This is one of those things that you just have to see to believe. Developer Dave Sapien is working on an "experimental pop up text adventure" that relies on Tasker as the development environment and Tasker App Factory to package the apk. This isn't a particularly easy feat, given that the platform is mostly unsuitable for complicated sounds and graphics. His solution is to make the entire game out of simple dialog boxes, each with two options that guide a player through the story. Around the 13th and 17th hour of every day (1pm and 5pm, respectively), players are presented with a new bite-sized adventure. Users are allowed to delay for an hour or rain-check their activity until the following day. Unfortunately, the constrained playback schedule won't allow for deep immersion in the text-based plot, but it remains fun for its short duration.


We have seen almost everything else done with Tasker, so a game seems like a logical step, but this is more like a proof of concept. The developer emphasizes that Caedere is an experiment, so it might be worth watching as development continues. This is definitely an interesting undertaking and Dave deserves some credit for such a lofty challenge. If you would like to check it out, hit the widget below.

Cody Toombs
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    This pleases me.

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    It would be cool if the game required you to reach certain states (restart your phone, achieve a speed of at least 15km/h, spin your phone around, text someone three times, etc.)...

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    Comeon its obvious this is not real

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      ... 'cause...

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      He's absolutely right...we're all actually in a group dream right now and none of this is real. Oh wait...never mind.

  • adam

    Awesome idea and it's actually fun. I was about to start a battle in BLR and checked my phone to find that Caedere's first popup was there...got kicked from the server for being AFK :p

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    I am sorry for leaving you struggling Mr. Turtle :(

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