According to PCMag (I apologize for the awful floating ads in advance), Samsung will be issuing a software update to the Galaxy S III that will incorporate many of the new Galaxy S4's features.

Nick DiCarlo, a Samsung VP, said "Anything that we can do that's not dependent on hardware like infrared, we'll definitely bring to all the flagship devices."

So, I take that to mean the Galaxy S III, Note II, and possibly a couple other devices that might support some of the features in the S4 - perhaps the Note 8.0 and Note 10.1. Considering Samsung has massively overhauled the camera app and added a handful of new S-features, a new Premium Upgrade Suite with Android 4.2 is likely to bring some of those S4 goodies to older hardware. Here are some of those features, in case you're interested:


  • Drama Shot: takes up to 100 photos in 4 seconds, and overlays them into one
  • Eraser: if someone walks into the shot, you can easily remove them
  • Dual mode: use both cameras at the same time
  • Sound & Shot: captures an image with sound
  • Dual Video call: Use both cameras while on a video chat, presumably only works with Samsung's ChatON software
  • ...and more

Various software:

  • S Translator: translates nine different languages in real-time – both text to speech andspeech to text.
  • S Voice Drive: Control your phone with your voice while in the car – it can even read SMS messages and the like back to you.
  • S Travel
  • S Health: With accompanying accessories – S Band, Body Scale, and Heart Rate Monitor – the GS4 will help you get healthy. Given that you actually use the stuff, of course.
  • Air Call accept: simply wave your hand over the screen to answer a call. Neato.
  • Group Play: not as dirty as it sounds, this lets users share music, photos, documents, and games with devices around without the need for Wi-Fi or even a cellular AP. It's magic.
  • Share Music: Plays the same song on multiple devices in real-time.

Obviously, features relying on the infrared sensor or perhaps some of those utilizing the new rear camera might not make it in, but otherwise, none of the features on their faces seem to be hardware-dependent. Notably, this also all but confirms that Android 4.2 will be coming to the S III and (probably) the Note II, though that's not exactly unexpected.


David Ruddock
David's phone is whatever is currently sitting on his desk. He is an avid writer, and enjoys playing devil's advocate in editorials, and reviewing the latest phones and gadgets. He also doesn't usually write such boring sentences.

  • IncCo

    Hm.. yea, im not sure I actually want all this.. wont it make the phone more bloated.. ?

  • ProductFRED

    Honestly, if you already have an S3 or Note 2, you're set. You don't need the S4. If you're on an S2 or below, it's a nice upgrade. We're lucky (ironically, since this should be the norm) that Samsung doesn't do planned obsolescence like Apple and other manufacturers by purposely leaving out certain key features on otherwise capable hardware.

    • Danny Holyoake

      Remember that Samsung isn't the ONLY option... Some might see all of these features as simply bloat.

      • Christopher Robert

        If you don't like bloat root your phone and go with something stock. When you have a phone with a quad core and 2G of RAM blast doesnt seem so bad anymore. It becomes features again.

        • Qin-Root

          it's probably still bloat because the features doesn't work correctly (S-Voice, anyone?)

        • New_Guy

          ...and as far as bloat goes, this is some damn good bloat (never thought I'd say that, but Sammy made me do it).

        • Mandeep Singh

          That too ddr3 not ddr2 like htc one

      • ProductFRED

        I know but I meant in terms of hardware, you're not really missing out if you have an S3 or Note 2.

        • New_Guy

          I can agree with that. Note 2 with Wacom enabled S-Pen can pull off about all the same effects (aside from IR Remote).

      • didibus

        It all depends on implementation. Bloat is bloat when it's implemented poorly, and only makes the experience less useful and less natural. If done right, features are features.

    • Qin-Root

      actually Samsung IS doing this. Look at the Galaxy S1: Android 4.2.2 runs really smooth with Cyanogenmod - even better than the last offical Samsung 2.3.6 Update. (didn't receive further updates because to slow for more bloat software(funny is that this bloat software was porteed by the community form the s2 and runs perfectly smooth))

      Samsung software support is hell. Better than htc but still hell.

      • ProductFRED

        Yeah, but the S2 got Jelly Bean 4.1.2, the new Touchwiz Nature UX, and pretty much everything the S3 has, hardware constraints aside.

      • http://www.facebook.com/reynaldocor Luis Reynaldo Corcino A

        Try loading a Touchwiz based rom on a S1...i bet it won't be as smooth as CM. Touchwiz is way heavier than CM. Heck, even on my S3 i REALLY feel a diference between the two. CM/AOKP is way faster than Touchwiz on my S3.

      • New_Guy

        But you're talking about an AOSP ROM now. We all know this is like comparing apples and hand grenades. no way you're getting the same performance on JB TouchWiz on the S1. Just not worth the time, money, and resources to even go there. The fact that the S2 got it is impressive enough.

      • http://twitter.com/ToysSamurai Toys Samurai

        Whether it's smooth enough for general consumption is another matter. Don't forget that Google itself drops the Nexus S from getting 4.2 Jelly Bean, too. The S1 only gets 512Mb of RAM, the average Joe who has no idea how to optimize his phone is better off staying on Gingerbread.

        When we refer to running bleeding edge OS version on older hardware, we should keep in mind that "WE" are different from the non-tech savvy people. Our tolerance to the phone is much higher because we "UNDERSTAND" what's going on behind the scene. I recalled the days when I had my OG Droid and I updated to Gingerbread by flashing CyanogenMod. I felt that it's very smooth. I told a friend of mine (who is not a tech savvy person) who also had a OG Droid. He asked me to flash CM for him. I did that, but one week later, he wanted me to flash it back to Froyo for him. Apparently, what I perceived as smoothness was something he couldn't tolerate. The fact that I knew Gingerbread required more resources than Froyo set my expectation lower, but he couldn't accept that.

    • Deren

      why to compare the note 2 with the s4? if you ever had a note, you'd probably never buy something smaller than the note!

  • xriderx66

    "Sound & Shot: captures an image with sound"
    Am I missing something or did they just reinvent VIDEO?

    • pepcok

      you don't get the evolution. It's single frame video. Nobody has it.
      EDIT: btw I remember when I could record short voice descriptions to photos in my DSLR.. that was a long time ago.

  • Christopher Robert

    So how long till the first ROM with some of these new features gets put out for the Note 2? Any ideas?

    • tk


    • veRdiKt

      Wow NOOB dont ask dev for an ETA. Havent you learned anything?? They are busy people and have a life. Least you can do is donate money to his Paypal account.

      • Christopher Robert

        Wow. Harsh. Not asking for an ETA, Just starting a conversation about who will be the first dev to get a ROM set up with these features.

        • asdfasdf

          he was just joking around mocking the people on XDA. most are extremely conceited and if you don't first search if a question has been asked then they'll get extremely mad at your noobiness for not seeing their post on a similar question about 100-200 pages back on the thread. then they'll tell you the next time you do the same thing they'll report you for not following XDA rules and searching before you ask, and also stop bothering them with an ETA because their very busy people who do this out of the goodness of their heart and to donate to them. not all are like this but many are.

  • domenico eufemia

    I was hoping for some eye tracking stuff.

    • Jaime Larios

      The 4.2 leak for the S3 has smart pause and smart scroll.

  • rapgaroo

    .. i still was looking forward to see the multiview mode on my S3

    • Jaime Larios

      Multiwindow is on the GS3, I've been using it since November. Go to Sammobile and flash it. It's awesome.

  • M.Beg

    Why would you want to upgrade to gimmicky stuff

  • bill

    Will it come to gnex

  • bill

    Wat about gnex

    • http://www.facebook.com/Zerounodos Manoleta Bocchia de Coussillan

      If I reckon correctly, Nexuses (nexii?) phones' software is dealt by Google, not the manufacturer.

      • New_Guy

        Shhhhhhh!!! Be quiet!

        Verizon almost shot you in the face...you almost died today!


  • Aki I.

    My note2 just earned it's self another year of use. Long live that useful ass s pen and it's software

    • L boogie

      I agree though I''ll be looking into the Note 3 and the next nexus

  • didibus

    100 pictures in 4 second... What, that's pretty fast shooting. Dual mode is really cool. Google need to add native support to it in the OS. S Voice Drive like feature must be added to Google Now also.

    I give Samsung credit to implement cool ideas first. But they don't do the best job at them. So I'm always excited to think Google will bring the feature in pure Android, so we have a nice workable version of it.

  • Matthew Fry

    What... no air hover? :-P

  • Aaron

    I have a note 2 and I'm happy with it. I don't think there is a need to upgrade to the new s4. Samsung is going to release software upgrades that include s4 features anyways.

  • Kabaa

    I wish to know the country that manufacture galaxy note 2, Korea or vietiam etc bcos I want to buy from the best manufacturing country pls help me reply bak thanks

  • phoom

    I REALLY want these features on my note 2!

  • Thomas O.

    Theres an App that brings the air call accept service in the s3 its called Air touch service and its available in the Google play store for free

  • carol

    I downloaded S Health onto my Samsung Galaxy Note II but Google blocked it from being opened cos it is not supported by Google...similar response from PC.
    How can I have it downloaded onto my hp please?