Last month, we talked about a new Twitter client called Neatly that promised to do what the social network won't do itself: provide a more intelligent and less thorough approach to your feed. Twitter opts to list every tweet for people you follow in chronological order, which has helped with the up-to-the-minute identity the company builds for itself. Neatly chooses, instead, to filter by the most important updates, and allows you to filter by topics.

neatly1 neatly2 neatly3

The beta was cool and now it's available on the Play Store for everyone. The extra information you get is copious and very helpful. As you can see in the center screenshot above, you can even get info on other Twitter users to see how much their interests line up with yours. This is a huge boon when scoping out new follows, as it can be quite a bit of work to check out someone's old tweets and see if they're worth keeping up with.

The obvious downside here is that any popular Twitter client will inevitably hit the token limit much the same way Falcon Pro did. Complicated workarounds aside, there's not much hope to get around this cap. So if you want to give it a shot, get it while it's hot.

Eric Ravenscraft
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  • Sean Stone

    And if you don't like it, please release your token from the twitter settings after trying it out.

  • http://www.JWesCampbell.com/ Wes Campbell

    .... WHY do you use appbrain?!?

    • bse88

      Would it be possible to use an "install" button" just like in Google Play?

      • armshouse

        There's a google play widget right next to the appbrain widget. Your choice what you want to use

        • bse88

          My question refered to the possibilty of just clicking on a button and have the app installed in your phone without visiting Google Play

    • Matthew Fry

      I assume it's because AppBrain provides easily embedded widgets that take you to the Play Store and AppBrain. For the new guys, AppBrain *used* to be much easier to use than the Android Market back in the day.

  • Matthew

    How convenient I'm trying to use Falcon Pro but today none of my notifications are working, was going to just go back to the official but might as well give this a go.

  • Ibrahim

    Great app so far.

    One issue i noticed is that I can't see conversations after selecting a tweet

    • Mohamed Magdi

      there is an conversations icon in the options you can see the full conversation

      • Ibrahim

        I can see the conversation if the tweet i'm selecting is a reply to a tweet. I can't view replies to a tweet from the first tweet

  • http://twitter.com/Su_Tweetz Suhas

    I have a question about this token limit. After reading about this Falcon Pro incident I thought I wouldn't be able to use popular 3rd party clients which are in the Play Store.

    However, last week I downloaded Plume (free) which has been downloaded over a million times which I was able to use. And i'm sure there are way more than 100k active users in an app that's been downloaded over a million times.

    So how was I able to use it? Is it that this token limit rule only applies to newer 3rd party apps which was released after the rule was introduced?

    • armshouse

      New clients have 100k limit. Old clients which were already above the 100k limit got double their token count at the time.

      Update: I think :)

  • Tee

    Is it possible to see others' favorites and retweets regarding your own tweets?

    This is a vital infromation, since that way Neatly could step out of the vast mass of failures out there. If not, the native app is still the one to be used.

  • Ali Darwish

    Love the App - Wonderful UI

  • http://www.droid-den.com Rachid

    I think the wrong code is provided (for me at least?). The following works for me :P