements of Plants vs Zombies with the pixelated art style that seems so popular these days, throwing in some RPG-inspired looting in the process.


Command your army to victory. Pixel Kingdom is an RPG Defense game in which you collect Units to fight for you across infinite levels. There are tons of Units, Items, and Gear to unlock with your hard earned Gold. Pixel Kingdom features multiple environments with 50+ unique enemy units including rare and powerful Dragons. Complete with a full set of achievements, Pixel Kingdom is an easy defense game to pick up but hard to master.


Android Police coverage: [New Game] Popular iOS Title 10000000 Lands On Android, All The Loot And Tile Matching You Can Handle For $1.99

Dungeon crawlers and tile-swapping matching puzzles seems like a strange combination, but 10000000 mashes them up with aplomb. It's gained a large following on iOS, and now that it's on Android, it takes just two dollars American to try out the unique combination of genres for yourself. Pixel art meshes well with RPG elements, like a leveling system and customizable equipment.


10000000 is a Dungeon Crawling RPG Matching Game. Run the dungeon and match to handle the things you encounter. Upgrade your castle, improve your gear, train skills and brew potions. Can you score 10000000 and earn your freedom?

  • Kill monsters and find loot
  • Improve your gear and train skills
  • Find wood and stone to improve your castle


Plasma Sky

Lasers are awesome, and you can never have enough of them. That's the principle beneath Plasma Sky, a mix between old-school space shooters and seizure-inducing visual overload. Free movement makes it more like Geometry Wars than Galaga, though the artistic style is a nice mix of old school and flashy effects. In a refreshing counter-trend, the game is a flat $2 with no ads and no in-app purchases.


Plasma Sky is a shiny new space shoot-em-up featuring 80 levels, lots of power-ups, and multiple game modes. It's universal, and there are no in app purchases. It's fun. If you're skeptical, I understand. There are a lot of space shooters in the store. This one's good though. There's lots of kinds of enemy ships, and snakes, and your ship powers up and can get different kinds of ammo. There's a regular shield, but also a spike shield that lets you ram enemies. There are bosses. And there's lasers. And you can get a wing-man who can power up too. And you and your wing-man can get lasers.

bit Dungeon

Roguelike: an RPG-inspired genre that focuses on procedural level generation and permanent player death. We've featured a few of these before now, but bit Dungeon seems to be the best yet, with added special moves and some impressive graphics (for this niche, anyway). Best of all, you can save your progress to pick it up later - but if you die, you're still dead.


You and your wife were captured by demons... You wake up trapped in a cell, grab your sword and let the quest to find your wife begin. The "Save Rune" feature is only there to stop playing and pick it up later. If you die you lose all items and start over. Extra Life: at Level 4 you receive a Soul after the boss instead of more magic. When you die this soul gives you a second chance. “Touch” to control the character. Hold down “Touch” to charge up and use a STUN ATTACK. Once CHARGED your next attack will be a POWER ATTACK dealing the total [Attack Damage+Critical Damage+Armor] Hold Down “Touch” to BLOCK any attack.

Ascent of Kings by Nostatic Software

A classic platformer to the core, Ascent of Kings gives you the twitchy gameplay and pixelated graphics you crave, with a little bit of story thrown in for good measure. You'll also get your tiny avatar's skills and powers improved as you progress. Some reviewers are claiming that the controls are difficult - a bad thing for this particular genre. Here's the free demo if you want to see for yourself.


The death of a King. An epic challenge to choose a new ruler. Will the youngest of four brothers turn out to be the strongest? Will a boy become King? The answer is up to you.

• Classic adventure-platformer gameplay.
• Explore and encounter strange creatures - some harmless, some not.
• Navigate dangerous passages and evade deadly traps.
• Seek out elemental shrines and receive upgraded abilities.

Regular Ordinary Boy

This game takes place in a far-away fantasy land, in which you slay dragons, find treasure, and perform other feats of derring-do. And it stars... a guy. Just an ordinary boy, as the title indicates. What's less than ordinary (at least these days) is a $2 game with no ads or IAP, and a collection of loot with which to gird your digital loins as you progress through the side-scroller.


Regular Ordinary Boy is a retro action-adventure sidescroller. This app is universal. Hit stuff with swords. Kill monsters, collect gold and other loot. Purchase new swords and armor at shops on your journey. Defeat epic bosses. Find hidden treasures. Can you defeat the evil wizard who burned your house down?

Kaptain Brawe

Point-and-click adventure games are a dime a dozen on Android as of late. So if you're going to start one, it's got to be in your range of interests as far as fiction goes. Kaptain Brawe is made for fans of Flash Gordon and the like, and keeps its literary tongue firmly in cheek as it goes through four settings and 40 individual locations.


Step into this whimsical point-and-click interstellar adventure and see what it takes to be a real Space Police officer. In this alternate reality, get ready to embark on a journey filled with quests, conspiracies and general chaos. You will have to step into the shoes of the brave Kaptain Brawe and follow the trail of two kidnapped alien scientists. Explore four colorful and mysterious planets while meeting intriguing and unique characters. Become a part of this hilarious story and reveal the great Space Age conspiracy in Kaptain Brawe: A Brawe New World.

Alien Hive

What do puzzle games and alien life have in common? Up until now, not much. Alien Hive is a pretty standard matching/clearing tile game, with added powerups (like a complete re-jumble) added to the mix. It comes from Appxplore, the guys that created Sporos, so naturally the chill vibe comes through in the graphics and sound department.


Alien Hive is all about evolving aliens, blending match-3 with sliding tile puzzles for a game that feels both familiar and fresh. Swipe tiles to make matches – combine eggs to hatch cute baby aliens, and then help them fully evolve into Supreme Aliens. Match resource tiles for upgrades that let you take command of the board, with the goal of building the ultimate alien hive. Strategically avoid the Naughty Bots, who block your progress, by crafting power-ups to eliminate these baddies. As you advance, you will uncover the mystery of the hidden aliens and tame the Red Planet.

Chip Chain

Have you ever wished Bejeweled could have the glamour, poise, and downright sleaze of a casino game? Consider your wish granted. It's the standard reverse-and-match game on a green felt background, though you can play power-up cards for a little variable action. Some heavy-handed IAPs will unlock more modes, or you can grind away to open them yourself.


Place and match 3 or more identical poker chips to earn a more valuable chip, then chain together matches for huge bonuses. Play power-up cards to make combos, extend chains, and maximize your score. The dealer tosses chips to get in your way, but if you play smart and think ahead, you can turn the tables and use them to your advantage. Earn gems to spend on better chips, more powerful cards, bigger hands, gem multipliers, and more.


Android Police coverage: iOS Hit 'SpellTower' Comes To The Play Store, Marries Scrabble And Tetris For Your Brain-Busting Enjoyment

And you thought all the good game ideas were taken. Spelltower, as has already been indicated, marries the core concepts of Tetris and Scrabble to create an interesting take on the word jumble that couldn't be easily applied to real-world wooden tiles. The game already has an army of fans on iOS, and anyone looking for a new take on wither the word puzzle or falling blocks would do well to check it out.


Looking for a word game that goes beyond a simple Scrabble/Boggle/Jumble clone? SpellTower is for you. Find and swipe (or tap.) words in 5 challenging modes. Make long words or use bonus tiles to clear extra letters from the screen. Once you have it down, Challenge your friends via intense local multiplayer. Pick your words wisely. As you work, more tiles rise from the bottom of the screen, and it'll take all of your lexicological wits and tactical know-how to keep them down. If any of the letters make it to the top row, it's game over.

Vex Blocks

Vex Blocks has a simple focus, even if the flashy presentation obfuscates it: make combinations of like-pattered blocks to eliminate them, and clear the with the highest score possible. There's also the gravitational element - rotating your device will allow the blocks to rearrange theselves to the physics engine. Different modes make up a lot of the draw, with standard, timed and free play options available to the gamer.


“Vex Blocks” is the easy-to-play, exciting and addictive block game. Match up blocks by symbol and/or color to draw the longest chain of lightning possible. Draw lightning chains on your screen to surround and neutralize bomb blocks before they explode or to capture power-ups and increase your coin count. Collect coins to gear up with unique power-ups like the Black Hole, X-Block or Nuke to help you along the way. Challenge your friends to beat your score and earn more coins, or team up and take on our score trials together.

Orion's Forge

Puzzle games are traditionally light on narrative, but Orion's Forge bucks the trend, with a collection of levels designed to help the titular demigod tell his stories. You'll have to movie the stars in the right order to advance the story. It's just too bad that the developers decided to make their own constellations for this game - it's not as if Greek and Roman astrology hasn't provided us with more interesting fare already.


Orion's Forge is a brain-teasing puzzle narrative where players help the celestial smith Orion create new stars. New stars are formed by guiding energy to each level’s star launcher. Players manipulate the path of energy by moving magnetic towers around the forge. The towers come in two polarities: push and pull. You must carefully adjust the magnetic field to avoid collisions with obstacles like black holes. Later levels introduce new mechanics like portals and converter beams which toggle the polarity of towers that touch the beam.

Sky Without Sun: Target (Free)

If Tetris were played in reverse, and featured a big honking bomber plane instead of inoffensive falling blocks, it might look something like Sky Without Sun. The sci-fi story is a bit lost in the gameplay, but basically, you bomb the blocks to keep them down. If any of them reach the top of the play field, you'll lose, and presumably, so will humanity.


Destroying blocks has just become more fun... A secret organization is doing its weapons research and training. You're one of the members and part of a bomber plane crew. Prevent the training robots from getting to the top of the weapons research chamber for as long as possible. Hold the robots back by dropping bombs and destroying the blocks they build. Gain experience points for blocks destroyed and spend them on special weapons.


No, this isn't an official tie-in for the most popular Android ROM out there. Instead, you control a two-dimensional plant as it travels through 50 levels, giving each square it touches a case of cyanosis. Light up all the squares to finish the level. It's pretty simple (and it's been done before) but for a buck, it's certainly reasonable.


Cyan is a logic puzzle game. The player will control a plat with the "power" of coloring of cyan the tiles it touches. Therefore the game purpose is to color the whole level in only one solution, having studied previously the path to take.The plat movements must be well won't be possible to go back on the tiles already colored. Moreover in the different levels the plat must pay attention to enemies and obstacles, as sharp balls and shutted doors.

Islands Planet

Imagine Minesweeper plaid across an entire planet, from the perspective of an orbiting satellite. That's the nuts and bolts of Islands Planet, though the size of the islands makes up the mines in the traditional Minesweeper game, with the oceans working as the blank space. In the context of a spherical puzzle game, it's a neat idea.


If you like Sudoku, Akari3D or Minesweeper, you'll love this game. You play a god who creates planets according to specific rules. Inspired by the famous Japanese logic game Nurikabe (also known as Cell Structure and Islands in the Stream), this puzzle game will ask you to shape the continents and oceans of a planet. It's original, simple to play but very challenging.

Paper Race HD

When you were a kid, you made paper airplanes as an outlet for fantasy. Now things have come full circle, with games relying on your nostalgia for mechanics. In Paper Race you'll need to use the old reliable kart racing skills in three dimensions, as you race similar planes across a city track. The game boasts surprisingly customizable graphics options, so those with shiny new devices or old clunkers should be equally served.


...Paper City is burning - the streets are empty, the city is dead. You and your fellows got nothing to do... it's time for PAPER RACE...


  • HD-Textures - highly detailed
  • Fast-paced stunt action
  • No Ads
  • Touch or tilt to control

Bowling Blocks

If ever there was a case of truth in advertising, Bowling Blocks is it: you use blocks to bowl. Smashing blocks out of the way or creating the desired pattern is the objective, but it's not the draw. No, the star of this show is the dynamic lighting on display. Hopefully we'll be seeing it in more advanced games before too long.


1Get ready for beautiful dynamic lighting effects and brain-busting physics gameplay. Bowling Blocks has you solving puzzles using physics, your finger, and a little bit of fun. Enjoy the dazzling lighting and shadow effects as you collide block after block, always striving for the coveted three star level rating. After upgrade, Bowling Blocks features over 200 levels, plus a random level generator.

Sling It! (Pollushot 2)

If you mixed Angry Birds and Missile Defense, you'd probably get something like this. Sling It uses a fixed slingshot to defeat waves of enemies, mixing space shooter games with a little modern physics. As pieces of the ship fall off, you can use them to fire back, in a super-sized game of "stop hitting yourself."


Slingshot hordes of smoke-spewing robots out of the skies. In the future, Pollutnik robots have blotted out the sun and created an eternal winter. That's where you come in; with your trusty sling-ship, you can catch shattered pieces of enemy robots and use them as ammo. This sequel to the classic Pollushot features even more robots, shots and levels than the original. Now with powerups. Catch wrenches to restore health and make the game last forever... or power up your shots with crazy abilities.

Galaxy Assault

One-eyed monstrosities from the edge of the galaxy get a bad rap. In this reversal of the traditional space shooter, you play a love-struck alien just trying to get his tentacles around his kidnapped love. (This guy and Mario must hang out at the same bar.) When you get tired of the interesting gameplay and animation, there's plenty of costumes to try out, if that's your thing.


Shitake was made captive... now it’s time for revenge. Take control of this charismatic alien and help him to get rid of all those stubborn enemies that will try to take him down. Despite his awesome powers, Shitake’s enemies will try endlessly to stop him and it’s up to you that this won’t happen. Drag Shitake with your fingers to dodge the enemies' shots and blasts while you shoot with your special powers. Galaxy Assault brings a new adventure, even more exciting. Be careful with new enemies and make a good use of your three lives to make even higher scores.

Space Sports

If you played Wii Sports but thought that the gimmicky controls should be replaced with gimmicky physics, then this is the game for you. This sci-fi soccer shooting section "Goaly Moley" isn't much to write home about, but win, and you could win a trip to the Champions League Final in London. It's still soccer (so, you know, it's not as if it's the Iowa Tee Ball World Series or anything) but I'm sure there's someone out there who's excited.


Be the champ in Space Sports. Kick, weave, dribble, and speed your way through the Space Sports Universe found in the ZaZa Galaxy. Play Goaly Moley – a soccer challenge where you have to avoid Galactic Moles and score goals against Madu the Monster. Be the champ and win an all expenses paid trip for 2 to the Champions League Final in London May 25th, 2013. Welcome to Space Sports.

The Smiler

Most of our US readers won't be familiar with Alton Towers, so just think of it as "Six Flags Over England." The game ties in with their new horror-themed roller coaster, though I doubt you'll find such a gloomy atmosphere even in the UK. It's even got a line simulator (no, really) that goes through the Disney World-style pre-boarding sequence.


Play the game of The Smiler, the new world first rollercoaster coming to Alton Towers Resort in 2013. Control the ride cars around the twisted metal of the rollercoaster in as perfect line as possible, while navigating through the body and mind marmalising features of the ride. Mastering the intense thrills, twists and turns will give you the ability to upgrade the world first rollercoaster step-by –step. Every point you earn can be used to unlock new ride elements, from additional body wrenching loops to the extra twisted psychological effects of the coaster’s central feature, The Marmaliser.

Cubed Rally Redline

The old Micro Machines isometric racers were fan favorites, and Cubed Rally Racer captured a lot of what made them good. The sequel adds better graphics, more interesting tracks, and more vehicles. You can even swap vehicles in the middle of a race. This style of racer isn't everyone's cup of tea, but it should hit the spot for a few racing fans.


Push it to the limit in the follow up to the micro hit Cubed Rally Racer. Just how far can you make it down the track in this endless racer?

- 11 unlockable vehicles
- speed boat vehicle switching action
- drift for points
- randomly generated tracks
- distance and score leaderboards


Android Police coverage: Caedere Is A Game Built Entirely With Tasker, Because Why Not?

How powerful is power-user favorite Tasker? Powerful enough to be its own programming language.


Caedere is an experimental "pop up text adventure". Through a series of bite sized tests, Caedere guides you through an interesting and surreal world of puzzels and adventure. Testing and guiding you toward a sinister truth about a you and a turtle. Every day, dependant of when you start your adventure A popup will appear in the 13th hour and the 17th hour of each day. Presenting you with part of your adventure. You can ether cancel till the next day or pause for one hour.

Developed entirely on Android for Android using Tasker

WTF Games Of The Week


What? I just... what? This looks like something you might see in some drug-induced Miyasaki production.


ALPAKA peaceful....

Either DEVIL or GOD or ....

Chavagotchi Demo

Chav (Southern England, informal, derogatory): a young working-class person whose tastes, although sometimes expensive, are considered vulgar by some.

Tamagotchi: a handheld LCD game surrounding a digital pet, which must be cared for as it grows.

Chavagotchi: something the world could probably do without.


This is the FREE DEMO version of Chavagotchi. In this demo, most features are disabled - but you can still slap your chav around. IN THE FULL VERSION:

Take care of your very own virtual pet human in our funny take on the franchise - Chavagotchi.

* Keep him happy by giving him food, drink, and other items.

* Unlock new clothing and gear by completing amusing achievements.

* Keep him alive as long as possible and share your high-scores with your friends on Facebook to unlock unique items.

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