Verizon has just announced a software update for the QWERTY-sliding Pantech Marauder, a phone we reviewed last August. The software update includes the now-standard Verizon Remote Diagnostics support utility, and a substantial list of software changes. The stock email app now supports a combined inbox mode and conversation view, Google Chrome has been added, and the Pantech 'Simple Mode' UI has been enhanced. The phone apparently doesn't reboot after a modem crash anymore, either, which is probably good.


There's no Android version upgrade included, unfortunately. The new update will likely be headed out some time in the next week or two.

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David Ruddock
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  • Angel Penabad

    Marauder Shields? LOL

  • Max

    The update will also render rooting the phone useless. If you have rooted your phone or want the option to do so, hold off on the update.

  • John

    FYI, I got this update on my work provided Marauder, and then within a day or two, I saw that I had another update available. S910LVWD345F.D1. I went ahead and installed it and don't really see any difference between it and the first update, or the vanilla stock version either. The phone is still slow, low on memory, and sucks battery like it's secretly mining bitcoin or something. No idea if anyone will bother rooting this version or not, it was never a highly community supported device in the first place.