Now that Samsung officially announced the Galaxy S4, you may be feeling a bit overwhelmed by all the new features and software improvements. I know I am still trying to wrap my head around various S Things while pondering whether we have an S Hit on our hands on or not.

To aid with the process and showcase every square inch of the Galaxy S3S S4, the company uploaded this official 4m24s Galaxy S4 intro video, complete with elevator music and lots of subtitles. Have a look at the 5" 7.9mm device, available in Black Mist and White Frost, up close and explore the new additions, such as:

  • better-looking UI
  • finger-powered Air View
  • Smart Pause
  • WatchON
  • built-in optical reader
  • glove mode
  • Group Play
  • Drama Shot
  • Sound & Shot
  • Dual Shot
  • Dual Recording
  • Dual Video Call
  • Share Screen
  • S Translator
  • Adapt Display
  • and S Health

And that's just a small subset of Galaxy S4's feature set. If you're interested in the full list and specs, proceed to our Come Meet The Galaxy S4! post and don't forget to sound off in the Galaxy S4: Are You Going To Buy One? poll.

Artem Russakovskii
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  • Xye

    Gimmick, gimmick, gimmick, gimmick, gimmick, oh that's nice! gimmick, gimmick, gimmick, gimmick, kinda good, gimmick, gimmick!

    • fixxmyhead

      I don't care I kinda want one and I have a nexus 4. Looks very nice

      • New_Guy

        Agreed. Just because some guy on a blog says these are gimmicks, doesn't mean they are. I love what Sammy is doing. Incredibly ambitious and completely seperated themselves from all other OEMs today; including Apple (thank God).

    • New_Guy

      How so...

  • Hans J

    People will never be satisfied. Just one or two new features? "Not enough!" A boatload of new features? "All gimmicks!"

    • http://twitter.com/s99nj S. Ali

      Because nearly all of these features are proprietary (not OPEN SOURCE) and goes against the Android philosophy. Good luck transferring those dual shot images to other devices. Samsung is still using a GUI that dates back to Gingerbread. The Verge was right, this is the Galaxy SIII-S. Absolute garbage. #theNextBigFlop

      • jazzorenee

        What other devices?!?! Other samsung devices check the market share, samsung doesn't care about catering to other phone manufacturers. They have apps for that hahaha

      • casinrm

        I sense much butthurt. BTW, dual shot images can easily transfer to new phones. They're just jpgs.

        • New_Guy

          Exaclty. People really need to stop it. I think the people at Samsung have proven that they're not idiots...

      • On a Clear Day

        We should all be so lucky to have "a flop" that probably will sell 10,000,000 copies a month! I don't think Samsung will lose too much sleep over your less than stellar endorsement. As to the denigration of proprietary processes - What? Samsung is supposed to make their phones with less - rather than more - distinguishing factors and give away that hopefully telling selling advantage because some stuck in a flower powered time warp desires a "kumbaya", candle holding vision of socialism - let's just share everything and can't we just be happy - be applied to phones

        We may be losing our grip on reality here in America due to our current Fool in Chief, but fortunately Samsung doesn't suffer fools and their beliefs gladly.

        Android is at the heart of the system and Samsung, wisely, is using that platform as a starting point to create a unique experience that hopefully people will like and if we do, well then Samsung will benefit from taking the risks and spending the money needed to bring that feature to us. If we don't like it, then it will die a natural death due to neglect; the way capitalism and using one's head intelligently based on freedom - not capricious, silly pronouncements - is supposed to make the world work.

    • Asphyx

      But it's not really adding any features just more software to do sharing between devices.
      WHich will probably be available to the older models as well which makes this unit not much more than last year's tech.

      • New_Guy

        Wow...the additions are so much more than that, it's ridiculous.

        • Asphyx

          Well name a feature this phone can do that can't be done by an SIII and a Software update....

          • New_Guy

            Finger-powered air view.....

            you done?...

          • Asphyx

            Like I said just Software that uses a camera....Are you done yet?

            And we will see just how GREAT that feature is when people start moving things they didn't intend to move because the Unit thinks it knows what your brain intended your hand to do....

            Please I hope you Samsung guys don't turn into Apple weenies here...
            I like the units they make but thier software really doesn't interest me at all because I will most likely flash a rom and remove all thier bloatware!
            The things that are actually usefull I might keep and re-install from thier market.

          • New_Guy

            Okay, first of all... No.

            Second of all, a software update won't make the GS3 have a better processor, a 1080p screen, a larger screen on a smaller body, a larger battery, a 13mp camera, or the ability to be used with gloves on. You done now?...

            I hope you hater guys don't start dropping salt on Samsung just because they're on top...

          • Asphyx

            No but it will have all those new FEATURES you kept crowing about...

            Newsflash all that horsepower your crowing about will be available in low end phone 6ths months from now!

            What do you use it for playing games?

            Larger Screen? Didn't the note already do that?

            You seem to want to pay money to upgrade your software and get a few more CPU cycles...

            We were alll expecting something a bit more hardware evoloutionary not just more routines to take advantage of camera tracking and things to touch phones with to share.

            I'm an Android guy and I don't pick my phones based on the bloatware it contains...

            I buy it for the hardware features that I can then code MYSELF to make it do things I want it to do!

            Maybe if Samsung worked more on the hardware features it wouldn't get sued so much for infringing on Apple's software patents!
            NOW I'm done...

          • New_Guy


    • New_Guy

      I love how people love to cry "Gimmick" just to sound cool. Truth is, eye tracking software, advanced mobile image editing sotware, health monitoring capabilities, divice share multiplayer gaming, and the ability to control your device without touching it, if these are gimmicks just because no one else has ever done them, then so be it. HTC even thought their IR sensor was unique...not anymore...

      Samsung has not only been thinking outside of the box, they don't even know what the hell a box is. I may not have fallen completely in love with the S4 (yet), but I damn sure have fallen in love with Samsung's ambition. No one else is even attempting things like this. It's funny how we all want Android OEMs to step up their game and when they do we cry "gimmick". They really need to stop it...

      • selonmoi

        Here's an example of why I cry gimmick: How many new, awkward ways do you need to scroll?

        Many of these features don't solve any real problems; they just sound kind of cool or futuristic. Then there's a bunch of stuff that replicates what Google is already doing, but worse (if history is any guide).

        There are genuine, useful improvements here (like the glove-friendly touchscreen!), but they're buried in a long list of junk.

        • http://twitter.com/RaspberryDuff Matt

          Yeah based on the early reviews most of these don't work quite as well in practice either (including the eye tracking and the glove-friendly touchscreen). The health monitoring sounds cool though, but some of the social features rely too heavily on your friends also having the exact same phone (though less so in a few months if the SIII and Note II get updates).

          The IR sensor I had on my Sony Clie in 2002...it was cool to play with TVs in high school classrooms, but I didn't really use it on a regular basis as my remote. I just don't see anything really being used regularly apart from the show-off aspect. Apart from Google Wallet, NFC has been a similar gimmick for a while now. Then again, I could be wrong...I thought Siri was similarly a gimmick when it first came out but people do genuinely use that on a regular basis.

        • Goldenpins

          They should have focused on body design style (better materials) rather than gimmicks. Ive held and S3 and they feel nice and im a Nexus user, but the S4 is not a huge jump, if anything most is software related. I like the glove touch friendly and AMOLED 1080p screen but many of the features like S-translator can be found in some Samsung phones. I think Samsung may have hit a road block to there phone design that now there struggling to add features without going to far off there phone style.

          • http://twitter.com/RaspberryDuff Matt

            S-translate didn't seem particularly different to me from Google Translate Conversation Mode/Goggles functionality based on the writeups either. Then again, I didn't watch the keynote so I didn't see it in action.

          • Goldenpins

            I use the translate feature a lot with some German friends and thought the same. Nothing Wow'd me.The 1080p AMOLED screen did (mostly because its my screen preference) except 1080p is starting to become standard. HTC made a remark about the phone being gimmicky and mostly driven by advertising but they felt "felt bad for Samsung". Id have to agree. I dont feel bad for Samsung, i just feel they hyped it up to the point that you expect more.

      • On a Clear Day

        Well, to each his own Hans J - I respect your right to be wrong! sms

        Several of those so called "gimmicks" looked like they would be real handy like to have if they fit our phone using proclivities. Whether you are a manufacturer of phones or computers you have no idea, exactly, which bell or whistle is going to add that little extra bit of weight to the motivational sales scaled to tip it in favor of a prospect turning into a customer. So, what's a fella or Sammy or even - boo hiss - Apple to do?

        Load that sucker up and if people don't use it - who cares, really? Hell 80 percent of the features in most of the programs all of us buy go unused if we even know they exist much less where to look to find them. I use Adobe Photoshop a lot, have I tapped into it to even the slightest degree, of course not.

        The average person wants to buy a nice phone first of all that works and is more or less trouble free; that is fast to use that doesn't make them wait; that is easy to view; takes nice pictures that will 99 percent of the time be forgotten and never see the light of day again.

        I would posit that one of the main reasons - and now with the technical superiority Samsung is demonstrating over the iPhone - one of the main reasons people got into the iPhone originally was because it did just work. Well, that's not that big a deal anymore as most phones today are very reliable - even inexpensive ones, which leaves Apple with nothing much to try to differentiate itself except to bemoan the fact it says, Android is "fragmented" - when was the last time any of you felt mightily inconvenience because you didn't have the latest version of Android - who can really tell the difference after Ice cream sandwich - unless you are a techno geek spending way to much time with your phone rather than your boy or girl friend?

  • EMullins

    Calling bullshit at 0:28 with the "premium finish" caption. That's plastic.

    • casinrm

      They said the Lumia 920 and the One X were premium and those were plastic 100%.

    • Alex P.

      That is polycarbonate or carbon fiber.
      It is way better that just "plastic".
      Do you want it to be anodized aluminium and scratch just like the iPhone 5?

  • http://royblumenthal.com/portfolio royblumenthal

    Holy cow! This is very impressive. That music share feature is brilliant! I reckon Apple has to sue Samsung now just for making them look archaic.

    • New_Guy

      They are set to sue Sammy for the eye-tracking software. Apple did this back in 2002 and called it iTrack.

      Just sayin :)...

  • James Jun

    Their design sense (or lack of it) and their gimmicks are getting so bad that its making me cry. Why, why?

  • Sootie

    I think you have S Hit on your hands ;-)

    • Tune


  • Jeff

    Animated photos with sound? What will they think of next?

  • Ittiam

    They have enough features (gimmicks?) in there to advertise hell for a year...

  • http://www.facebook.com/chris.moch.10 Chris Moch

    Shut up and take my money!!! LOL ;)

  • Justin Terry

    too much stuff. period.

  • xriderx66

    It's incredibly funny how everyone here just assumes its so easy to just produce a new design. It takes ALOT of time, ALOT of money to make a perfect design. A year probably wasn't enough. I'm quite sure they'll do a new design for SGS5.
    If you think about it, what design could they have even done? It's a phone, it's not flexible (not yet), it has to keep a rectangular shape. If some of you are so creative, go apply for a job at Samsung.

    • New_Guy

      Exaclty, no manufacturer of anything completely redesigns their multi-billion dollar product every year just because. Not cars, not TV's, gaming systems, restaurant chains, or anything else is redesigned annually. There had better be a damn good reason to stray completely away from the design that made them king of mobile devices world-wide.

    • http://twitter.com/RaspberryDuff Matt
  • http://twitter.com/ThePhillipBee Phillip Bee

    2 things that nobody, at least from the 20 sites I frequently visit, has covered thus far if it has lockscreen widgets or multi-user. Inquiring minds what to know .. hmm


    Ugh... Why all the useless apps? They are trying to sell their devices using gimmicks like Apple does. Hopefully it has a newer, more efficient LTE modem. I still don't see the point of LTE when I get 10-20Mbps on T-Mobile's HSPA+ with my Nexus 4 which is plenty fast.

    Samsung needs to make a Nexus 5 with the same hardware -LTE and all the gimmicks and bloatware. Maybe leave the IR blaster in there so I can use it as a TV-B-Gone when I visit my local Best Buy.

  • Mak

    Design still looks cheap , material used cheap plastic , there is some baby features , but defiantly not wow one.

  • Asphyx

    I was kind of hoping to see some new Hardware type feature like thier NFC Share capability.
    But all this seems to bring is more software that uses it.
    Granted can't blame them for not coming up with something that I couldn't think of either but I was kind of hoping there would be something new I hadn't thought of and wished I did!
    Maybe I wait to see what Googlrola comes up with.

  • http://www.facebook.com/marcus.blough Marcus Blough

    All those new features. Same old garish TouchWiz UI.

  • Elias Ortega

    Samsung has so much money they could invest in design research and make a high quality product like the HTC ONE or IPhone 5. but they give you a huge middle finger to shove up your Ass with this design and plastic . *sigh*

  • jlb

    One thing nobody says: whoever loves Android should stop buying Samsung.

    We have been seeing Samsung becoming a monopolistic mamouth, with the corresponding (bad) characteristics (increasingly propriatary features & ecosystem, ...).
    Now Samsung threatens Google. We all know that.
    We have to understand this: now it either Google (open plat-form, smart open ecosystem, giga-ubber smart and "moonshot" internet Services...) or Samsung (a gigantic, vertical, Apple-like, monopoly)...

    Android lovers: let stop buying Samsung!

    • Enes Taşdemir

      I like Samsung and hate google, what should i do :S

  • Abhisshack D

    Galaxy S IV not much impressive rather wait for Note 3 and Googorola's X-Phone

  • [email protected]

    Brilliant gimmicks that all the others talk about but never implement. Well done Samsung

  • Matthew Fry

    Meh. Why get this if you can get a note with a wacom digitizer? As a suite of software, it's starting to look on par with an Apple offering but if you're ok jumping around different interfaces, you get the same functionality from individual apps. Assuming you want them. Air hover is... kind of stupid... but is just a byproduct of making it work with gloves.

  • maverick

    No matter how bad people think it is, S4's sale will definitely outdo iPhone's sale.