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On last week's podcast, the question "HTC One or Galaxy S4?" came up, and was posed to each host. We all made our call, and now it's your turn. While I know many of you have no interest in either of these phones, today's question is not what your ideal phone is, but given a choice between them - which would you get? And no, 'neither' is not an option.

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Each phone has its advantages and disadvantages - that's clear. The One is a beautiful piece of design with a few hardware tricks up its sleeve - dual front-facing speakers, a novel rear camera, and all aluminum chassis. The Galaxy S4 has a big 5" SAMOLED display, a boatload of new software features, removable battery, and a microSD card slot. There are likely dozens of other reasons to choose one over the other - but that's what you're here for. Sound off in the comments with the reasoning behind your choice.

HTC One, or Galaxy S4?

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David Ruddock
David's phone is whatever is currently sitting on his desk. He is an avid writer, and enjoys playing devil's advocate in editorials, and reviewing the latest phones and gadgets. He also doesn't usually write such boring sentences.

  • GraveUypo

    wait the one does not have an sd slot?

    well s4 it is.

  • David P.

    S4 for one reason, it has an SD card slot. I've never been happy with any of the streaming music services on my phone, so I prefer my 64gb card loaded with mp3's.

    • NemaCystX

      the only use for the SD card actually unless you use a hack to enable your microSD as your internal storage, the microSD is useless on Sammy devices anymore

      • David P.

        I always root and install CM, so I guess that's why the SD card is still works for me.

        • NemaCystX

          microSD for me is my ROM backup and music but thats pretty much it, i personally think 64GB HTC One will be the best option, won't need a microSD card then

          • David P.

            I figure that since I already have the SD card, why spend more money on the higher capacity phone.

          • NemaCystX

            what if you don't have to spend extra money? I mean look at the rebate offer HTC is offering to those that buy the HTC One, at minimum there giving everyone $100 for trading their old phone,

            HTC has pulled out all the stops on the One, just hoping they bring it to Verizon or i may have to find another carrier (already have enough issues with Verizon as it is, might end up going back to AT&T, (was back in 2005 as Cingular)

          • NemaCystX

            btw, I thought of that the same time I was deciding on what tablet to buy, it had no microSD of course but I wanted enough to be able to do what I can currently do so I went with a 32GB, Be grateful it won't end up being $399 like the iPhone if its 64GB, total rip off signing a contract. The markup on their devices because of different storage options is absurd...

      • Tommy Thompson

        You don't have to hack it to store your music or photos on it..

        • NemaCystX

          I should have corrected myself, I meant the microSD is only for media storage now, it cant be used for anything else (like your apps and other things that strictly use the internal storage)

          • ProductFRED

            Yeah, but that just means that you can dedicate the entire 16/32/64GB internal storage to apps...

  • http://twitter.com/DeMar_B Kaboom

    s4 all the way

  • Mikey_H

    It has to be the S4 purely on the fact that I can replace the battery, this is a must.

    • Elias Ortega

      House charger, car charger, extra on the go charger. But battery life on the ONE is really good so I'll just have them just in case

  • Christian Lopez

    In the US the HTC One is getting the faster CPU, and the design is awesome but it does lack an SD card.

    • barnassey thomas

      What you mean they both will have snapdragon 600. the s4 will have it @1.9 Ghz.

    • TehFoz

      I'm pretty sure that they are both getting the Snapdragon 600 in the US.

  • Mikey_H

    Oh and the SD slot, I like having the option to extend if 'I' need to.

    • Megacharge

      You do, it's called a micro USB SD card adapter, it's almost as small as an SD card itself, and you can hot-swap SD cards without needing to remove a back plate.

      • Mikey_H

        I might as well carry around a hard drive if I'm going to do that

  • Josh Ingram

    I would say HTC One if not for the horrible, horrible button layout.

    • NemaCystX

      I personally think the button layout isn't an issue, its easier to use with one hand this way I think

      • Rohin Galhotra

        According to The Verge it's actually harder to use with one hand this way.

        • Phil

          Verge is not going to use it. It depends up on how big your hand is. Note 2 is really a huge device to carry and its been mentioned in most of the reviews. Anyone listened ?

          • http://twitter.com/edditnyc edditnyc

            But the Verge is never wrong.

          • EMullins

            They still give their highest rating to the iPhone 5 despite the fact that the software is just not even close to what is possible on a smartphone these days. They can definitely be wrong.

          • NemaCystX

            I can't do half the things on my iPad that i could on my android tablet, wish I never got the iPad 4, I forgot how locked down iOS devices are when it comes to being able to do normal things like file browse and download files

          • NemaCystX

            /sarcasm Fixed

        • EMullins

          Lets be honest, the Verge is full of tiny-handed Hipster homos.

          • http://www.facebook.com/RonJHamelin Ron Hamelin

            Be careful. All "homos" don't have tiny hands. I'm gay and my hands and feet are probably bigger than your thighs and I could probably wrap my homo hands around your bigoted neck and give it a good squeeze.

          • EMullins

            How tolerant!

          • enomele

            When you spit out ignorant phrases you aren't going to get a friendly response back.

          • EMullins

            Yes, its quite reasonable to counter contempt with threat of physical assault.

          • dumbassjoe

            No, sensitive people take words out of context and think they are ignorant. I can call something or someone gay or homo and a completely different meaning behind it. If you are gay or homo, then stop being such a sensitive bitch. If you care enough for a word, then you've got low self esteem.

          • run_it’s_RON!!

            lol you must be a beast in action!
            leaving dudes with peckers resembling a broken slinky!

          • NemaCystX

            I have large hands and normal sized thighs but i don't think i'd be able to do what you just said, and i'm also gay

          • http://www.facebook.com/aarontrevor Aaron Sentell

            When did AP get so many gay people? Count me in. Haha.

          • Grim

            Bwahaha. Ron, one of the authors, is cute :p I'm sure many would agree. I became a regular to read his posts XD

          • Dan

            Monday morning ROFL. Thanks.

          • http://profiles.google.com/blkakira Michael Rogers

            Love it!.......ignorant comments like Emullins are quite prevalent indeed. People need to stop solely associating "homo's" stature as fragile and demure. Alot of us are emposing/strong physically as well as mental individuals. Wake up folks.

          • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=714859472 Rajvir Singh

            Not sure Sarcasm or real Homo -_-

          • dumbassjoe

            since when did the internet become so sensitive. dumbasses like you dont have enough balls to be proud so you instead pull out the "bigot" card. get a life.

          • Guest

            Jeez, no need to get all violent about it. Seems like giving a whole lot of attention to some pretty discourteous people.

          • barondebxl


          • Kevin Aaronson


          • Mike Bastable

            stupid offensive remark

          • dumbassjoe

            sensitive dumbass.

          • Mike Bastable

            Arse. Hate speak should always be challenged.

          • dumbassjoe

            Yeah, and if this was real life, you'd think twice before you open your mouth and look like a douche bag. And for those who do open their mouths, keep your business to yourself cause its "freedom of speech" and i can say whatever i want and describe anybody the way i wish. Just making a point.

          • Mike Bastable

            Safe to assume you are American.
            You wonder why the rest of the world hates you?
            Under your rules as laid out above I also have the right to correct you, indeed,as the US constitution points out, Citizenship brings moral responsibility. That flag I will salute.

          • Cherokee4Life

            lets be honest though... The Verge reviews are not the most subjective reviews out there. Don't get me wrong they cover a ton of stuff, but they are very biased. I understand every is biased but they seem to be on the extreme. And the Link Bait over there got me so sick that I stopped going there.

            I love AP!!

          • EMullins

            I visit AP more than I do the Verge because their articles are such pretentious hipster trash most of the time with more opinion than fact.

          • Cherokee4Life

            I understand they are partial to Apple products and that is fine. Apple makes AMAZING products, but at time I feel they just assume an Apple product will be better because its Apple and have the opposite opinion on some "other" companies products. But look this is AP not the Verge. I come to AP first every morning at work thats all that matters. I love the "special" things AP does that I don't find on any other site

            GO GO GO AP!

        • Neville Hayfield

          I'm using one now and I find it easier than my ONE-X now I'm use to it and I've only had it 5 days.

      • didibus

        I don't see why it would be. Oh, maybe if you are right handed, since the home button now does almost everything, and is at the rightmost. Left handed would have a even harder time though.

    • vitriolix

      the HTC One's buttons are better than the GS IV ... the physical home button is my least favorite thing about my GN II, drives me crazy

      • androidfanserviceboy

        GN2 Owner here. Fucking love physical button i dont have to press lock button to the side to turn on screen! ex-gnex owner, im used to soft

        • arthur

          current GNex owner, been using PGM (free) a month or 2 now, loving it!
          basically it allows you to slide your finger across your screen (must be left to right) to turn the screen on, no button need to be pressed! combine with lock screen app, say goodbye to power button. but sadly, Gnex and Nexus 4 only

          • Josh Hernandez

            lol i have my N4 set up with that app to work from bottom to top. much better from the default left to right

        • http://twitter.com/LisaViolet3 LisaViolet

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        • http://twitter.com/LisaViolet3 LisaViolet

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    • http://profiles.google.com/xencillo21 Luis Enrique Cornejo

      Thank you HTC for not listening to the people that says:"We need removable battery and micro SD card slot!" HTC...Why are you so much fu..ing g...y of not saying that Apple is the mo...erfu...ing company that told you that you can't get removable battery and micro SD card in your flagships, because those mo...erfu...ers might ban your products if you do that? HTC, why you are so much fu...ing coward?? HTC, Just tell us Apple was responsible for you not listening to the people. AND finally, Apple, you are a mo..erfu..ing piece of sh...t!!

      • bubigrega

        Actually Google told HTC. Google told us that Android smartphone without SD slot is performing better and has better security. Google it.

        • NemaCystX

          your right, one of the reasons why none of the Nexus devices have one, and now non-removable batteries are coming too

        • Alexander Ramos

          Samsung did not get the memo...

          • Cherokee4Life

            Thankfully, I swore to myself I would never get a S2 then a S3 and now an S4, for numerous reasons, but that's not the point. I only buy HTC phones but in this case I picked the S4... Because for nothing else then the removable battery and micro sd card.

            The screen could be half as could as other top tier phones, is the top phones don't have removable batteries i won't buy them. I NEED to have a micro sd and removable battery folks. Its a flashing necessity!

          • matt

            It is not a flashing necessity. I have a one X and it does not have a SD card or removable battery and flashing is easy. The phone acts as a external hard drive when plugged in. Who needs to constantly be removing an SD card and battery.

          • Cherokee4Life

            fair enough, but personally I love having a micro sd card to save all my nandroids to and my Rom's and keep all other phone stuff on internal. So when its time to back up and free up space I can pop it out and pop it in to a computer. Not having to ever worry about cords and I can partition the sd card how I please.

            Besides a removable battery is always a plus!!! change batteries, keep backups, extended batteries and such.

            you are not its not a necessity but its nice to have those options is all

        • Tcv4

          I had 16 gbs of pictures and movies alone. Micro sd expansion for as long as I can get it, maybe.

    • Tarek El-Ghazaly

      Same here. Excellent build quality. FAIL HOME BUTTON PLACEMENT.

    • Starks

      The HTC logo can be programmed as a button since the entire area is capacitive.

      • Cherokee4Life

        they should make the HTC logo the home button and the button to the right the menu button

        • http://www.facebook.com/zach.vaught.3 Zach Vaught

          No android phones have a menu button anymore (even Nexus phones). That doesn't mean it wasn't useful though.

        • cryosx

          +longpres back to kill foreground app, hold logo for recent apps, and longpress home button (which is actually acting as the menu) for search/google Now. This is my perfect setup on my one x

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=708741524 Robb Nunya

      And the lack of external storage...

    • Jimmy Zielenski

      Over on XDA it is looking like there is a good chance that we will be able to make the logo a menu button or remap the buttons to be back, home, menu like normal. Gotta love the XDA Developers.

      • http://profiles.google.com/xencillo21 Luis Enrique Cornejo

        or perhaps they will make you use on-screen buttons if there is no other solution...

    • Vardan Nazaretyan

      I ones pushed the S4 home button in Vodafone store. It stuck in the hole. XD

  • Andrew Traversone

    Its not that I don't like the HTC One, the design is great. I'm just tired of their locked bootloaders and unwillingness to follow GPL.

    • http://www.youtube.com/kimirPORTALS kimir

      The international version of the phone is unlocked (bootloader and sim)

      • RaviShah

        not totally unlocked bootloader. There will most likely be no s-off.

        • http://www.youtube.com/kimirPORTALS kimir

          Oh. I forgot about that garbage. Never mind.

        • Kokusho

          Which is an annoyance but a non issue.

          • RaviShah

            agreed. its a minor annoyance. But still, it hampers developers. And makes flashing roms take an extra step.

          • http://riteshtripathy.wordpress.com/ Ritesh

            Are you really that lazy to flash the boot.img before the ROM? Just one extra step that takes less than a minute!

          • RaviShah

            It does take hardly any time but it requires an extra computer which can be another annoyance or a major problem at times.

    • Danial Helmi

      Samsung doesn't provide documentation for their Exynos processor. I have the original Note and the nightmare caused by them is unbelievable. We don't have Project Butter working still thanks to them. Thanks to that, I will never ever buy a Samsung Exynos device in this case an S4. I'm vouching for the One.

      • http://www.facebook.com/Megadethfan Connor Garcia

        Well,prepare to be massively dissapointed. HTC is EVEN WORSE than Samsung when it comes to dev support.

        • Danial Helmi

          Tell that to the people in S2 and Note forums in XDA. S3 and Note 2 users will experience what we S2 and Note users experienced now for the past 1 freaking year. Total nightmare and hell. Just ask them whether we have great ROMs there. No we don't cause most of them are crap. Don't forget the sudden death issue, the brick fiasco that non other than Samsung itself caused. Don't forget the black issues that Note users are experiencing that they still didn't solve until today. It took almost a year to solve that brick-fiasco and how many devices are already bricked thanks to them? You tell me whether Samsung has great support for their own software. By the way JB update for the original Note is crap. Buggy, laggy & rushed. Expect the same for S3 and Note 2 in the future for KLP and so on. Samsung doesn't care. End of story. They only cater to the new buyers. You will enjoy tremendous support from the community but you will gain nothing because Samsung won't be there for you.

          • Kokusho

            In comparaison the One X JB update with sense 4+ is flawless.

          • http://www.facebook.com/Megadethfan Connor Garcia

            While i agree with you, your perception of HTC is massively flawed. If you want Dev support get a sony phone, end of story.

            HTC and Dev support cannot exist in the same sentence together. At least with samsung you have full access to your phone, not a crippled HTCdev BS where they force you to void your warranty to put a decent ROM on.

          • Danial Helmi

            At least I have the option of putting a decent ROM on.
            Better than having crap ROMs surrounding all of I9100, N7000, I9300 XDA forums which makes no point for an unlocked bootloader.

          • http://www.facebook.com/georgealexiouvalentey George Av

            LOL, you obviously have never owned a S3, Just go the the s3 fourm now and have a look, MUCH MORE ROMS EXIST FOR THE S3 THAN FOR ANY HTC PHONE, and all of them are very good. http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1674286&highlight=franco+kernel most of these ROMS are VERY STABLE AND FAST, CM10.1 on the S3 (i9300) is faster than a droid DNA, or a nexus 4, they don't need sources, the XDA devs are amazing. SO STFU and come back when you actually have tried a Samsung phone and tried ROMS on it.

          • matt

            That is not true at all.

          • http://www.facebook.com/georgealexiouvalentey George Av

            it is actually very true.. otherwize i wouldn't of have posted that comment,..

        • Matti

          Actually, no. XDA senior devs all agree that Samsung is the worst right now.

        • matt

          Interesting... they just released source code for Htc One. Already and the phone is not even out in the U.S. yet.

      • ProductFRED

        So why don't you just buy the US version of the Galaxy S4 with the Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro then?

        • Kokusho

          its snapdragon s600, and in that case why not buy the One if you can't even have the Exynos 5 version.

          • ProductFRED

            Locked bootloader, no MicroSD card slot, and no removable battery. But if you don't care about any of that stuff, then sure, go for the One.

          • Danial Helmi

            What is of use of having an unlocked bootloader when Samsung fails to provide proper sources? It's like feeding the cat an empty bowl.

          • ProductFRED

            The US version of the Galaxy S3 (Snapdragon S4) has a lot of development. I myself live in the US but own the i9300 (International version) and still have plenty of stable ROMs to toy around with. The Galaxy S4 has the same processor as One does (for the US version), the Snapdragon S600. So it's really not as big of a deal as you're making it.

          • Danial Helmi

            The world does not revolve around US alone.
            But it's true to those living in the US, congrats on getting the Krait version!

          • ProductFRED

            Well, before you accuse me of being rich or something when I say this, I'm a college student living in the US who paid $575 for the i9300 a few months after it came out. You can, you know, do the same thing and buy the US version if you want it so badly.

          • Danial Helmi

            I heard S4 LTE (International) comes with Snapdragon so it doesn't matter that much. All the carriers here has LTE enabled in their networks. But another thing crops out. Fragmentations of the S4 versions.

          • GraveUypo

            they are launching both versions here in brazil. so it's not really a US-ONLY thing like it was with the s3

          • paxmos

            I am sure someone else will feed the cat.

          • Kokusho

            you can unlock the bootloader, S-ON is a non issu.

          • ProductFRED

            It's not a real bootloader unlock. You're still giving up your warranty to get a partial unlock. Some major partitions remain locked.

          • Mahmood Alawi

            as far as im concerned, only the HTC One X doesn't have s-off, not so much due to HTC's security, but the T3 Chip

          • Aluminum54

            you don't void warranty by rooting or unlocking boot loader

          • http://riteshtripathy.wordpress.com/ Ritesh

            Nope. Hardware warranty stays intact. Its only that they won't provide you software warranty or support if you unlock your bootloader via HTCDev, which is perfectly fair. I still wish they didn't lock the bootloaders to begin with though.

            Source: Personal experience on the One X.

          • matt

            The HTC One X had a "locked" bootloader too and it was cracked in a week.

          • Megacharge

            Well said.

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1745689461 Hal Motley

        That's a nasty nail in the coffin for me. I love CyanogenMod and I hate TouchWiz's look and feel. Looks like I won't be getting a Galaxy S4 at all.

    • Elias Ortega

      They just announced a 64gb version that has unlocked everything, for your hacking pleasure

  • h_f_m

    Where's the vote for neither? Not going to pry my nexus 4 from my cold, dead hands.

  • bolehland


    HTC One only appears to have a better looking design and probably better screen. On specs alone, S4 will win it at everything else.

    • http://www.vrdwellersblog.com/ Miles Reiter

      What do benchmark scores matter though? They're both flagship devices with great specs that will handle everything equally as well right now.

      • bolehland

        Should have worded it better: it's not just the processor.

        There's no contest among the SGS3 and the One X when it comes to audio quality via headphones: the SGS3 just flattens it outright.

    • Kokusho

      they both have the same SoC for most people.

      • bolehland

        Was referring to the Exynos 5 Octa (quad A7 + quad A15) in the international version.

        That's not the only hardware advantage they have, the Wolfson DACs in the SGS and SGS3 are pretty much the cream of the crop for audiophiles when compared to all the other Android phones. HTC unfortunately is pretty poor in this regard, see GSMArena's audio quality tests for all their flagships and you'd find they're mostly poor compared to the competition. Beats branding doesn't help squat here, in fact it's probably one of the reasons why they're worse.

    • NemaCystX

      HTC wins: Design, Looks, Hardware quality, screen quality and UI

      Samsung wins: IR Mobeam support

      Samsung makes a bundle off us with its use of Plastic vs better quality materials, the S3 is so fragile

      • Tommy Thompson

        S3 is plastic, but it isn't fragile.

      • Yi Ming Kuan

        I don't know about you, but when regarding the specs that matter more to me, Samsung nails it down better. Look at how poor audio quality was with the international One X was versus the Galaxy S3 on GSMArena, for example. The new One also appears to be a dud camera wise too.

  • Tomek Papierniak

    I'm pretty sure most of HTC One declarers would switch in the store just looking at the price tag and what you get for it.

    • Elias Ortega

      They both are going to have around the same price tag, same specs, virtually you choose what materials you're going to pay for

  • PCSievers

    No removable battery when you dont have the life of the RAZR Maxx is something I wont accept. Not having expandable storage is a pretty big deal too.

    • NemaCystX

      Depends on what you need for expandable storage for. If its for apps, microSD isn't going to help you on the S4, I had to use a special kernel hack to use my microSD as my internal storage just so I could install more apps, its pointless on a Samsung device without the hack

      • ProductFRED

        So then why don't you do the common sense thing and store all your media on your MicroSD card and leave all of the internal storage for apps? Herp derp. That's what I do on my S3. I'm rooted and don't feel like using the storage-flipping hack.

    • Megacharge

      Battery life is actually pretty good from what I've seen (mainstream review sites use flawed battery tests, users are actually reporting very good battery life). You can get Duracell's instant charge, and a micro USB SD card adapter for less than the cost of a spare Samsung battery. Cover's both your issues right there.

  • http://twitter.com/ISoldTheGun The Tohme Legacy

    Are the voters smoking pot in a group? The S4 is a clear winner...

  • http://www.facebook.com/duckofdeath Hans Pedersen

    Galaxy S4 for many reasons, mostly because of that OLED thing covering the front panel.

  • Mike Larrabee

    Ah, choice is beautiful. I'll wait for the next Nexus, that's mine.

    • Ivan Myring

      Yep, I'm doing the same. Gonna replace my n4 with an n5 nothing else will do

  • http://twitter.com/andr3wjacks0n andrew jackson

    SGS4. Removable battery + MicroSD storage + easily unlocked bootloader = the trifecta of phone features. I could care less about how my phone looks since it is going to be in a case anyways. If you care about how your phone looks you might as well buy a Verutu phone. Don't get me wrong the HTC One looks really nice, and probably feels nice but I have to have a removable battery. HTC is trying to be a premium phone like the iPhone. I am not going to pay iPhone prices for a non iPhone.

    • selonmoi

      Or for an iPhone, for that matter.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1304767408 Steven Lam

      did you just justify the iphone as a premium phone worth the marked up value?

      • ari_free

        It is what it is! If you have an iPhone you can be part of the Apple ecosystem, if you are into that (ipad, macbook, imac, apple TV, icloud, etc). HTC just gives you a phone.

    • kalo88

      The s4 will be a similar price with lesser materials, so what's your arguement there.... Everyone bangs on about removable battery but for the biggest majority of users they will never need to change it

  • Andrei

    I was going to say no to the S4 because it has a menu button, but then, hey, guess who decided to put a useless logo right where the most used button should be. Oh, and then, let's use all these meaningless long-press actions.

  • acer1096xxx

    I think I'd rather choose a phone with a removable battery and an SD card slot over an aluminium phone. S4 is the clear winner.
    Better design doesn't mean better phone.

  • David P.

    I find it funny how people are voting down anyone that mentions wanting an SD slot or a removable battery.

    • Tommy Thompson

      DOWN VOTE!

      • David P.

        Meh. I fully expected that.

  • NicholasMicallef

    I think it's the same as last year, HTC has the design (and the display, if you prefer color accuracy over contrast and those deep deep blacks) Samsung has everything else. Although it is a slightly closer battle this time.

  • Miden

    I chose the One because of the design. Both have really crappy software.

    • Kokusho

      Crappy software, really ?

      • Matti

        Yes, really. One has (non)Sense while the other has TurdPiss.
        If I was in the market for an Android phone, it'd only be a Nexus.

        • Kokusho

          funny names... But doesn't mean anything.

        • EMullins

          The correct name for Samsung's software is "Touchjizz"

          • Megacharge

            Thought it was Cartoonwiz? The S4 clearly looks like it was marketed to a "younger" crowd.

      • EMullins

        Well...its not crappy if you're a housewife, or a grandparent.

        • Kokusho

          Yes please tell me what stock Android have over Sense4+ or 5. And please avoid stupid unfunded claims.

          • omegavesko

            Well, for one thing, it doesn't look like it was designed by a 5-year-old with a crayon. TouchWiz is particularly guilty of this. The whole thing looks like it was pulled out of a cartoon.

          • Kokusho

            I agree for Touchwizz. Not Sense.

          • ari_free

            MIUI is great because it can look like whatever I want it to look like. I'm not a big fan of Holo's trekkie look but at least it is a consistent path for other developers to follow.

          • vitriolix


          • Kokusho

            it's subjectif, and doesn't make a software crappy.
            If it did Android in its early version would have NEVER got the succes it deserved.

            So basically, 2 guys are pointing the look of Sense (wich you can change cause its android.) . nice nice...

  • http://www.facebook.com/texnik Alexander Tatevyan

    +1 to HTC One for design. +1 to S4 for the rest. But I'm voting for Nexus ;)

    • New_Guy

      That was the best comment I've seen on this issue. Kudos.

    • https://www.facebook.com/max.chen2 Max Chen

      The problem is design is slightly overrated because if you're going to slap on a case - not a bumper - on it, it will cover most of the great details of the phone. So if you get the HTC One, ask yourself: do I want looks or safety?

      • http://twitter.com/snookasnoo Idon’t Know

        Samsung still has flimsy buttons and garish screen.

        • http://www.facebook.com/zach.vaught.3 Zach Vaught

          The screen on the S4 is phenomenal.

          • http://twitter.com/snookasnoo Idon’t Know

            Way over saturated and sucks outside. Not phenomenal. However one of the reviews said the buttons are better than the S3 which is good.

    • http://www.facebook.com/ishan.acmilan Ishan Verma

      Nexus rules , if not for nexus it will surely be HTC one , not that cheap plastic peice of crap s4. *burn in hell Samsung *!

  • http://www.facebook.com/ajac09 Anthony Evans Jr

    sales will be the true "poll" and gs4 will win

    • Kraaw

      But it's nie to see what the community really like and what consumers like.

    • Matti

      ...and Bieber sells more than your favourite band.
      Your point?

      • Kokusho

        Bieber is my favorite singer.

    • Danial Helmi

      It all starts with the Enthusiasts. Samsung succeeded thanks to us, the brilliant Enthusiasts. And now its going to fall thanks to us also, the awesomely brilliant Enthusiasts. Ask them to stop providing gimmicks that barely anyone will use and give me proper updates to Jelly Bean for my Note.

      Bye Samsung, you POS. It's time for the One.

    • Closeto2G

      All these HTC-tards are going to be mighty sad when the company goes under in two years. Anyone in the wireless industry can tell you that HTC is on their way out, and anyone who disagrees is fooling himself. At best, they'll jump 2% in global market share. But realistically, it's too little, too late. The One isn't enough to save their incompetent asses.

      • Wei Hong Ho

        Unless the Taiwan Govt is also as incompetent you to realise how big HTC is actually in Taiwan than yeah they will let it go under. Cause that will like cause the economy to shrink unnecessarily and that is what the country need right now.

  • Rico

    Learned long ago to never buy a cell that does not have a removable battery. I never plug my phone in.

    • lethalgorman

      Same here. The main reason I want totrade my Nexus 4.

  • TheKaz1969

    whatever Verizon's HTC One is...

    • NemaCystX

      providing its not a variant, if it is, i'll go to a carrier that does offer the real ONE

      • NeutralThirdParty

        You have to be an HTC shill. There's no other explanation. Hopefully it pays good.

  • dan b

    it's nice to see how the s4 suporters need to argument they'r choice when the ones supporters just voted because they know that it's a better product

    • Tommy Thompson

      argument they'r choices.......

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1745689461 Hal Motley

      Honestly will all this commenting you must be a shill. XD

  • SoWhy

    If I had to choose between those two, then S4: Design does not trump usability and I will never choose a phone that has neither a removable battery nor a microSD-slot

    • NemaCystX

      Thinking that way is only going to bite you in the ass in the future, were approaching the time when removable batteries are going by the wayside, it prevents designs from being smaller and more usable. Look at the new Nexus 4, it doesn't have a removable battery and its quite possible all future Motorola devices won't either since Google will be the ones designing them as well. MicroSD was also something Google didn't care for either. So I would suggest you change your requirements before it hurts you enough to the point you won't have a choice but to buy one without those features. Just sayin, better to be prepared than disappointed and forced to get one anyway.

      • Tommy Thompson

        " it prevents designs from being smaller and more usable"
        But the S4 is thinner and has a larger battery compared to the One...

      • SoWhy

        I'm quite prepared to change my requirements iff a) batteries become powerful enough that I don't have to change them and b) devices come with sufficient internal storage to render microSD-slots obsolete, both of which should not increase the price.of the phone. I currently have a 16 GB S3 with a 64 GB microSD card and a 3000 mAh battery - I could not have bought 80 GB of internal storage nor could I have bought a phone with a 3000 mAh battery, so my requirements meant that I could actually have the specs that I need. Before deciding to buy the S3, I wanted the RAZR but I didn't buy it because the battery life sucked and the MAXX was not available in Germany. So yes, I am prepared to do without one or both of those requirements but only when things progress to a state where I don't need them anymore.

        • smeddy

          Exactly this. (except Galaxy Note)

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1304767408 Steven Lam

        So maybe I'm just assuming here but i really cant see how it prevents a design from being smaller and more usable.

        Sure it's easier to design a product when you dont have to account for it still being consumer friendly with it's internals half exposed, but you're not really shaving off any significant size off the device. Have you seen the teardowns of these devices? The "built-in" battery idea was a joke on the RAZR. It was just a sticker over the battery to "lock it in". This is nothing but a skinny race on a specs sheet. It's a profit markup on the storage. It's an End Of Life guarantee for the device. I'll take another 1mm of thickness on my device to have swappable battery & expandable SD for all the failsafe securities it offers me as a user.

        We know Google wants to get rid of mSD & battery swaps, and give plenty of reasons to do so, and it boils down to the fact that it makes it easier for them to develop and an opportunity for profit. If that's not the direction that we want them to go as consumers, we should continue to demand it & refuse to tolerate it when Motorola/HTC tries to do it also, not shutup and live with it, letting them kno that "IF they build it, we will come". This isn't an Apple product, we shouldnt be letting them tell us what we should and shouldnt have in the devices that we shell out tons of money for.

      • ari_free

        I don't care about what google wants. Google wants everything in the cloud. I'd rather have more flexibility so if the internal storage isn't enough, I don't have to get a new phone. Just add to it. If the battery dies or you want a bigger one, just replace the battery. That's future friendly.

  • NemaCystX

    For everyone complaining about no microSD. Why do you need microSD so badly?

    32GB/64GB is enough I think, (unless your using it for porn and tons of apps)

    On Samsung devices the microSD is limited, you can't use it for apps, only your media (pictures/videos/music)

    HTC when they had microSD they allowed your storage to be as if it were your internal storage.

    I think the changes to Android 4.x caused the microSD storage to change and be limited as only media storage. Probably why HTC gave up on including one ever since ICS.

    It also makes for a seamless design. Were in an phase of transition I think, moving away from devices that had internals that were removable to ones that are just one non-removable design. We might be able to blame the iPhone for that one

    If thats the case, I agree with HTC's decision to do that, its a nightmare dealing with the microSD storage on my S3 without the kernel hack i have that swaps your storage, Kudos to HTC for less of a headache to deal with

    • David P.

      I don't need the SD for apps storage and such, just music. I have about 54Gb of music on my 64Gb card now. Just because you don't have a use for a ton of storage or you don't see the point doesn't mean others don't need/want it.

    • SoWhy

      Phones get better all the time for displaying videos and listening to music. Videos and music take a lot of space if you want to keep them on your phone. Google thinks you can stream all that and maybe some day in the future you can but today we still have limited data plans and bad reception in certain areas, so you are forced to have your media on your phone. When HTC makes 128/256 GB smartphones, people will probably not want microSD slots anymore but until then, many people do. Which is one of the reasons why more S3s were sold than HTC One Xs.

    • Davy Jones

      Music, videos, pictures, file transfers, system and app backups are a few regular uses. They free up the internal storage from these things and thus allow more room for apps, especially large games. They really increase the functionality of the device, since it takes on more of a role of a computer. Not everyone always has a reliable data connection on hand to rely on cloud storage. Really there is no good reason to include removable storage.

      • Davy Jones

        edit: there is no good reason *not* to include removable storage.

    • ari_free

      You get a high end phone, you want tons of stuff on it. If you have an SD card from your old phone, why not just pop it in the new one?

    • Mandeep Singh

      Lol how much ganes you have downloaded
      Mine 32 s3 gb could barely hold 4 games and 6 gb music
      so if I have microsd I can store my music in that and lesten from any device that has microsd
      And now dont start that streaming crap internet speed here is barely reached 3g majority of people are using 2g in india
      For me your argument seems null and void

    • Tom-Helge Andersen

      Let me give you some few hints on why microSD cards is a damn good idea to have.

      1. Phones today have 1080p screens witch means 1080p movies will be copied over to the phone. And 1080p movies can take ALOT of storage spaces.

      One of the 1080p movies i have on my computer takes the whole 19.5 GB. And that's just one movie.

      2. Alot or most peoples want to have their collection of mp3's they have on their computer over to the phone. And this can take alot of space to. I have over 100 GB with mp3 files on my computer.

      3. Today modern smartphone games can take all from 1 GB up to almost 3 GB in space.

      When you take all of this into consideration, then how the hell can you be fine with 16 or 32 GB with storage space on an HTC One?

      EDIT: Yes, apps can be installed on the microSD card on a Samsung Galaxy S II / S III and S IV and Note and Note II.

  • Painless

    We can argue about hardware and software pros and cons between these two phones all we want, but looking at the bigger picture, and considering the decline of HTC's market share over the last few years, I would say going for the One is a better choice for Android as a platform. HTC have pretty much gone all in with this phone, and without a considerable customer response it's likely that the company will be increasingly marginalized over the next few years. Even if we're not particular fans of HTC (all my smartphones since 2009 have been Samsung), we can't deny that their presence, alongside LG, Googarolla, etc, is good for Android - competition spurs innovation and helps keep prices down. I therefore applaud HTC for their daring hardware and software design choices, and will buy the One to support the company and help keep Android competition and innovation going. In other circumstances, the lack of a replaceable battery would have been a deal breaker, but I can live with a battery case + desk charger setup for a year.

    • NemaCystX

      given that the design of the One is seamless and its the same on all carriers, it would likely get enough accessory support like the S3 did because of the same design on all carriers. So I think Mophie and other companies may produce a battery case (considering its more like the iPhone that its not removable)

      • smeddy

        Tough choice here...

        1) Support HTC: Android needs more big players (and I love HTC)
        2) Support Samsung: Removable batteries and memory cards are essential for some people...

        Ouch. For me, I narrowly voted Samsung, as it is what I need

        • GraveUypo

          i don't think you guys know how to buy things.

          just buy what's better for you. screw "supporting" companies.

          • coolbuddy

            Good luck for people who are running charity for supporting million dollar companies by buying HTC One. Then buy a Micromax phone worth 180$. You can buy 3 phones . its supporting Micromax company a 3times and you help androd/google instead of one HTC One. Just buy best choice for you. If company doesnt makes phone palatable to majority,its their sin not ours.

  • Adam

    It's the HTC for me. I have a tablet for the fancy-schmany rooted stuff, so I'm going entirely off looks here. ;)

  • http://mwinter.in/ Yan Gabriel Minário

    HTC has gone in Brazil, so I have no choice, S4.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003575378566 Keith Johnson

      The question was -> but given a choice between them - which would you get?

      I understand if English is not your native tongue, but the above also means if you had the choice too.

      • http://mwinter.in/ Yan Gabriel Minário

        You did not get my point. HTC lose respect points with me doing that, and S4 is just more powerful.
        Think about all the 8 cores working together, I know that someone at XDA Developers will make it.

        Yes, English it is not my first language, but I can understand things pretty well, and I know that I could chose HTC One and its delicious beats but I wouldn't.

      • http://mwinter.in/ Yan Gabriel Minário

        I understand that but I simply do not respect HTC anymore.

  • wtf

    uuum Xperia Z :) lol my vote went to HTC :) don't care if they put 3 micro SD slots or spare battery and God knows what,glossy plastic and ugly look just can't go for me :) cheers all!

  • Jimmy Zielenski

    HTC One. Eventually the amazing devs over at XDA port most touch wiz features to everything else so if I want them I'll get them on better hardware.

  • Megacharge

    That's right, can't argue about hardware, the S4 is marginally faster at best than the HTC One, has a few extra gimmicks I'd barely use, if ever, and it looks like a cheap Fisher-Price toy with a cartoon UI (my opinion of course). Touchwiz is still looking very laggy in videos where as the HTC One looks smoother than any phone I've ever seen when navigating the UI or doing pretty much anything else.

    On the GPU/RAM front, new videos around the web showing the HTC One playing all the most demanding games at 1080p smooth as silk shows that the LPDDR2 isn't even being fully saturated for games at 1080p, only in benchmarks. So the LPDDR2 is going to going to perform extremely well for gaming for at least the next 2 years. Samsung giving us LPDDR3 seems more like giving us something we don't really need, for the sake of saying (mine is bigger than yours) when the fact is, the HTC One will perform exceptionally at gaming and by the time the LPDDR3 even becomes relevant in a couple years, the next new flagship device we'll be out and we'll all want that one.

    Aside from a few novel gimmicks, there is no real reason to buy an S4 over the work of art that is the HTC One. Those dual front facing speakers are a bigger feature than any of the gimmicks Samsung has added to it's phone. As for removable batteries, and non expandable storage in the HTC One, I'm not bothered. I have a micro USB SD card adapter that plugs directly into the phone and I have Duracell instant charge to hold me over until I buy HTC's battery bar on the go charger.

    I'd also rather have the HTC One's Lithium Polymer battery over the Samsung's inferior Lithium Ion, as in about 9 months when S4 owners are charging their battery every 9-12 hours, my battery will be holding its charge and capacity years later like it did when I first bought it.

    GG Samsung.

    • Kokusho

      GG !

    • Stacey

      Don't get me wrong, I agree with your post... but "Lithium Polymer" and "Lithium Ion" are basically the same thing (they follow the same chemical process)... they're labeled differently because they involve different manufacturing processes (they use different separators). This doesn't yield much of a difference in energy density or performance or lifetime, but it's useful for more compact or flexible form factors.

      • Megacharge

        It does make a big difference in energy density and lifetime, li-ion actually has more density than li-pol and li-pol does have a longer lifetime.

    • PCSievers

      S4 owners will just pay $10 for a new battery and not care about any diminishing capacity problems it may or may not have.

      • Megacharge

        Some, I'd imagine that the number of people who actually buy a spare battery and use it is extremely low. I'm also sure they cost quite a bit more than 10$.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Chris-Joyce/100001688826001 Chris Joyce

      Well said, agree with you!!

    • Marlon Milligan

      The S4 is not faster

    • Monji

      Yea right with removable battery?

    • Tcv4


      The Li-Poly vs Li-Ion debate really does seem silly. The only significant difference is that Li-poly can be shaped a lot more easily. If you look at the number of charge cycles before the battery hits a certain percentage of its original capacity, they are both very similar. perhaps I'm wrong, but in either case you could just pick up a new battery for the gs4 for around 10-20 bucks.

      As for laggyness, they are showing you pre-production units with software that has yet to be fully optimized. Lol, a usb sd card reader is no replacement for an integrated slot. You made a fair comparison of lpddr2 to the lpddr3 in the sgs4, but that is the whole point of a spec war. Even if it isn't noticeable or useful, it's nice to know you have the fastest phone, computer, car, etc...

      The only things that hold me back from buying an htc one are the camera and updates from htc. Idk what will happen to Htc, but if they are bought out sometime in the future, I don't want to be left with a device on 4.1. Boomsound actually sounds really nice though. This is a tough decision, but I will have to wait and see if the One comes to verizon.

    • GraveUypo

      like i said, fashion statement. smartphones are tools, not paintings. if anything, there's no reason to buy a ONE except to show it off to others. i mean, i won't be getting either as neither add anything i need over my gs3, but you listed a billion features missing from the one yourself and dismissed them all just for the sake of good looks. just goes to show how shallow people can be.

  • Wallace

    I received my HtC ONE two days ago.....(uk).
    OMG this phone....OMG
    is surreal
    the speakers are so good when my phone ringed in the bus this morning everyone just stopped whatever they were doing and turned towards me...and by god, the volume was less than half...
    the display has such beautiful deep black and white it doesnt look like a screen but like a glossy magazine...
    The menu 3dots button needs to disappear in a bug release patch hopefully as in some app (FB etc) takes over the screen and i dont like that
    Battery well superior to HTC one x
    Lagg - free
    And the built....oh it feels like it was designed to be hold in hand...i dont even feel like keeping it in the pocket anymore

    and by the way, i dont know ab SG4 for but this phone, will turn heads everywhere, people will be hypnotised by it
    i had 4 strangers asking me: dude what phone is this, ive never seen anything like this before...also my friends are all now considering buying it

    i know i sound like i was paid by HTC, but i wasnt, i hate HTC as a company but my god...this phone...this phone is not from this time, it is from the future

    • Kokusho

      for the 3dot menu, go to settings > display and there is an option to map the menu fonction to a long press on back or home and you'll never see the 3dot bar ever again.

      • str8loungin

        Nice! My screen size just grew, thanks!

        • Kokusho

          you re welcome, we had this issu in the early days of the One X until they add this fonction.

    • Abhinav Suri

      So the One starts shipping on March 29 and you claim you've already got yours? I sure as hell believe you weren't paid by HTC.

      • ProductFRED

        I was thinking this poll was spammed by HTC employees, honestly. I saw the results and couldn't believe it. I mean, yes the HTC One is a good phone, but judging by how Samsung is doing, it's highly unlikely that the poll would shift pretty much completely in HTC's favor.

        • omegavesko

          Definitely skewed in HTC's favor. There's no way Samsung's advantages (removable battery, SD card slot) wouldn't win in a tech-minded community like this.

          • Megacharge

            Meh, sounds like sour grapes to me, and people pushing their BS on others. Some tech minded people know they don't need an SD card slot or removable battery to enjoy their phone, there are solutions for the very tiny minority that actually care. People needing those things make up such a tiny minority, that the people who won't buy the HTC because of such petty things wont make or break them.

            No SD card, and no removable batteries, are just rally cries for fanboys who need to find more flaws with a rival company's device. If anything. This thread is littered with Samsung employees trying pass off gimmicks, and the presence of removable battery and SD as reasons to not buy the HTC One. Consumers are smarter these days. These things are not deal breakers, and the HTC One has the better combination of form and function. Samsung just has function, and while its good enough for some, a lot of us just have higher standards.

          • smeddy

            Speak for yourself but they are deal breakers for me. Actually, I'm trying my hardest to break away from that as I like the style of the HTC. I need 64gb tho, and not at a ridiculous premium

          • GraveUypo

            i think it's more an issue of practical choice vs fashion statement.

            pretty much all the one has on the gs4 is closely related to fashion statement. for people who like to show off their things to others. no problem with that, but i'll take an sd card over that any day. even if you don't "need" it, it's still useful to have. and heck do it need it. these things blow through 32gb of memory in just a couple of hours of video recording for one thing. and i can barely keep 10gb free for that on my 32+32 gb device in the first place.

          • http://www.facebook.com/ShinobiPhoenix Cody Shiranai

            It's called people voting more to hate on Samsung (the company) for being the new top dog more than like HTC or even like/dislike EITHER actual phone. Which is very sad. I also agree it's stupid to think "supporting" a company means you get what you want, the company has no obligation to make or even keep promises fans "make" for them and the moment they get big, they don't have to listen at all. HTC was literally that company already whose ego got too big too fast and they are paying for it now. Apple is certainly there now too, built now on the backs of hipsters and fanboys pretending to give rewards and promises and now too big to care about anything people actually want in an iPhone.

          • xtatic5

            I found this page from Twitter, I know nothing about phone tech. The audience for this poll is larger than the AP community.

        • Danial Helmi

          Believe it when build quality matters in 2013.

        • Megacharge

          Nah, it's just that consumers are smarter these days than they were 2 or 3 years ago, they learned through the whole Apple-Samsung battle, that marginally better specs, doesn't always equate to a better experience, and in this case, it certainly doesn't. People know better these days.

        • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1745689461 Hal Motley

          Particularly since HTC's last quarterly revenue was down a lot.

      • Kokusho

        many people in UK seem to receive their One lately.

      • Megacharge

        There are a few people in Germany and the UK that already have theirs.

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1745689461 Hal Motley

        Don't worry Wallace, if you are a shill at least admit it. XD

        I personally don't like HTC because of the incident with the RUU and the fact they are easy to break (especially the screen), have no removable battery, very difficult to customise (with all this S-Off nonsense).

        I am not too big on the Galaxy S4 either, even as a proud Galaxy S II owner. I want my phone to cheap and customisable. That's why I want a Nexus device!

    • HotInEER

      What color did you get?

  • EMullins

    I like the metal and the speakers more than the removable battery and SD slot.

    HTC One.

  • tobiasmann

    I wouldn't buy either! Its just a battle of bad UI

  • http://twitter.com/crazifyngers crazifyngers

    polls on android blogs should include a "nexus only" since we generally care more than the general consumer about the newest software.

  • RooX911

    I would pick the HTC One in a heartbeat, but the way they have left me stranded with updates for my HTC Raider leaves a sour taste in my mouth. Will not be going with HTC again until they learn their lessons. Either Gal S4 or a Nexus for the next device.

  • http://www.beling.de/ Thomas Beling

    For the entire design, the HTC One of course.

  • Sven L.

    Nexus 5? Seriously both phones did not spark my interest that much.

  • http://www.facebook.com/RobJohnson90 Rob Johnson

    HTC One, because ew Samsung!

  • Lucky Khan

    The S4 is a fantastic phone with a number of great features, but its features do not overcome the HTC Ones remarkable design as well as its great features (boomsound, zoe, ultrapixel, etc ) HTC ONE ALL THE WAY!

  • KSUJedi

    Removable battery... S4

  • http://billhay.es/ Bill Hayes

    HTC One. No question. I currently have a Galaxy Note 2 but it's always inside a cover because the plastic makes me sad. The One looks like it's made to be stroked. I've also removed or skinned most of TouchWiz into oblivion, whereas the new Sense actually looks pretty decent. Also, those speakers... I don't want to be able to connect two phones wirelessly to get stereo, I want to have one phone and hold it up to my face.

    Traditionally I've always preferred MicroSD slots and removable batteries, and the S4 has those going for it, but if the One comes with 64GB and a decent battery to begin with then sign me up.

    Although, realistically, I love the screen size, battery life and multi-window of the Note 2 too much to actually switch, that doesn't stop me drooling over the One.

  • gooks

    Neither. I will get the Xperia Z.

  • hyperbolic

    Innovation all the way, HTC One.

  • Jugal

    HTC one has everything that s 4 have ... A few softwares more hidden up it's sleeves but HTC hardware is unmatchable and hence HTC one rules

    • way2gofanboy

      I don't see it being as thin/light, having a removable battery, external SD, bigger screen, or as much power. So how does it have "everything"?

  • http://www.facebook.com/greek512 Len Bowers

    S4 just looks cheap... HTC one solid piece of aluminum...

    • ….

      How does it look "cheap"? I swear to god you people have never held an S phone in your hands. It's sexy and smooth, and is also very sturdy, if not MORE sturdy because plastic can bend and doesn't dent like metal. By that logic you should buy an iPhone because that's aluminum too.

  • http://twitter.com/Gehim Rehan Ahmed

    The brilliant SLCD3 screen, the awesome breathtaking design and the now-less bloated Sense 5, what's not to love about the One?

    • Damien

      A smaller screen, thicker bezels, weird button layout, ugly, crappy low res camera (see reviews/comparissons), no humidity/temperature/pedometer. That enough?

      • http://twitter.com/Gehim Rehan Ahmed

        Not everybody loves giant phones and for me 4.7 inch is perfect. The bezel might be a worry but i can do a compromise for that great screen while for camera, it is awesome for casual photography like Facebook or Instagram and that is what most consumers really need. Button layout really is strange but well, it'll do...

        • Damien

          The phone is the same size as the sgs4.... Just get a bigger screen and a real home button.

        • Damien

          The one is only a few milimetres smaller than the s4, while the s4 manages to pack in a 5" screen! I didn't realise you were most consumers sorry mate ;-)

  • Eugen Hannibal

    Xperia Z is Win

  • John Nichols

    I don't think I could stand to use either one.

  • Haidar Alamir

    Xperia Z

  • Sqube

    It would've been the HTC One... except it's not available for Verizon Wireless. So I guess I'll just be sticking with my GNex and keeping an eye out for another phone.

  • Batman

    Galaxy S4 all the way.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1304767408 Steven Lam

    The HTC One looks absolutely beautiful aesthectically, swappable battery & mircoSD, and I'm all over it. Front speakers? Finally some common sense. At a 700$ device that will be replaced in 2-3 yrs, meanwhile holding some of my most personal information and developing a dependency on it as a personal assistant in so many ways, I need to know I can rely on keeping it powered on, I need to know most of my data wont be lost. Im not interested in paying 200$ more today for additional storage that will only cost 30$ and wont need until a yr later. & hey, guess what, when i get a new device, that memory comes with me to my new device.

    NO, dont care for cloud. I use it lightly, and that's an indication that it's not a convenient and reliable method for me yet. Google certainly hasn't provided any solid solutions. Even Drive is often a headache when I suddenly lose editing abliity simply because i lose data connection.

    • Megacharge

      Duracell instant charge, and micro USB SD card adapter covers all your needs for less than the cost of a spare Samsung battery.

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1304767408 Steven Lam

        a spare OEM battery can be had for usually less than 15$ on amazon.
        but you cant be serious in calling either of those a solution. To have a battery back plugged into my phone to charge it? it's easier just to carry two extra batteries. to have to WAIT for my phone to charge with a obstruction attached to my device for hrs rather than have an instant 100% charge in a 2 minute swap?

        Can you imagine how fast the wear and tear is going to be on the usb port carrying the phone while trying to charge it? & once the usb port is ruined, guess what, your 700$ device is now dead with everything stuck in it.

        Am i going to have the SD card adapter attached to my device at all times to have things saved directly into it, or to conveniently move the files whenever I get the chance. the times when i have an opportunity to swap files to an adapter is probably the same time I can just swap it out onto my netbook. If i have to trouble myself to swap onto an adapter and then onto a laptop, i might as well upload to the cloud and download, that'd be far more convenient than trying to keep track of another accesory. Now, regardless of which method I use, now I either dont have the files on my device to use anymore, or i have a copy on my device and another copy on my laptop. Now that creates more headaches because I have to keep track of which ones are duplicates, and which ones arent. More file management headaches. If it's on an internsal SD in my device, i dont have to worry about losing it if the device fails, If i suddenly want to access all the files without having to transfer or copy it, i simply pop my sd into my laptop, do what I need to do, swap it back. (yes, u can also access via USB cable, but now my phone is tied down to my laptop, and wait.. I dont have my usb cable w. me because that's not something I carry with me everywhere i go)

        You see. There's a point here.
        simply solutions, built right into the device, without juggling an array of accessories and jumping thru hoops or weighed down just to get simple things done.

  • asianrage

    I would have to get the S4, simply because the HTC One won't/might not be available on VZW.

    • Megacharge

      Apparently I read it will be available on Verizon a month or two later, and you lucky guys may be getting the red HTC One. Really wish I could get it in red... :(

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003575378566 Keith Johnson

      I think the OP needs to explain what the term "Given the choice" actually means.

  • AyaisMUsikWhore

    Why isn't the xperia Z on the list. I want that more than those two. Samsung just feels lazy and HTC I trying to hard and still piling on sense. Xperia Z all the way. And or the Nexus 4

  • Christopher Ching

    Right now, I think my ideal phone would be an HTC one without the hardware buttons, and with stock Android. Removable battery and MicroSD card would also be nice but aside from Samsung, those seem to be falling by the wayside, and at least the One has a respectable amount of onboard storage.

    HTC and Samsung have done some interesting stuff with their customizations and have some pretty neat new features on the software side, but the all-or-nothing nature of their skins and services which lock you into their content ecosystem are not to my liking.

  • lutzbec69

    where is the poll?

  • Mike

    I did not vote because I cannot stand Touchwiz and Sense.

  • Greg

    Galaxy s4 way more features and 5 inch screen and the phone is still smaller than the htc one

    • Megacharge

      Way more features is a bit of an exaggeration, most of Samsung's new camera software is gimmicky and the ones that aren't are borrowed from the HTC One. There is nothing of substance, or value in these few more features that make the Samsung worth buying over the HTC One's whole package.

      • ari_free

        You can use SGS4 with gloves, you can hover over websites without having to touch. One reason why Flash didn't work so well on phones was because most of the games required mouse hovering.

        This is probably the biggest thing to happen to smartphones since multitouch. I say this not because I am a Samsung fan (I own an HTC actually...with removable battery and SD...) but because I was interested in this technology for years. If Apple had this first, they would make sure that everyone would know it.

        • Megacharge

          I already own gloves that allow me to use my phone with them on. They cost me 30 bucks, why would I want to buy a 700$ phone that solves a problem my 30$ gloves do as well?


          • ari_free

            So now you have to get specific gloves just to use with your phone. How iPhonish.

          • Megacharge

            There are many different designs, so a lot of choice, it's far more practical and intelligent than buying a 700$ dollar phone to solve a minor inconvenience 30 bucks solves. Your retort is still flawed.

          • ari_free

            Not if you can afford it. HTC isn't exactly free, either.

          • Megacharge

            So, I would have to settle for a 700$ ugly ass phone that I don't want and have zero interest in, because it has a gimmicky feature that makes my 30$ gloves obsolete?

            Seems legit.

          • ari_free

            Nobody is forcing you to buy SGS4. Sheesh
            It really is OK if some people choose the HTC and others choose the SGS4.

          • Megacharge

            Phew, good thing I don't need to hover! :D

    • nukemonk

      It's because of speakers. And as of reviews, they are great. So it's more intresting feature, for the less 0.29" of screen.

      I don't like 5" and even 4.7 inches and prefer 4.3-4.5", it's much comfortable for me. But now i think i'll get One, despite the size.

  • ari_free

    Premium materials means no SD or removable battery. I'd rather have the latter.

    • Megacharge

      Duracell instant charge (charge the phone without needing to reboot from a battery swap), and micro USB SD card adapter (can hot-swap SD
      cards without needing to keep removing a backplate). Covers all your
      needs for less than the cost of a spare Samsung battery.

      • ari_free

        So you've just bulked up your phone?

        • Megacharge

          I guess I should have clarified, I was talking about micro USB (Micro SD) card slot adapters, they are incredibly small and add zero weight or bulk to the phone, no wires, they just plug right in, it's better this way as you can hot swap different micro SD cards really quick without having to pop off and on a back cover every time.. These things are super cheap too.

      • PCSievers

        Why would anyone use a USB SD card adapter when they can just use a USB OTG and a much larger and faster memory stick?

        And no, this isnt a solution, its a workaround and a really inelegant one at that.

  • CBNforum

    They are both great phones (from what I have heard so far) but I will be getting the S4 - removable battery and can expand the storage.

    • Megacharge

      Duracell instant charge (charge the phone without needing to reboot from
      a battery swap), and micro USB SD card adapter (can hot-swap SD
      cards without needing to keep removing a backplate). Covers all your
      needs for less than the cost of a spare Samsung battery.

      • ari_free

        I don't think you understand the point of changing the battery. If for some reason the phone crashes hard or the battery dies, you can just take out the battery. Or you can get a better battery.

        • Megacharge

          Don't need a better battery for the One it's lithium polymer and has a longer charge discharge life span than lithium ion, also, hard reset is your friend.

  • http://profiles.google.com/replaceracismwithjustice Brian T

    I don't want either! And let me tell you why. I'm tired of the tradeoffs with these devices! Either you get great build quality or a removable battery and sd card slot but NEVER both!! If I'm gonna pay $500 for a device I don't want some cheap plastic crap loaded down with Touch Wiz. The One has great build quality but no removable battery and no sd slot. Anyone who puts custom roms on their phone knows it's essential to have a reremovable battery. Both phones are good but their not GREAT. I want the Falcon Northwest of phones and I don't mind paying for superior build quality as well as all the internals they have to offer... Why isn't anyone doing this???

    • ari_free

      You can't get both. Unibody construction means you can't open it up. So I guess this means we'll always have this debate. In Asia, there's another factor in favor of Samsung: dual SIM. Again, without the use of clunky adapters, please.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1745689461 Hal Motley

    Neither, I want a 32GB Nexus phone/phablet.

  • smokey

    Brand new phones and the comments are about custom roms ??? Samsung wins every time for me. And no I didn't rooted my current Samsung phone because I'm happy with it...

  • Dennis C

    The samsung is boring! You need a wow factor in a phone! The htc has this!I the sSamsung is too big and very ugly, and having a removable battery and sd slot is not the be all and end all! Don't be a sheep and follow the media masses.

    • Jo Co

      The S4 is smaller than the One

      • Megacharge

        A little bit smaller yes, thanks to the HTC One's dual stereo speakers.

        • Jo Co

          Thanks to the borderless design of the S4 and thanks to the efforts from Sammy to keep everything compact and light.

          The One should have been at least 3 or 4 mm narrower and should have weighted less than the S4.

          • Megacharge

            Like I said, thanks to those awesome dual front facing speakers, the HTC One has an ever so slightly bigger footprint. Small price to pay for the superior media consumption experience the HTC One provides over the S4.

          • Jo Co

            Stereo speaker doesn't mean wider phone. Longer maybe but if the One isn't narrower is just because HTC didn't work enought on this point.

            About the superiority on medias, maybe the sound is slighty better but the screen still smaller and usually people use headset on mobile devices. I don't watch a movie at home on my smartphone. I do on public transports and i don't think that anyone wants to be disturbed by my music or movie even if my smartphone has a nice sound quality...

          • Damien

            Will help all the douches play their music so loud on the subway/bus........ I don't think i ever use the speakers for media, only for ringtones. I would prefer a bigger screen and smaller footprint than two gigantic ugly speakers on the front of the phone. Although kudos to HTC for the idea, it is a good one but complete. I often don't use my phone in the horizontal position so I guess I'd just get mono sound anyway.

    • Tom-Helge Andersen

      When you are getting a smartphone. Are you getting it for the looks, or are you getting it because of it's "smart" functions or because of it's software?

      • nukemonk

        Screen and looks. Good sound - nice bonus. I do not like oversaturated amoleds, ips (and SLCD, it's just marketing name, it's similar to ips really) has a much pleasure to me of it's color representation.
        As of rest - they're both overpowered, for me. And software - i do not need samsung 'features', they're useless for me mostly, and i do not need blinkfeed form htc, too. So it's no winner in software here for me.

        • ari_free

          What about Daydream? It's about time Google came up with that feature, you know.

        • Tom-Helge Andersen

          I'll rather have a very colorfull AMOLED screen rather than having washed out colors on an LCD screen. Sure, when you look directly on the screen, then it might look good, until you look on the screen from the sides.

          That's where the washed out colors are. And that's where the REALLY BAD sides of the LCD screens really shows.

          And you don't need those Samsung features simply because you haven't seen those features in action and you haven't tried them your self. ANY Galaxy users who can use those features loves those features.

          • nukemonk

            Washed out colors? It's not about ips, it has very good angles of view, it's more about old LCD technology - TN-film and it's variations. Looks like international sony Z has some kind of this type of screen. The only drawback of IPS (and LCDs at all) - blacks are not so good because of backlighting. But much more natural colors.

            And about features - yep, of course. I found that using a bunch of SIV as speakers are very useful =)

          • Megacharge

            lol SLCD3 is superior to S/AMOLED, and S/AMOLED screens are prone to burn in, especially in the notification bar.. Why do you think Samsung made the notification bar transparent this time around?

            My SGS and SGS II both had burn in, on the notification bar area, highly noticeable using a screen test app from the market and looking at it under Grey, Blue and White colors. I'll take proper looking colors any day over fake over saturated colors on an inferior screen tech.

          • Tom-Helge Andersen

            I'm afraid the burn-ins you are talking about are for Galaxy phones with a broken screen.

            I have had my Samsung Galaxy Note for one year pretty soon, and i can't see any burn-ins on myscreen.

          • Megacharge

            Not a broken screen, it's just the screen tech, it's got issues. You are lucky so far, wait another year, then get back to me.

          • GraveUypo

            lcd's worst point isn't even viewing from the side, it's dark colors.

            let's suppose light goes from 0 - complete blackness, to 255 - a very bright white

            amoled does 10-170
            lcd does 70-180

            so anything dark looks extremely awful in comparison on lcds. this is not such an issue if you're using the phone in a bright room or in sunlight, but if you like to use your phone in a dark room, before sleeping for instance, lcd just looks awfully grey and washed out. not to mention each eye sees a different color on each part of the panel. lcd sucks more the closer you are to it tbh. not suitable for phones.

      • Megacharge

        We're going for the best combination of form and function. The HTC One has this combination, the S4 does not.

        • Tom-Helge Andersen

          The HTC One have these combinations.

          Good design and good build quality, but decent software and hardware.

          The Galaxy S IV have decent design and build quality, but it have awesome software and hardware.

          And when you are getting a smartphone where you are going to use it's software and hardware everyday to help you with your daily tasks, is the design and build quality more important than the software and hardware then?

      • Marlon Milligan

        You get them for looks.. That's what attracts you. If that's the case wtf are they designing them for?

        • Tom-Helge Andersen

          So, when you are looking to get a girl, are you then looking after how they looks or are you looking after how the girl is from the inside?

  • RealityCheck2013

    Sony Xperia™ Z :P :P :P

  • Tom-Helge Andersen

    Since the HTC One doesn't have a microSD slot and doesn't have a removable battery and because it lack tons of smart features like the Galaxy S IV have, my vote then goes to Samsung Galaxy S IV.

    That's even without a doubt.

    • Jimmy Zielenski

      There is a difference between smart features and gimmicks. No one will regularly use any of the gimmicks on the S4 but the features on the One are far more useful. To each his own though. That's just my take on it.

      • Tom-Helge Andersen

        I bet many of the HTC fanboises said the same thing when the Galaxy S III was released to, that the features it had, like Smart stay, Smart dial and so on was gimmicks and not usefull.

        I'll guess you was totally wrong about that and i bet 10 dollar you are totally wrong this time to.

        It's not gimmicks at all, it's usefull features that you are free to use or not use if you don't like them.

        Oh, what good features does the HTC One have that is not gimmicks then?

        • Jimmy Zielenski

          The front facing speakers and the much better camera are far more important than pausing my video by looking away. Just because you can put the word smart in front of something doesn't mean it is a useful feature. I'll admit Blinkfeed seems like it could get annoying and I'm not sure I'll ever use Zoe But I know I won't use any of the crap on touchwiz.

          • Tom-Helge Andersen

            Much better camera?

            ROFL, have you actually seen some camera samples from the Galaxy S IV?

            Look at this picture taken by the GalaxyS IV: http://www.diskusjon.no/index.php?app=core&module=attach&section=attach&attach_rel_module=post&attach_id=518101

            Find me a picture taken by the HTC One that beats the quality of the picture i linked you.

            Don't get blindly tricked to believe that HTC One will take better pictures just because they use some fancy names on their camera chips and so on.

            HTC have NEVER EVER been known to make phones with good cameras. And i don't believe they will ever make one phone with a good camera either.

          • Megacharge

            Fix your link. (404 Not Found)

          • Tom-Helge Andersen

            It's fixed in my post over. And here you have the picture: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/7309753/Bilder/gsmarena_001%20%285%29.jpg

            Yes ,i had to save it on my Dropbox account to be sure that the picture would stay.

          • Jimmy Zielenski

            The picture is fine in bright light macro shots where it can get all the detail with little effort. That is not a true test of a camera. Take away the bright lights and put it in real situations and the pictures get noisy because there are too many megapixels on a tiny sensor.

          • Tom-Helge Andersen

            Well, lets just wait for the true tests on the HTC One and Samsung Galaxy S IV.

            I'm still gonna bet 10 dollar that HTC One will lose to the Galaxy S IV overall.

            It was the same yadda yadda yadda between the Samsung Galaxy S II and HTC One X to. The HTC fans said the camera was better on the HTC One X over the Galaxy S II, but pretty much everyone that actually tested the cameras on those 2 phones came to the same conclusions.

            And that conclustion was that the Galaxy S II camera was much much better than the camera on the HTC One X.

            Someone even claimed that the video recodring quality on the HTC One X was better than the video recording quality on the Galaxy S II.

            But it turned out that the video quality on the HTC One X was really really bad compared to the quality on the Galaxy S II.

            It's the same every year that the HTC fans always claim that the cameras on the HTC phones are better than the cameras on the Galaxy S series.

            But again, HTC are very known for using really bad cameras compared to the cameras on the Galaxy S series.

          • Jimmy Zielenski

            Your assumption that I am saying these things because I am a fan boy are all completely wrong. I am basing everything I say on facts. I don't care about the SII or the One X because that's not what I'm comparing. My point is the sensor and image quality are superior on the One over the S4. The only place the S4 beats the One is in resolution and if I wanted high resolution I wouldn't use my phone I would use a DSLR.

          • Tom-Helge Andersen

            The point is not that you are comparing the S II and the One X, the point is that it was the same arguing between those 2 phones when they was released.

            The point is that the HTC fans was claiming that the HTC One X did took better pictures than the S II while in reality that was completely wrong.

            Again, you HTC fans claims to much and then the tests comes that pretty much makes you look dumb because the tests says something else than you say.

          • Jimmy Zielenski

            You are repeating irrelevant points. I just said I am NOT and HTC fan. I had an Incredible that died after a year and I HATED my Thunerbolt. My favorite phone is my Samsung Galaxy Nexus so stop calling me an HTC fan and a fanboy. I haven't attributed anything I have said or to, or called you, a Samsung fanboy. You can wait for your "true tests" but unless you blow up a bright picture to the size of a wall the S4 will not produce better images. It's all in the image sensor technology, aperture, and the lens. Why do you think companies like Nikon and Canon don't have 50mp cameras. It's not size it's quality.

          • Megacharge

            The HTC One's camera is superior, no one denies this. It only loses in resolution, which for my uses is not a big deal. When I need serious photos, I have a serious camera for that, no phone camera will replace that.

          • Jimmy Zielenski

            Firstly (404 Not Found)

            Secondly I'm never tricked by anything.

            And third are you really going to try and tell me a picture that noisy is better than the HTC One?


        • ari_free

          It's shiny

      • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

        That's quite a sweeping statement there.

        • Jimmy Zielenski

          I'm just having some fun in an internet argument lol I'm not actually this arrogant. I actually don't like sense either(though it is getting better). I'm a Nexus guy but it's fun to hate on touchwiz and Samsung for putting the word "smart" or "S" in front of everything.

        • Jimmy Zielenski

          I just saw that you are the creator of the site. It's really cool that you replied to my comment I just wish it wasn't so negative now haha. I just hope you read my explanation so you don't think I'm some pigheaded fool.

          • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

            No sweat :-]

  • JonasKrim

    Please PLEASE Megacharge if you mention Duracell instant charge and usb SD card adopter one more time ...... Those choices are horrible and shouldn't exist, really. If I would have use those things I would kill myself out of frustration!

    • Megacharge

      Those choices are actually more practical, and cheaper. Sorry to poke holes in your reasons for why the S4 is better.

      • JonasKrim

        I don't think the S4 is better. They're both not my type, your spam with nonsense accessories just got on my nerves :S

  • Greg Fuller

    The HTC one if it comes to Verizon which I hear its not so guess I'll just keep my DNA

  • paco

    S4 all the way, better processor, more battery, more screen, less size, less weight,

  • Tyler

    S4 because of battery mainly. HTC phones just dont have the battery life i expect from a smartphone. If the battery in the One was bigger/more efficient I would probably go for that. Plus Samsung is the only one with a Verizon option.

  • TheMoFo

    Htc one if it wasn't for the 3 dots menu bar in some apps

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003575378566 Keith Johnson

      I think there is a configuration option to make a long press on the back button do it.

  • Hirork

    S IV over the One but I wouldn't buy either of them if I was getting a new smartphone today.

  • http://www.androidradar.de/ Leif

    Definately S4.

    First camera examples of the One shocked me (especially Landscapes), and the battery is too small to make it not swappable. Samsung is the only one which still offers us a great batterylife -sadly.

    • Roboto

      Yeah Motorola Razr Maxx doesn't exists. It's all about Samsung... Sam fanboys are being worse than Apple ones -Sadly-
      And by the way the One's battery is pretty good.

  • Luisito Mercado

    I would never use the Galaxy S4 to its fullest, since I have no use for many of its awesome features and at the end of the day I might just use em once or twice to show off with my friends, but never actually personally. On the other hand, the HTC One has everything I want and need (excluding the battery cause I don't know yet how it performs and 2,300mAh doesn't sound too convincing) and a few extras that make it an even better phone for me! The S4 is on hell of a great phone, but it's just not what I'm looking for (:

  • http://www.facebook.com/mehdi.mautbur Mehdi Mautbur

    No micro sd slot, No removal Battery HTC keep your phone thanks

  • Ash

    I would def. go for the S4 as it packs alot more hardware than HTC. fancy software tweaks are just a bonus. S4 give you more storage (sd Card), speed (exynos 5), more mp camera. speed and better camera are mostly the most important thing for an average user anyway. autopause and eye tracking are really good features.

    • Alan

      Any photographer, including me will tell you that MP rating doesn't make a great Camera. I would go with the S4 for the microSD Card slot and the processor, as you say the software tweaks are a nice bonus.

  • brutalpanther

    I am going with the S4 for now.because i have owned the S the S2 and now the S3.But until i can see both in action its kind of a toss up right now.Both look good on paper.But so does toilet paper when the time is right.lol

  • TomasHunter

    I have yet to hold either phone, but the build quality, screen resolution, and front facing speakers of the One have me leaning toward HTC. I’m at the end of my contract, and I would like to upgrade to a new phone before I leave on a business trip for DISH next month. Given that I am always using DISH Anywhere to stream live TV, or DVR recordings from my home DVR, any phone that I get will need to have a great HD picture and awesome sound; especially since DISH Anywhere is best way I have found to wait out flight delays and layovers in every noisy airport I visit.

  • http://www.facebook.com/tautvydas.kaziukonis Tautvydas Kaziukonis

    Speakers are biggest pro on HTC but I cannot resist the big screen of s4. Got s3, thought it's plenty big enough but when I got used to it I think I have an urge for even bigger screen.

    • Damien

      especially since the s4 is pretty much the same size as the s3, amazing achievement.

  • M.Beg

    Htc one because its not plastic.

    • Tom-Helge Andersen

      Have fun holding your alluminium phone in the cold weather. Ahhh, you can just use gloves. Oh wait a sec........, HTC One's screen can't be used with gloves lols. You can use the screen on the Galaxy S IV with gloves on.

      Plastic is superior to alluminium in most of the ways. The only thing alluminium have as advantage over plastic is the feeling in the hand.

      But how a phone feels in the hand is the last thing i'm concentrating on. The phone it self and how it's working is much more important.

      • M.Beg

        Brainwashed by plastic Samsung are we? You go a head and pay $700 for a piece of plastic that cost $5.

        • Tom-Helge Andersen

          First of all,i don't pay for the plastic, i pay for what's inside the phone. This includes the awesome screen to.

          But hey, you pay to get a good feeling in the hand, but doesn't cares about the rest.

      • Megacharge

        Actually I have gloves that work on all cellphone screens, and they cost about 30 bucks!

        Do you mean to tell me I should buy an ugly ass phone that doesn't have as good a form and function combination as the HTC One, so that I can use it in the cold weather? Or buy the ugly ass phone to make my 30$ gloves obsolete?

        Or that, instead of spending 30$ on gloves, I could just spend 700$ on a ugly ass phone that I don't want, and have absolutely no interest in?

        Like I said before... seems legit!

        • Jimmy Zielenski

          I got my gloves for $4 ans I love them.

      • Tech Tranny

        Cold weather?? who doesn't have a car? who's standing outside with mobile phones in their hands? Also it's springtime. Plus most phone screens work with gloves any way this is not a unique or key feature.

        • Tom-Helge Andersen

          So everyone have a car today?

          You mean none is standing outside waiting for the bus in the cold freezing weather?

          None is taking trips to the mountains in the winter?

          And lol, no. Most phones doesn't works with gloves.Try that on any of the iPhones or earlier Galaxy phones.

          Even try that with any of the earlier HTC phones.

        • Alan

          That's a bit naive to think that everyone has a car, most people do use their phone when they're outside and no, most phones do not work with gloves, why do you think that there are gloves for capacitive touch screens.

    • Peacen1k

      Yeah, fuck expandable memory, removable battery, or speed. I WANT ALUMINUM under that non-slip TPU case. Yes sir.

      • M.Beg

        People who are worried about expandable memory, removable battery and speed have small penis. FACT.

      • Kokusho

        speed? where does this comes from ?

        • Megacharge

          He thinks the S4's marginally better benchmark performance, and laggy touchwiz UI = speed.

      • TechGuy21

        i know right

      • lonestaroc

        Marginally faster but touch wiz remains ugly and lags. The amoled screen remains oversaturated and cartoony. The audio playback remains a lessor to the ones. Did you hear.. It's also the most beautiful android phone ever. Welp but at least they have billions to throw into marketing/brainwashing.

  • Angel Penabad

    After having an HTC Desire that never got ICS 4.0.4 and see HTC selling Desire C with worse specs and 4.0.4, they can eat their HTC One. I don't like the S3S, I mean S4, but as there isn't the option for Xperia Z....

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003575378566 Keith Johnson

      I think this is the reason HTC are deciding on one flagship phone a year, so they can dedicate more R&R on this one device. Maybe HTC have learnt something. Fingers crossed.

      • Angel Penabad

        I don't think they do, because they refuse to advertise their phones on TV. I think that was the major issue for their sales, I mean, they had a unique-sponsorized cycling team with top riders like Mark Cavendish but they didn't advertized phones on tv, what would be much more cheap. That doesn't make any sense.

        • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003575378566 Keith Johnson

          They advertised plenty here. It was just a rubbish advert with people skydiving, and using there phone camera. But not really sure what that has to do with the R&D with them having less phones to support though. The problem with HTC of past is that they fragmented there own product line.

          • Angel Penabad

            What I meant is that they failed on marketing, and I think they still do, and looks like the most important thing outside the "geek world". I mean, most of android users don't even know how to check their android version, they just care about "coolness and fame", so no matter how much they learned about update or non fragment their product line, they will fail again if they don't marketing hard the HTC One like S4 or iPhone 5.

            Of course, that's a different story from why I refuse to get an HTC, as I consider myself a geek. :)

          • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003575378566 Keith Johnson

            I totally agree, there marketing certainly needs to be better. For selfish reasons I'm kind of glad they don't. For me it would spoil the HTC if it became popular.. :)

  • TechGuy21

    lol HTC One wins the internet. just like one x had won it last year. 30 days after launch 30 million S4 sold. and HTC one 10,000. if they lucky. would love one. but HTC support sucks. no more sammy or HTC for me

  • http://twitter.com/Atyp3 David Steven

    Galaxy. S4 only because I hate the button layout on the One. Which is a sad reason to choose it over the One.

  • halim

    I would choose HTC if the bat is removable..

  • Kiamat

    For the love of God, just take my money already, Sprint+HTC!!!

  • mzenergy

    I am sold out on HTC boom sound
    Ooh god when will I be able to feel it

  • Magnus100

    HTC one is the more beautiful device, but that's where it's advantages end.
    The SGSIV is far superior in every other way that actually matters.

    In light of those facts I'll rather pay full price for the SGSIV than accept an HTC One for free.

    Actually I'm not getting either phone. I can't wait for the Note III to be released. That's the phone to get.

    • Megacharge

      "The SGSIV is far superior in every other way that actually matters"

      That's an incredibly bias and inaccurate statement.

    • Elad

      Don't fall for the marketing, read the reviews, it's quite the opposite

  • bluevoodo


  • bladebambach

    HTC One is seriously ugly. Front and back. I don't care what the hell material it's made of, it looks like feces from a space cow.

  • Damien

    Htc has such thick bezels. I prefer the thin bezel (nearly all screen look). To me, thick bezels make a device look old school.

  • Skyla Cowan

    Screw HTC, I got burned by them 3 times and never buying another phone from them, that said while i do like the design of the one, them buttons either gotta go or gotta change. they put a useless logo that could have doubled as a home button on there, i was gonna get the Xperia Z. But Sony was taking forever and then.... The Galaxy S4 came out.

  • Sgndroid

    It's nice of Samsung giving a chance to HTC and Sony, so they can grab a bigger share in the Smartphone market.

  • http://www.facebook.com/reynaldocor Luis Reynaldo Corcino A

    I voted for the S4...only because HTC lock the hell down their devices, while Samsung's are always more "developer" friendly.

  • Paul

    Galaxy Note III in a few months please

  • Lemonz

    Galaxy S4, I'm sorry but not having an SD Card or a removable battery is a huge deal breaker for me, I really hate how HTC is not making phones with these features anymore...If they did, I would own a Droid DNA and I wouldn't even be looking for phones right now.

  • http://twitter.com/dugzino dugzino

    I'd vote for Xperia Z but, AndroidPolice seem to forget that Xperia Z has the same specs as HTC One (except for a bit less ppi but a far better camera) + has water/dust resistance.

    I'll pass..

    • nukemonk

      sony just too late with s4pro, i think. it's even not about cpu power and efficiency, but "hey, a wanna the most newest cpu and blabla", so sony lose at this point. and the second one - very strange decision from sony to use such screen for intl. version.
      but waterproof is really nice feature

  • Guest

    HTC One, but only out of spite for samsung.

  • http://twitter.com/exynoshd Daniel logan

    Neither. Nexus or nothing. I like having updates with out waiting a few months. Makes the loss of better hardware worth it.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002439487006 Reynaldo Orio

    S4, primarily because Samsung offers a removeable battery and sd card slot, not to mention they'll still be around in 12months

  • zab

    I need to be able to change the battery. Period.

    I like the physical buttons cuz then I can remove the software buttons from the screen (CM) allowing my apps to take advantage of the full screen.

    No SD slot, are you f* kiddin me?

  • Lighten Oup

    Cheap plastic vs. cheap aluminum made from recycled beer cans.
    Tough choice really!

    • Roboto

      Very funny... The One is mùade from anodized aluminium made from one block with the antennas molded in. It's a masterpiece, stop saying bullsh**s

  • DAEX

    Personally, I cannot understand what's the different between Galaxy Note** and Galaxy S** series model. Mine Galaxy S3 4.8 inch screen size is already suitable for my hand now. They make new one bigger than bigger.... I think 4.6~4.8 inch size is human maximum user friendly hand size. It this 5.0 size for people 24 hours watch movie, photo editing or playing game? I cannot imagine the future of Galaxy S** model. XD

  • Adrian Phillip

    The HTC One, that has the look of a Premium handset, hopefully HTC will provide an update to the 4.2.x ; which hopefully HTC will release soon after launch.

    I think only tech journalist and us forum users harp on about the advantages of spare battery and micro sd slots

    Hopefully the 64Gb version of the HTC One will only cost about £30-£50 more than the 32Gb version

    Sound & Shot, Group Play, Smart Scroll, making air gestures all seem like gimmicks that after 5-10 mins use. I'd not bother with again

    S Translator is the only thing I can see coming in useful when travelling or wanting to speak to someone in their native language

  • https://plus.google.com/u/0/108482452903817442299/posts Andrew Bone

    The octo-core is a lie

  • http://www.frivmini.com/ friv

    i like galaxy s4

  • Jav11 .

    yeahh!!! one one ....

  • flosserelli

    Not much of a choice for vzw customers :/

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Patrik-Carlsson/1181990918 Patrik Carlsson

    "...dozens of other reasons to choose One over the other" = One over S4.

  • Ritesh Bhagwati

    HTC all the way hands down.

  • http://twitter.com/LordG33k Martin Goodlace

    I for one will definitely not buy the HTC One .. for 3 very good reasons .. 1. No removable battery / 2. No SD Card slot / 3. All aluminum housing (reason I said that one .. look at what happened the last time someone tried implementing aluminum into there phone, and it wasn't even the whole phone, just the bumper) I would had thought many phone manufacturers would have learnt there lessons when Apple screwed up with the iPhone 4 and there wonderful antenna issues .. I can see exactly the same thing happen here with the HTC One. I'll stick to Samsung .. again, this group actually listens to there customers and know exactly what we want in a phone .. plus more :)

    • http://twitter.com/mxfox408 Jake Fox

      The S3 and note 2 are going to be updated to android 5.0 and the S2 and Note are getting 4.2 and where is HTC devices of that generation? Stuck on GB(2.3) or ICS(4.0) my Rezound for example will ever be upgraded so I'm giving up on HTC, besides if I wanted to limit my device(no SD Card, no removable battery) I'd buy an iPhone.

  • None

    Xperia Z

  • http://www.facebook.com/sugihc Sugih Cah

    I've been galaxy user since the first series, each time because I like the new designs. But I think I'll skip the fourth though. The new design is a "meh" for me. Nothing new.

    I like the One design n Front speakers n potentially better low light camera capability.

    Would have bought the Xperia z if it had Snapdragon 600 though. S4 Pro is so 2012.

    • Gebs

      Front speakers are quite important, specially in larger devices which u would often use to watch videos. I expect most devices will follow HTC in this regard next year

  • Humberto Hernandez

    Dont like the button layout of the HTC One? You can enable the Android softkeys anytime (root). I would.

    • Gebs

      I would rather spend time and get used to the new buttons layout than use the softkeys. Complete waste of display space, that's one reason to not to buy a Nexus or Xperia Z

  • Karri

    I personally remain stuck at a tossup between both devices, as I enjoy the incredible customization and software experience Samsung delivers (little things like a black based UI, font changing). I also like the many new features coming in such as Air View and Gestures, and have always liked the infinite contrast of AMOLEDS (especially in the dark).
    But at the same time, I want the One's overengineered metal chassis and more importantly its powerful speakers. Everything else, not much.
    So it remains that if I can obtain a 64GB One before the S4, I will likely do that. But for sake of the poll, I will vote the S4 as I believe it to be the overall superior device and am more likely to buy it in the end. Its features are things users can appreciate daily while the One's frame is probably not going to be something you care about much over time. Only its speakers are its true winning point.

  • spunkysam

    Asus padfone infinity

  • Gebs

    Note 3 please. I wouldn't mind LG Optimus G Pro, but I prefer something close to 6 inches within the same phone dimensions, eg. SG Note 3

  • József Király

    Definitely HTC One, although the octo-core of the S4 made me thinking for a moment... But given we won't really use eight cores, I vote for the One: better build quality, smaller screen (with same resolution), otherwise I'm pretty sure most of the Samsung software features will be ported to it (and many other phones) as soon as the first S4 ROM is out.

  • kislev

    WHAT ? No other choice ??

    AA, I want 3rd option, "NONE OF THE ABOVE".

  • Elad

    The s4 is just a rehash of the s3, the one on the other hand is a game changer, my only complaint about it is that the battery life cannot be good with a 2300mwh battery and that's where the s4 has it beat. All things considered I'm still gonna go with the one and so should you, if only to encourage progress!

  • http://twitter.com/Dh0mi Ðя.Ðắђồốмị ДĻMuτắịяị

    Hi, I'm iPhone user! So i need some help to switch! First of all, I still using iPhone for one reason, AppStore! second, there're a lot of apps that isn't exist in Google Play! Like DailyRoutine, iStudiez Pro, Prismatic(Social news app) and Tweetbot! Third, some apps that're in Android don't like iOS version! Like: 1Password, terrible design and some users said it's not good like iOS version! Finally, I didn't use any Android device! and some people said the Nexus 4 is the best choice for iPhone users! and I'm so sorry if some sentences aren't clear 'cause I'm beginner in English! :)

  • rnagam1

    I vote for HTC One for its beautiful design. The rear speaker on the Samsung S4 and raised camera lens are horrible design flaws.

  • berger0

    I am judging my buying decision on: Which phone will have better developer support? (Who will get Cyanogen Mod first?). Right now I am putting my $ on samsung.

  • Lighten Oup

    It's a battle of plastic vs. cheap aluminum made from recycled beer cans.

  • http://twitter.com/mfaxel mohd faxel

    htc one is best. s4 has nothing. new softwares is smart and actually useless in s4 and old looking,old touchwiz

  • Geoff Johnson

    If only the One was coming to Verizon...

    • http://twitter.com/jdvsmart Jarvis

      You still might have a chance it was tweeted that it will not come from a rep but the tweet was taken down(deleted) meaning there is still hope..

  • http://twitter.com/jdvsmart Jarvis

    I was going to get the HTC one on day 1 but now I have decided to wait till the s4 is out so I can go to the store and physically compare both units side by side..for me the one with the best screen will win, its all about the screen although nice speakers to go with it would be nice...sucks I have to wait an extra month for Sammy to compare...

  • Major_Pita

    Word just out today that Verizon thinks we can do without the HTC One. Guess that simplifies things.

  • MaxxxaM

    Due to its locked bootloader I'd never ever buy an HTC!

  • Maxxxam

    wtf deleted my comment???!!!

    • Maxxxam

      This one:
      Due to its locked bootloader I'd never ever buy an HTC!

      • Diaz1999

        you can unlock that for sure just search at XDA

  • fucker

    fuck u androidshittypolice!

    • Diaz1999

      go fuckk yourself 100 times

  • Dr Nemmo

    My phone has to have a great camera and a SD card reader. I take a lot of pictures, and Samsung is the cameraphone these days. I don't like the design of the S4, but I like its functionality. I love the design of the HTC One, but I don't want to look at the phone, I need to use it.

    • Brandon Watkins

      If you like to take a lot of pictures HTC image sense chip + HTC Sense Camera software makes HTC's phones the best Camera phones out there! and because HTC doesn't use over exaggerated colors you don't have to look on your computer to see what the image really looks like!

  • Brandon Watkins

    okay to everyone saying that the reason why Samsung sold more devices than HTC is due to the fact that htc didnt have a Micro-SD card slot, your idiots! I swear its like no one knows about The HTC EVO 4G LTE!!! I have it and love it, and it has a Micro-SD card slot! The reason why Samsung kicked everyone's ass in devices sales last year is because the dumpped 401 million dollars into advertising!!!!! More than APPLE AND HTC COMBINED! Although i do agree that an Micro-sd card slot is convenient its not really necessary, as long as there's a 32/64 GB options. Yes its nice to keep your entire music collection on you at all times, but are you really going to listen to 5 days of music? For me Design is key, HTC started off nicely with the HTC EVO 4g, then the stepped it up to Apples level when the HTC EVO 4G LTE came out with its aluminum frame and beautiful display. The HTC ONE is years of perfecting design, and I believe they did it! HTC ONE for me! but its getting rooted the day I get It, with CM-10.1

  • jmotyka

    Im excited that the HTC One IS actually coming to Verizon!!!! The news made my balls tingle a bit. The s4 is complete crap IMHO. Ive had the s3 since its release and ill admit i thought it was a great device until it started falling apart, the batter cover spider cracked everywhere even with a case on it the entire time. The screen looses its slippery finish really quick. I swear to "John" that my screen grips like a golf club and gorilla glue while swiping.

  • TechGuy21

    currently i have an S3 with 16GB on board and 32GB SD.card. my titanium backup is over 4GB. not counting music which is around 5GB.so basically. that 16GB is gone. comes down with the 32gb NOW. which has some files apps. movies and rom backups. with the ONE. i wouldn't be able to do all that. many of you gonna be like hey, you have the cloud. well, i dont always have connection where im at. school yes. but work no. so, having that SD card option is important to me. again. im not buying the ONE or S4.but, we all know whos gonna win this year. the one might end up being smartphone of the year but it will not be the best selling phone.
    oh also im part of the 1% that care about SD card slot and removeable battery. the average joe dont give a crap about that. :D

  • Damien
  • Patrick Visser

    HTC One for the design and Sense which is still the best looking and friendliest Android user interface (even beats iOS).

  • Majdy

    the galaxy s4 for sure, simply because samsung has been the leader for a while and knows what is best for me and u, and always amaze me with thier flagships, dnt take the plastic finish as disadvantage, its light and great design

    • lonestaroc

      Samsung decides what's best for you? Okay. That's borderline iSheep manipulation.

      • http://www.facebook.com/jeffersonpruett Jeff Pruett

        Oh the irony...lack of SD and removable battery options is much more Apple-like.

        • lonestaroc

          I'll take The most beautiful android phone ever to more porn videos on my device any day.

    • saas lesa

      Samsung has been the leader for a while?How much is that while?Two years?If someone has been leader in Android smartphones,that will be HTC for sure.And sorry for English,not my native.

  • Dorian Mantutubas

    Yeah Go HTC One; My NexT PhOne onCe iT geTs reLeaSeD HeRe in The PhiLipPinEs!!! <3

  • ton

    help i cant pick

  • ton

    I have GS3 want GS4 but HTC ONE looks amazing, but i'm worried bout camera, the cloud takes care of Storage, would like to be able to slap in another battery i dont do that now so not the worst thing. Would like 4.2.2. PLEASE HELP

  • http://www.facebook.com/georgealexiouvalentey George Av

    HTC One sucks balls, only reason i'd even look at buying it is because it's made of metal, But? Every one sticks their phone in a cheap P.L.A.S.T.C CASE or TPU, so it doesn't matter what the fuck the phone is made out of. S4 all the way, for the simple fact that it has better software, better camera, More dev support than HTC, & is much faster. It also has a bigger screen, The HTC One may sell 1 Million in a year, the S4 will sell 10million per month ;)

  • Marc Edwards

    i loved my sensation but until they go back to the way of removable memory and removable battery i won't buy another HTC. i could probably cope without a removable memory card, but not a removeable battery even with portable power chargers. too much time spent traveling and using it for work/entertainment.

  • http://www.friv2jogos.com/ Friv 2

    I like use Galaxy S4.

  • Thatguyfromvienna

    It's a pleasure seeing teenage fanboys bash each others heads.
    Anyone got some popcorn for me?

  • http://www.yepi-yepi.com/ Yepi

    Besides a removable battery is always a plus!!! change batteries, keep backups, extended batteries and such.

  • mad@retardedfanboys

    Who cares about an SD card... People it's 2013. We have apps such as SkyDrive and DropBox. Stop crying about storage because you know damn well that's not an issue. For the removable battery part, who the hell needs a second battery? Learn to charge your phone every night and you won't have a problem.