Oh, Verizon. The company we all love to hate (aside from AT&T). You push updates ridiculously late all the time, have to Droidify every handset that comes your way, and charge ridiculously high prices. Still, we just can't stay away. It's the LTE – you know that, right? We love the LTE coverage, so we deal with all the crap.


When it comes to dealing with Verizon's crap, I can't say that any phone has gotten a worse hand than the Galaxy Nexus. Well, except maybe the Droid Bionic. Or Charge. But I digress – this isn't a contest to see which phone was treated the worst. Instead, it's a celebration, because Verizon's Nexus is finally joining the rest of the current-gen Nexus clan on Android 4.2.2. Exciting times for Verizon customers, no?

The update – which leaked out a few weeks ago – started rolling out today according to Verizon's official blog. It should be rolling out in phases, so if it hasn't hit your device yet, don't stress out. It will be there. Eventually.


Cameron Summerson
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  • Hans J

    Does the Sprint variant have 4.2.2?

    • slider112

      No, 4.2.1 I believe.

  • http://twitter.com/ToysSamurai Toys Samurai

    Looking from the bright side, we actually get 4.2.2, not 4.2.1, or anything else. If you pretend that anything above 4.1.1 and below 4.2.2 does not exist, Verizon actually manages to release 4.2.2 only about 1 month after it's officially out. Life is wonderful if you play deaf/blind, isn't it?

  • mgamerz

    idk, how could you forget about the thunderbolt? Come on now...

    • Kevin

      The TB was treated like gold compared to the Charge. The TB cost $250 on-contract at launch. The Charge came out afterwards and cost $300 on-contract. But the Charge never, ever got updated to ICS, while the TB eventually did. The TB had more RAM. The TB had a huge development community while there was pretty much nobody for the Charge.

      • RyanB1

        HTC always packs more memory into their phones due to the fact that their skin is so memory intensive

    • Verizon Wireless

      "Taking a dump" on the Thunderbolt is soooo two months ago.

  • FD

    Why anyone with a Nexus would wait on their carrier for updates is beyond me.

    • Optimuscline


      Source: Me

  • bobbutts

    http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1762846 mmuzzy rom has been good to me and it's updated much faster than official

  • ShawnLaverty

    Has anyone received the official ota yet? Nothing yet for me in NJ.

  • Brian P

    I have tried the force update trick a couple of times with no luck...how about anyone else? Anyone received an OTA update hit?

    • Julio

      I just finished updating mine. The update came OTA BTW.

  • http://twitter.com/trlovejoy trlovejoy

    Does anyone know if there are any changes from what was leaked recently?

  • Jem

    No update yet in Chicago. No luck with the force push method

    • tsj4

      Sam here in SF, CA. WTF?

  • kerry

    got it in Albuquerque, NM - not impressed

  • thegreatcorntrollio

    My gf has matching gnex . Mine still at 4.1.1
    Hers took the 4.2.2
    First we had battery issue related to exchange.
    Now her radios are sticking and not picking up wifi and her 4g has fewer bars than mine in the same places.
    I also use a lot of Bluetooth in the car, streaming gplay and pandora and audible. I hear thee upgrade has bt issues.....Laayoune have any experience with this? I'm of a mind to hold at 4.1.1 it's a great system, no need to get that ugly clock and maybe these bugs.......we bought these the first day with ics and waited 6 mos for the phones to work right, now hers is wonky again. I'm staying put.