Update 3/18/13: AllThingsD dismissed the now-deleted claim by HTC's Twitter account that the One would not be coming to Big Red as bogus and reiterated that it is, indeed, in the works. As originally reported (see below), it's scheduled to arrive months after other U.S. carriers.

According to AllThingsD, America's biggest and reddest carrier will be getting HTC's One phone - but not for a while. Yep, Verizon has signed on as a distributor of the handset, but it won't be available for "a month or two" after the three other major wireless providers in the US have it. Something tells me HTC had a change of heart about its "DROID or die" relationship with Big Red.


The explanation provided by AllThingsD for the delay is that the carrier's testing and approval process is to blame. I have my own theory: Verizon wants to dump its existing stock of DROID DNA's before literally no one will buy it for more than a buck. The key questions that AllThingsD does not answer, though, are what the device's namesake and aesthetic... situation will be.

It's entirely possible Verizon has big branding plans for the One, whether it be DROID One or DROID UltraBoomZoe, the carrier's ongoing partnership with HTC has never been about selling HTC phones - it's been about selling DROIDs.

We can only hope that's changed.


David Ruddock
David's phone is whatever is currently sitting on his desk. He is an avid writer, and enjoys playing devil's advocate in editorials, and reviewing the latest phones and gadgets. He also doesn't usually write such boring sentences.

  • http://TransientTangent.com/ Blake Mitchell

    UltraBoomZoe would be a great name. It's an upgrade to you ears and eyes, not your phone.

    • bluevoodo

      Let me get the WHaaaambulence!

  • flosserelli

    Verizon will sell the HTC One a month or two after everyone else...and release updates a year or two after everyone else.

    • Danial Helmi

      They need to have meetings, conferences and lots of testing on where to place their gigantic brand on the phone. They revolutionized branding practice with the home button on the Samsung GALAXY Note II. Next, it's time to watermark the screen.


  • alexcue

    My guess is that extra month or two will go towards locking/encrypting the bootloader as well, if past performance indicates anything. This isn't my next, but it'll be this or the S4 for my wife. I'll only buy devices that don't come encrypted since I got so burned with my Droid X.

  • http://www.facebook.com/ShinobiPhoenix Cody Shiranai

    WHAT?!! I can get the The One...? Now I'll have to wait to upgrade my phone and see what Verizon gets after the Galaxy S4 announcement, I was so ready to get the Galaxy Note II, but now I'm going to have to wait and see how things go.

    • http://www.facebook.com/blp72 Brian Parkerson

      Cody, you seem to be in the same boat as me. I have an upgrade ready, was planning to go with the Note 2 but I just can't get over the "toylike" Touch Wiz and decided to wait. I like the One better than any other device right now because it is much more my style. Now that its coming to Verizon my mind's made up as long as the features and spec are AT LEAST the same or better than the ONE...I will not compromise. I'll stay with my Verizon GNex until the right ONE is available!

  • Geoff Johnson

    Just in time for the HTC One+ to come out to everyone else!

  • Rbw 63

    I think I am still going with Sprint. There is a shortage of this phone already, & I am done with VZW after 4 years already. VZW vs with updates & crappy phones, they will mess it up.

    • chris125

      Might as well go with tmo or AT&T at least then you can get unlocked phones

      • Scott

        And actual usable data speeds.

        • George Millhouse

          on TMO? lol

    • Jordan Harrell

      Sprints data speeds are garbage, not even usable. I paid an ETF to get out of that. I'd suggest looking more into T-mobile... I'm personally not in their coverage area, so went with Verizon.

    • http://www.facebook.com/Shinakuma George Millhouse

      SPRINT??? LOl have fun with that

  • faceless128

    gotta change that HTC logo to say Verizon. these things take time.

    • http://twitter.com/ToysSamurai Toys Samurai

      And change the color to red, snap a Droid "eye" into the wallpaper ... and wait for the other carriers to release an update, then release its variant with an older version of the OS.

  • http://www.facebook.com/lucyparanormal Daniel Tiberius

    Verizon is such a twat.

  • lonestaroc

    They are such bullies to htc and smaller oems. Let them do it their way. Damn Verizon. I can't believe I have to contemplate Att since Verizon isn't on board.