Samsung just unveiled the next.. next big thing: the Galaxy S4. And while some might argue it's more Galaxy S III 'Plus' than brand-new, standard-setting flagship, there's no denying Samsung is going to sell a ton of these things. Our question, though, is will Samsung be selling one to you?


If you're in the market for an Android smartphone right now, you've got plenty of options: HTC's One is on the way shortly, there's the Xperia Z / ZL, and of course, the Nexus 4. While it doesn't look like anyone will be dropping a phone to trounce the S4 any time soon, it's also a more cutthroat and competitive era in the smartphone market than ever before. You have real, legitimate alternatives out there, and there are real, legitimate reasons to choose them.

So, what about you? Is the S4 the next big thing headed for your pocket? Vote, and make your opinion known. Also, feel free to have a massive argument about which phone is best in the comments.

Will you buy a Galaxy S4?

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David Ruddock
David's phone is whatever is currently sitting on his desk. He is an avid writer, and enjoys playing devil's advocate in editorials, and reviewing the latest phones and gadgets. He also doesn't usually write such boring sentences.

  • Nathaniel_Graham

    Waiting to see the Note 3, the S4 is like a preview

  • Arthur


  • Juan Marquez

    Gonna wait for the Galaxy Note III

  • http://www.facebook.com/patrick.f.eckert Patrick F. Eckert

    With an Octa core processor yes with out i'll wait for the Note III

    • http://www.facebook.com/dayne.salt1 Dayne Salt

      Octa core is actually pretty pointless on a phone atm. Most apps can't make use of multiple core devices and it'll be a while before we see apps that would use the 8 core design as standard.

      • Sootie

        Octa is just 4 plus 4, so 4 slow cores for most stuff then 4 fast cores for games and stuff so anything made for quad core will work fine with octa

  • https://twitter.com/#!/thedeusexmakina [J. B. cyruz]

    I bought a GS3 not too long ago so I'll be sticking with it for a while and see what comes after this. The 2 GB ram sound sweet.

  • Jaymoon

    Didn't wow me at all. Looks like a S3 with an extra GB of ram, and way more bloatware than I could ever live with.

    • barnassey thomas

      It has the same amount of ram as the S3.

      • Justin Winker

        Not the international version (it had 1GB of RAM).

        • http://www.facebook.com/KofiAA Friday Appiah

          They updated the international version with lte and 2gb ram . It's the I9305.

        • EMullins

          Holy crap I forgot that. I feel sorry for the International S3 buyers.

          • http://www.facebook.com/UsaamahG Usaamah Ali Gill

            But then again the international version had a more powerful processor.. though personally Id take a Snapdragon over an Exynos.

          • barnassey thomas

            The Exynos 4412 was and still is more powerful than the snapdragon s4.

          • http://www.facebook.com/UsaamahG Usaamah Ali Gill

            Optimus G/Nexus 4 with the S4 pro outclasses the Exynos 4412 across the board. Idk why you're comparing it the the dual core S4.

          • barnassey thomas

            Thats the s4 pro which is a hybrid Armv7/ A15 combo. Which is also newer than the 4412.

          • barnassey thomas

            The 4412 is the quad-core buddy. 4212 is the dualcore. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Exynos

    • binarypower

      Yeah... could do without all that junk. Just give me the raw hardware, a good ROM, my favorite apps and I'm good to go.

  • Jazli Aziz

    Waiting for the Nexus..

  • http://www.dsaif.com/ Saif

    Happy with my Nexus 4

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1312291338 Tim Miller

      Yep. Samsung can shove their touchwiz and home button up an orifice of their choice.

      • Dwayne Wilkinson

        Why the hell do they insist on sticking with that hardware home button?

        • enomele

          I like it personally.

        • Eric G

          I like it too. Try to activate a phone lying on a table with one finger. That's easy with the home button and the reason why I like it.

          • http://twitter.com/RaspberryDuff Matt

            I guess...but doing so with the entire hand on the Nexus 4 isn't that much more difficult. Unless of course you've had a horrible wood shop accident.

          • Taurus_G4

            or have no thumb

          • http://twitter.com/RaspberryDuff Matt

            If you have no thumb, not being able to turn on the phone with one hand is the least of your worries.

          • Taurus_G4

            lol Thank God I have

          • aaron cooper

            I just did just that. I touched my screen and swiped the lock and opened my phone.

      • Chris Clark

        Agreed! Waiting for Google I/O

      • tyguy829

        or multiple orifices...

    • JonJJon

      Ditto, sold my GS3 to get the Nexus 4 and haven't regretted it at all.

      • KingKilla

        I did the samething and I am happy that I did that.

      • didibus

        Yup, the thing with the Nexus, is that it's always 1 year old hardware on brand new software. I'm convinced this is on purpose. Nexus is supposed to be an example, the minimum common denominator Google is trying to convey to other manufacturers. That's why the Nexus comes out at the end of the year, just before all other flagships get updated with the new SoCs.

        Yet I love the Nexus over all others, because I've always believed Software is key. Hardware gives software potential, but only software delivers on that potential. The SIV hardware is great, and opens the possibilities for great software, but TouchWiz ain't that.

        • JonJJon

          I wouldn't say quite 1 year old, perhaps maybe along the lines of "not the top of top hardware but powerful enough to compete with any other big phone" as yes Nexus is more about software than hardware. But yeah pretty much agree with your sentiment.

    • Andrew

      +1 to that. The LG N4 is more than enough to keep me happy for two more generations of the Nexus line. If i have to change I may jump to a HTC phone (without doubts their phones are slick, just not popular) or by the N6 or whatever name it goes by then.

    • http://www.facebook.com/caesarivs César Augusto Ramírez Franco

      I too couldn't be happier with my Nexus 4 :)

    • Ivan Myring

      All the fuss over octa core is stupid. They agree 2 quads that don't function at once. What Qualcomm has done is better, desperate under/over clocking

    • KingKilla

      Yup not going to switch anytime soon nexus 4 just an awesome device. Sold my s3 to get and I am proud

    • markj

      How long did it take you to read this article with that pokey 3g phone?
      I am watching Google but they have to offer a better phone for me to switch. Then it's bye bye Verizon forever.

      • http://www.dsaif.com/ Saif

        5 seconds to load

  • MeCampbell30


    • EMullins

      Against the S4, yes. Samsung blew it.

  • http://www.dsaif.com/ Saif

    Google Nexus 4 > HTC One > Sony Xperia Z > Samsung Galaxy S 4

    • http://twitter.com/Rovex Rovex

      HAHAHAHAHAA no, you got the arrows the wrong way round.

      • enomele


    • http://www.facebook.com/UsaamahG Usaamah Ali Gill

      LG Nexus 4*

    • Wam31

      I'm really not sure about the whole "Google Nexus 4 > HTC One" (read : I don't think so !)
      That would be HTC One > Google Nexus 4 > Samsung Galaxy S 4 to me...
      (I actually couldn't care less about the Sony Xperia Z)

      • http://twitter.com/RaspberryDuff Matt

        Currently I agree with you. However, in a few months we'll see just how fast and easy it will be to get Key Lime Pie on the HTC One; then it might be a different story (if all the binaries become available/are available, then I guess CM/AOKP/other AOSP-based ROMs will make that difference negligible after the Key Lime Pie release).

        • Wam31

          You right, but I feel optimistic about xda providing that for us.
          The real question for me is : will it be possible to backup HTC Apps w/ TB and restore them in CM ? (like, ZOE and all)
          And that's a first for me. I usually don't care one bit about the softwares that come with the phone as it would get root & CM right away.
          Design and hardware are usually the only things I care about... but maybe not this time.

  • philnolan3d

    I had to say maybe. Because I'm not going to buy one but it has nothing to do with how much I like it. I just can't afford to buy a new phone without a new contract discount.

  • http://twitter.com/Rovex Rovex

    Yes, the S3 is on eBay as soon as my Order ships.

  • http://www.facebook.com/brandon.hash Brandon Hash

    as it stands now the Xperia ZL still seems like a better phone to me

    I will say this though, the new lockscreen was a much need improvement for samsung :)

  • DrewNusser

    Not saying this phone doesn't look awesome (it definitely does). I'm just going Nexus, off-contract, from here on out.

  • PCSievers

    If I were in the market for a phone right now I wouldnt think twice about taking the GS4 over the rest of the competition. BoomSound aint enough to beat out the removable larger battery and microSD slot along with 64gb onboard memory even putting aside the mostly gimmicky features Samsung has packed into it.

    • Daniel C.

      To be fair, the One also has the 64GB option, and we don't know anything about the GS4's battery life. Battery size doesn't matter, it's about how long it lasts in that particular phone.

      • PCSievers

        Being removable is more important than its size and having wireless charging is nice too.

    • Haedocynic

      SD Card and removable battery are where the S4 still wins. I didn't see many other things that seemed interesting over other top phones, though. I love how they talk up Touch Wiz as though it were actually desirable. Everything about it looks tacky and Asian (sorry): even though it may not be an actual problem, it is certainly not a benefit.

  • http://www.facebook.com/rrencomienda Renz Encomienda

    gonna wait for Nokia's Lumia with the "BAM!" thingy

  • Charles Enwesi

    Damn...plastic and the button was a turn off for me

  • http://www.facebook.com/Ron1298 Ron Darling

    I really like my Note 2 Im going to wait and see what the Note 3 has to offer

  • http://www.facebook.com/tylerjehills Tyler James Edward Hills

    In terms of phones currently announced, i'll take the Optimus G Pro. But the new Nexus is where I'm really looking

  • EMullins

    That would be a FUCK NO.

    Motorola X, Nexus 5, even the HTC One looks better than this.

    This is pretty much Samsung's version of an Apple "S" phone.

    • Aaron17Watson17

      Stop trolling. Geez. Why are you so butthurt. Enjoy your phone and let others enjoy theirs

      • EMullins


        Back to /b/ with you, kiddo. I speak the truth.

        • http://twitter.com/navjotbatra Navjot

          Other than design - which is entirely subjective - , in what ways is the One better than this device? Also, you are comparing this device to rumored devices - it's pretty clear who is trolling here.

          • EMullins

            HTC's move from the One X to the One is a bigger step up than from the S3 to the S4

            I know it looks like I'm comparing it to yet-to-be-seen devices and I'm not, but I merely meant to say its pretty safe to say that Motorola's general build quality portfolio and Nexus 5's price will make them both a better option than the Galaxy S4 this year.

          • GraveUypo

            i doubt it. nexii phones suck. doesn't matter how good they are if they have no storage and no way to expand it.

          • http://riteshtripathy.wordpress.com/ Ritesh

            There are plenty Chinese phones with 2 SD slots and two or three SIM slots. Go ahead!

          • GraveUypo

            they don't make it here though :| so it's the same as if they didn't exist.

          • Wam31

            Yeah, sure ! because everyone wants to carry h264 rips on their phone and make it an XBMC server. Of course ! That makes a lot of sense

          • aaron cooper

            That does not bother me. I bought the 8 gig cause after November when I bought it, I still have 4 gig left...

          • http://riteshtripathy.wordpress.com/ Ritesh

            Erm.. better build quality, better materials, better display, better speaker(s), better processor (800 Quadrant points ahead), better camera features, possible better camera too. Enough for me.

      • ASDFG1234

        that's a tight butthole comment right there

    • Xye

      lol, it funny because it's true!

      I've just written a tweet before reading your post:

      "More like: Galaxy S 3S"

  • Daniel Minge

    If my carrier would let me upgrade with no break in contract, then yes! Sadly I would not be able to afford outright.

  • Eric Jones

    I'm locked in a contract and the S4 won't be cheap enough for me to buy it outright. Hopefully the Google X phone comes out and is as cheap or comparably cheap as the Nexus 4.

  • http://k3rnel.net Juan Rodriguez

    I'll be part of the "It's not a Nexus so I'm not getting it" group.

  • IncCo

    Already have an S4.. OH wait.. I mean, an S3 ..

    • http://www.facebook.com/rmkattan Rami Kattan

      But I will be waiting for a new ROM for my S3 with some of the S4 software additions

  • http://twitter.com/kevinslawinski Kevin Slawinski

    Nexus or bust. Or Moto X phone.

  • acer1096xxx

    2-year contract so can't really. I probably would if I could.

  • creator78

    Depends on if the moto/goog x phone comes out in july That is the phone i am most looking forward to seeing. if it gets delayed or isn't expected for another 6 months I may get the s4. My Bionic really needs to go.

  • http://my.opera.com/rafaelluik Rafael

    Well there's the LG Optimus G / G Pro..., HTC One...
    There's no need for all this processing power, common.

  • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

    Nope, because I'm waiting for the Note III. Otherwise, I would totally upgrade.

    • EMullins

      The Note series is all that's left for an Android Police reader to buy, after seeing this announcement.

    • http://www.stevenmattera.com Steven Mattera

      If it wasn't for my upgrade not being available till September, I would probably upgrade my original Note to the S3; luckily I'm forced to wait for the Note III. =D

  • Stephen Sharp

    Wait till NXS 5, if I can afford it by then :P

  • James

    Since I still have one of the original Galaxy S models, I'm overdue for an upgrade. I was thinking about the Nexus 4, but it's not on Sprint, so I shifted to looking at the LG Optimus G or a Galaxy Note 2. When I heard about the Galaxy S 4, I thought it might be the one to go for instead, and it does sound pretty good from what I've read tonight. So it's a maybe for me, but leaning towards yes at the moment.

  • malcolmest

    I'll wait until the next nexus phone is announced to make my decision.

  • Alberto Quintero

    Nexus 4 yeah galaxy 4 look good on spec but I'm happy with nexus 4

  • Jake Monti

    I feel like Samsung targeted this press conference at the masses rather than tech enthusiasts. I think they left a lot of things that we, the people who read tech blogs care about. Things like battery life, low light camera performance, noise cancellation performance etc.

    I guess they figured we'd read about it after reviewers get their hands on it. Instead they tried to make it entertaining enough that someone who would never watch a typical product release might actually stick it out and watch it - it was like a watching a really long commercial. They tried to show you how these things work in real life situations. I think as purposely corny as it was, it probably resonated a lot better with general consumers than most conferences I've seen before it. I also think Shin should not have been allowed to speak and they could have found a guy with less of a lisp from Samsung America to present, but overall I they tried something different from a run of the mill product launch and I think I understand why.

    So for me, I'll reserve judgement until like minded tech bloggers get a chance to put it through it's paces and tell us how they feel about it.

    • Alexander Procter

      My sentiments exactly. Seems people can't help but rage if everything isn't directly targeted at them.

    • http://www.facebook.com/UsaamahG Usaamah Ali Gill

      Those are the people that gave them the sales last time. Theyre riding their brand, and marketing hard. Thats what made the S3 an unprecedented success. I just hope LG will keep delivering, and improving on their software and hardware and keep making quality phones, instead of getting lost in profits like Apple and Samsung. So far theyve been improving at a very fast rate.. can they keep it up? The G to the G pro is a big step forward.. very interested in what LG does software wise in the upcoming months, and then with the Optimus G2... After this Im going to stick to LG. At least their design and hardware quality doesnt let me down. And not many people like LG (yet) so its somewhat exclusive :)

    • http://twitter.com/AllMobileMedia SL CaRRtel

      it was a REAL bad Steve Jobs presentation impersonation. Like experiencing a 80's Michael Jackson tour, and then sitting through an Usher concert with your kids... the whole time, your looking around trying to score some cyanide.

  • Editdroid9

    I got the gs3. I can wait for the gs5 and not feel out of date at all. HTC wins this round on looks alone.

    • Haedocynic

      You mean the Iphone 3gs? Interesting choice.

  • http://www.facebook.com/dayne.salt1 Dayne Salt

    Nothing to really wow me, so I think I'll be going with an HTC One for the build quality alone and see what Google do with Moto after they've cleared the pipeline when I'm looking for my next phone.

  • Stylus_XL

    Android fanatics constantly rip Apple "fan boys" for choosing style over features/specs, and yet it seems that many of the same Android fanatics are now arguing that they prefer the HTC One simply because it "looks better" - without even a shred of irony.

    What else has the HTC One seriously got over the S4 at this point beyond aesthetics?

    • EMullins


      But seriously, the HTC One was a bigger step up from the One X than the S4 was from the S3.

      • Stylus_XL

        Well congratulations to HTC for making an extra effort to stay afloat in a market they're failing in, but I really don't see how that answers my question.

        • EMullins

          The only things Samsung S4 has over most phone are how it sticks to the removable battery and the SD card slot and quite frankly, it doesn't matter much to us Nexus-heads and people who are sick of the same plastic designs Samsung is rolling out.

          • Stylus_XL

            That still doesn't even answer my question. I asked specifically what the One has over the S4 aside from aesthetics to warrant all the eye-rolling.

            People complain about "plastic designs", yet when Apple released the iPhone 3G and 3GS most critics didn't see plastic as a bad thing.

            The "build quality" argument is a nonsensical rationale for people who want phones that feel "special" in the hand (depending on Apple's latest definition of "special"). However, these aluminium and glass smartphones are still scratching, denting and cracking when people drop them. If you want a pretty smartphone made out of aluminium that's fine, but let's not bullshit each other into thinking that it improves the robustness of the device.

    • http://twitter.com/lunniey Lunniey Nescense

      Err.. Performance?

      "I had the HTC One with me during my hands on time, and the difference is like night and day. For starters, the One is noticeably faster in every context. When flicking between screens, opening apps, and taking photos there was clear lag on the Galaxy S IV, whereas everything was almost instantaneous on the One." - Gizmodo

      • Stylus_XL

        Oh please. Going by Samsung's track record, the SIV is highly likely to be running pre-release software. Very silly to assume that's how the software is going to perform at release.

  • TechGuy21

    waiting for motorola or google before i make my decision.
    so disappointed. my S3 works fine. i dont think i want another sammy phone.

    • EMullins

      Please stop calling it Sammy. It reeks of fanboyism.

      • JonJJon

        Just makes me think of the Samsung dog called Sammy from my Samsung T10 mp3 player

    • http://www.facebook.com/dayne.salt1 Dayne Salt

      You'll probably be waiting a while for Google to bring out a new major phone. Google have said the latest Moto phones won't be anything 'wow' and I doubt we'll see a replacement for the Nexus 4 before Q4 this year. Depends when you're looking to upgrade tbh.

    • NicholasMicallef

      I wouldn't call it disappointing, but I agree it's not worth the upgrade, especially when the S III should be getting all the new software features.

  • Tyler

    Waiting to see what the next Nexus and X Phone are like. Then end of the year i decide what im getting on Verizon.

  • Jake Achee

    I'll be upgrading my Galaxy S2 to the S4. Can't wait.. I would have purchased the S3 had I not been in a contract so this is just icing on the cake. The display looks incredible!

  • jor

    I really like the phone. It has the huge screen but really small bezels and i have no problem at all with the plastic on the back. two things though: stock android (though some features are cool) and larger battery! and a third thing: speakers on the front are cool (htc one) on the side nahhh (iphone) but who the f*** came up with speakers on the back??? (too many androids?

  • Uncle Paul

    I want all these features, but in a device that is industrial sturdy,
    with ACCESSORIES!, - The S4 will have lots of great accessories.
    Google SUCKS with accessories,
    All I want is a METAL phone with a car dock that Rivals the old Droid X.
    I want SDcard storage up to 128gb to double the device as a dashcam.

    I love the IR blaster, and the Temp - Humidity guages, I think those 3 features alone will be VERY USEFULL!

  • nukeblitz

    Yaay, lookit all the massive arguments.

    Just like the last two years, the samsung's hardware is a small step up compared to the competition but has a less impressive design.
    1. No dev support. Notice roms for exynos 4/5 devices are significantly buggier? Since I almost never stick with stock ROMs, this is a deal breaker for me.
    2. I grew out of the hardware home button. Not having access to the task manager a single tap away is a problem. I'm always switching between apps. HTC One's two button arrangement also bothers me.
    3. Touchwiz = meh IMO. I'm aware you could switch it out with a launcher+icon pack and atleast some of the customizations do add value but there's a lot of bloat that I'd never use.

    I want something from the Sony/Xperia/Nexus stable, preferably with on screen keys. I'll live with all capacitive buttons if I can have task switcher in one click and menu a long press on the task switcher

  • nukeblitz

    Sony/Motorola/Nexus for me.

    This phone is just about the best specced phone but it's not for mw

  • Juan Carlos Contreras

    I'm a Nexus fanboy, so no!

  • CJ Walker

    Still satisfied with my rooted Galaxy Nexus. I'll wait for my upgrade in 1 1/2 years lmao

  • mgamerz

    You know what would be cool? Wifi/network based channel changing. No more line of sight.

  • NicholasMicallef

    Probably, I'm still using my S II so this will be a nice update, if I had the S III I probably wouldn't bother. I prefer the HTC ONE design but for everything else I prefer this and I can't find one compelling reason to even consider an Xperia Z. I'm still going to wait to see camera and performance comparisons as well as perhaps some drop tests (I've never dropped any of my smartphones in 3 years but it never hurts to know).
    TouchWiz doesn't really worry me because I'll probably just flash CM when I get bored, I know dev support will be awesome because it always has been with S devices :).

  • Xye

    Since HTC is stupid enough to keep even the International One (which is not subject to carrier restrictions) bootloader-locked, then I'll just wait for the next Nexus or the X phone.

    • EMullins

      Yeah, that's yet another reason why HTC is failing. Those people over at HTC could easily beat Samsung but its like they WANT to fail.

    • http://riteshtripathy.wordpress.com/ Ritesh

      You know it takes all of 10 mins to unlock the bootloader (officially) on HTCDev right?

  • Nex Unit Xyber

    Nexus are cheap, they always ruin them in one way shape or form here it goes:

    Nexus S: Terrible speaker and Recording quality

    Galaxy Nexus: Low RAM (it does NOT look like one gig 2 me) and 5mp Camera... Really?

    Nexus 7: Cheap materials and no rear Camera... again, Really?

    Nexus 4: Oh the "glorious Nexus 4.... NO removable battery (those of us who flash ROMS, which is WHY we get a Nexus for higher support, good luck with the "bootloops, battery pull wont save you!"

    No SD slot, fine I can live with that except ... WTF am I supposed 2 do with 7 & 15 gigs of storage cuz we all know memory is NEVER %100 usable! Its 2013 for crying out loud! That and I heard pinch to zoom response sux!

    And last but not least the "Samsung Nexus 10": Dual core processor.... yea I only want 2 cores im my full size tablet even though the 7' has twice that amount! THAT and if you want to continue to support the BIGGEST backstabber in the Technology Industry who not only STOLE & betrayed Apple with Android, but now they are doing the to Google ITSELF after they MADE them what they are today now the wanna come out with with this "TIZEN" like chicken name, and side loading Android Apps! Get ur own market BXXCH! Oh yea that's right now one will ever develop for that crap, so lets just take what Android has!

    I love Google to death! But none removable batterys are a MUST for Android, what happend to being "open" if I cant have that I'll just go get an iPhone instead its much smother and better supported anyways, I feel like they ar ripping us off here and although Samsung's Galaxy phones have that plus the SD slot, a "physical" home key that LAGGGS, yes it LAGGS, aint gonna cut it! Keep using ur f'n gingerbread menu button for ur confusing launcher, diss onscreen keys and continue to copy Apple and live in ur own little world stuck up ur own @$$ where u have disappointed all of us true "Fandroids".

    Wooofff! I can breath now!

    • http://www.nerdshowandtell.com nerdshowandtell.com

      Hmm - don't have problems rebooting my n4 ;) Its actually volume down and power at the same time.

    • http://twitter.com/navjotbatra Navjot

      You should actually think about what you are saying. Of course there's a way to force reboot the Nexus 4. It's volume down+power, which is actually more convenient than pulling out the battery. And that dual-core processor in the N10 is more powerful than the one in the N7. Just because the N7's processor is quad core, doesn't mean it's more powerful. And reading the rest of your comment: Holy shit. Wut...

    • aaron cooper

      Bootloops ? Where ? Not on my Nexus 4. No SD slot? I don't need one. Memory ? I only use 1/2 of it with 4 gigs left. Pinch to Zoom, hold on, let me test that....It works quick for me.

  • http://www.facebook.com/farisfitri2303 Faris Fitri

    Pentile screen,same ugly design,same cheap feeling materials,physical home screen buttton. Like hell I'm going to get the S4. The HTC One,Xperia ZL and Nexus 4 is much better imo.

  • Sootie

    Also, feel free to have a massive argument about which phone is best in the comments.

    Oh David you prophet you....

    (I think I will get the Xperia Z cause its not much worse and waterproof, however I cant be bothered arguing about it)

  • Sgndroid

    Damn hideous home button again. I hope they won't do the same shit to the Note III.

  • RenatoFontesTapia

    I'll wait for the galaxy s4 mini to be announced... I hope they increase the resolution of the lower end model and add lte this time

  • BigMixxx

    The thing about this is....there is now a couple of devices out that just trample over an apple press release.

    They could have done without all that extra stuff and had a dude on stage showing the device and how you use it.

    Simple, straight forward and keep your audience.

  • Bob Johnson

    Sticking with S III will wait another 6 months/1 year and see what the S5 looks like LOl

  • http://twitter.com/zephiK0 William

    Nexus 4 Life

  • GraveUypo

    got me my s3 just 9 months ago, couldn't care less about new released for a long time now.

  • http://twitter.com/Urboyissues Yourissues

    If most of these features come to the SIII via software update.. why get the S4?

  • binarypower

    Waiting for the Motorola phone!

  • http://riteshtripathy.wordpress.com/ Ritesh

    Yes, I'm going to buy One. The HTC One. :p

  • LewisSD

    I like my S3, but to be honest I hope samsung falls flat on their face for trying to pull this apple tick tock minor spec bump update scheme. Maybe then they will learn that they actually need to deliver something new when they release a new phone. I see absolutely no reason to upgrade from my S3.

  • spydie

    With a little software update that's supposedly coming, I can't see anyone with an SGS3 or Note 2 upgrading. Hell, my Note 2 does a lot of that stuff now, like taking pictures with sound.

  • Magnus100

    Waiting for the Note III. The Galaxy S IV is definitely way better than the S III, butssomehow I'm just not that impressed especially with the build quality. I hope they do much better with the Note III.

  • bydh

    I am totally happy with the note 2, and it's fantastic battery life which also happens to be removable. This way, when the battery gets old, I can easily replace it and start fresh.

  • FrillArtist

    Sorry but my Nexus 4 is MORE than enough. :)

  • Tony McHugh

    I'm a nexus user..... Although I did like my SIII too.

  • Moe

    happy with my S3 working perfectly

  • http://www.facebook.com/jasmin.bang Jasmin Bang Fergusson

    I have just ordered the HTC One. The S3S it seems is just bigging up loads of features already available as apps. I really like the speakers being front facing as I watch lots of films. Great screen too.

  • dmsrfl

    After installing CM10.1 on my old Galaxy S2, I will never go back to Touchwiz. So waiting for a good and pure android phone to come out.

  • Christopher Theofilaktos

    If I could do a straight swap, my S3 for a brand new S4 right now I'd probably do it, other then that I'm happy with my S3, it's a beast of a phone and handles everything I throw at it, the new "features" in the S4 are all very gimmicky and the S3 will get them in a software update anyway, I hate Touchwiz with the burning passion of a thousand suns so stock stuff doesn't worry me, I'm more interested in updates and stuff that'll help the development of AOSP on the S3. The specs are nice, it looks like a nice phone, but it's a minor refresh of the S3 and not much more.

    EDIT: And seriously.... Let that god damn physical home button die.

  • Fellwalker

    Way too many fancy so called features that seem like solutions to a problem that doesn't exist!

  • irishyort

    Nope. Angry at the fact I bought a SGIII then 3 months later the 4G version was released then another 3 months later this thing. WTF Samsung!!! Way to make my great new phone practically obsolete just after I finally start setting it up. I have no faith in them now, how long will this SG last before they release something better now?

  • Forcemaker

    Not interested for quite a while... I cannot imagine running an Android Device without custom ROMs... but this device is made soooo special by software! So running SGS4 with CM or whatever would mean just having a gigantic hardware without the software that makes it so special.

  • KingKilla

    Samsung is copying apple in every way they could so this is noting to be surprised. HTC one looks much better but I would stick to my #nexus 4

  • RealityCheck2013

    Hmm, i am not sure. I like some of the feature but i like the look of the SONY Xperia Z(or ZL) better really. The only thing putting me off the Xperia Z / ZL is the fact you can't change the battery :-/ Only because i normally buy a phone for life & not update 1 every 5 seconds LoL:D

  • Yoshua

    Lol it looks the same as the s3 wel good job HTC one!

  • jlb

    Let me make it simple: because I value Android, I won't buy Samsung.
    (but rather HTC, Sony, LG, ... whatever... or even better: Nexus)

    Samsung is becoming way too powerfull and hegemonic.
    Both within the Android community and in the overall mobile market.

    The possibility is growing of Samsung becoming of a giant, monopolistic, closed and propriatory behemotth that kills all competition and in the end stiffle competion.

    Samsung has become indeed the new Apple, with immense marketing budget that dwarfs all the competitors even all together. How could anyone compete against that??

    We also all know how Samsung is increasingly threatening Google.
    (when exactly will Samsung fork Android and kiss goodbye to openness?).

    In order to maintain a market with healthy competition, ever-improving quality of product and services, and sustained innovation .... then we shouldn't buy Samsung anymore...

  • Sarah Puls

    I want to see what the next Nexus device will be before making a decision...

  • Nick V

    Now that I have a Nexus, I could never go back to those skins. Although, HTC looks to have done a great job with the new HTC One.

  • Jay

    I'm in the "If it isn't a Nexus then forget about it as I'm not going to waste my money" group.
    Getting the latest update immediately is what is important to me and my Nexus 4 is perfect for that.

  • Superguy

    I'm quite happy with my Note 2.

  • http://robert.aitchison.org raitchison

    For me it's all about whether the phone is too big to use one handed. I currently have a Galaxy Note as my work phone and I can't quite reach the far corners of the screen with my thumb when holding the device in one hand. It does appear that the overall design of the S4 means that their 5" screen should be a bit more usable than the 5" on the note (Note has larger bezel & is thicker) so it's possible it will work.

    I'll have to wait till I can get my hands on one to see if it's usable, if it is I'll be getting one, if not I'll pick up a cheaper (maybe even a used) S3.

    • didibus

      The SIV is smaller and lighter then the S3.

      • http://robert.aitchison.org raitchison

        Yeah it looks that way, 0.8mm narrower and 0.7mm thinner so it _should_ work, still not going to pre-order it or anything.

  • aaron cooper

    I'm doing well with my Nexus 4.

  • HeLLkAt31

    I hate touchwiz and the design of the S4. Not even all those cool features would sway me into getting that phone. I have a Nexus 4 and its a great phone. The HTC One would be the other phone I would get.

  • http://profiles.google.com/emenard68 Eric Menard

    Very happy with my N4. I might get a HTC One when my contract is up this autumn but only to sell it and get the Nexus 5. I'm never looking back...

  • http://www.facebook.com/johnkuang John Kuang

    Nope. As long as Samsung doesn't support 3rd party ROM dev by releasing source codes, they will never receive a single cent from me.

  • wade

    Holy Jesus! They really crawled out of the woodwork here. It's just a phone, people. It's just a phone.

  • http://twitter.com/brettjonesdev Brett Jones

    I'll be acquiring an HTC One.

  • Hasanabbas Rehemtulla

    TouchWiz = NOPE

  • Chris Caldwell

    LOL no, n4 ftw. I cant WAIT to get KLP and laugh at all the gs4's. Ohhh, your touchwiz does what?

  • Blake Ourso

    lol worst poll ever.

    Somebody is trolling for "Nope" answers when they don't include something along the line's of "just recently bought a phone and the upgrade wouldn't be worth it"

  • ElfirBFG

    It looks alright, and has some great specs, but I'm not a fan of TW/NatureUX, so it's highly unlikely that I will upgrade to it. I'm a Moto fanboy(L7, A780, MB860, XT910 over the years), so obviously I will be waiting for the "X-Phone", especially if they keep up with the 'de-Blurring'.

  • Samsung Fanboy

    I got the Note, wife has the S3, Im getting the S4 and wife will get the Note 3.

  • Jonadab Debe

    Happy with my Nexus 4 All day long!!!!!
    Samsung IS SLOWLY BECOMING THE NEXT APPLE, not once did they mention Google or Android, and to top it off they are trying to compete with all Google products and services. Ingrate at its best.

  • brutalpanther

    I've owned each of the S series phones.I now have the S3 and it's very good.except that you can't move apps.manually to the memory card.I could with my others before the S3.Why they hyped up the card slot still has me puzzled.And now they are saying the same about theS4.So i'm going to wait and see.I dont want to be forced to buy the 32gb version.Because with all the new bells and whistles on the S4 16gb wont last a month.I've already ran into problems having to uninstall games and such to make room for new apps.on my S2.It could be the deal breaker for me.I might have to look at some other upcoming brands If samsung screws it up.

  • Mike

    Nope. I don't plan on getting a new phone, but if I do, I'm waiting to see what this Google Motorola "X Phone" is gonna be like

  • derek

    Samsung's updates stink. Think a Google phone would be better. I wanna try the LG optimus g pro. My galaxy s2 couldn't even handle a ics update. Went through 4 s2's in 1 year. Bad product.

  • Me

    I already got Sony this year after S2, Note 1 and Note 2. No more Samsung, ever.

  • http://www.facebook.com/georgealexiouvalentey George Av

    Why all the hate? :/ just because its made of plastic & has a similar design to the s3 doesn't mean you can hate on it. Ever heard the saying "don't fix what ain't broke but rather improve?" That is what Samsung did, the listened to the complaints and the good things and they stepped forward from that, the squared of the phone, made it look less like a bar of soap improved the way it feels to hold & made the home button bigger. Just think for a moment why Samsung use plastic, they have top of the line components in the phone one of the best screens you will see and yet, they use plastic. Why? Would you want to buy a phone that cost a grand? Because that the would be the price of the s4 if it was aluminum/glass. Touchwiz may not look like the i candy that sense 5 is, but its a more polished UI, it also is more battery friendly than sense. Moral of the story, if you don't like the s4, don't get it, buy your HTC One, but stop acting like a 3 year old and quit hating on the s4. In the end its just personal preference raw speed & performance with the s4, or lower specs and the best design on a phone with the htc one.