It's Friday, which means the weekend – and thus, downtime (for many people, anyway) – is only a few hours away. What better way to kick off the next couple of non-work days than with some great games for a fraction of the price? I submit that such a thing does not exist.

We've stumbled across several good deals this morning, including a couple of really fantastic titles for merely a buck. Let's get to it!

Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour

Normally $6.99, you can get your hands on Gameloft's newest first-person shooter for a measly $0.99 for a limited time. There's no word on exactly how limited that time could be, so it's probably best that you buy sooner, rather than later.

Hunters: Episode One

If top-down shoot-em-ups are your thing, then Hunters: Episode One may better fit the bill. This one's down to $0.99 from $5, but it's worth noting that it does have in-app purchases if you wish to proceed at and advanced pace. With that said, these micropayments aren't necessary to make the game playable (or fun), so it's up to you whether having IAPs in a paid app is enough to skip it altogether.

Grand Theft Auto III

Or maybe you're a throwback gamer. If stealing cars and thuggin' it up on the streets are just fond memories from your childhood, then there's no better time to relive the past. GTAIII is available for a buck-ninety-nine today, down for the normal $4.99 price tag.


Let's just call this section honorable mention. Games that are on sale, but the deals just aren't as good as the three listed above.

  • Jet Set Radio – Down to $2.99 from $4.99, JSR is a classic game of skatin', skitchin', and taggin'.
  • Sonic CD – It may not be the latest in the Sonic saga, but for the time being, you can live life as a the famous blue hedgehog for $2.99 instead of $4.99.
  • Total War Battles – fulfill your lifelong dream of being a Shogun for the low, low price of $1.99 (normally $4.99).

So there you go – game deals for your Friday. Have fun.