Update: Oops! Looks like Google classified this one as dead just a bit too early – it's back for a thirtieth go in the Play Store. If you want one, you should probably buy it now before they really do disappear forever.

Shortly after slimming down the Play Store's selection of Nexus 7 cases, it looks like Google has brought out the axe again, this time aiming it at the Nexus 4 Bumper. The bumper, which enjoyed an absolute roller coaster ride during its tenure, finally ended its on-again-off-again relationship with the Play Store today, with no warning at all. In fact, the case just got restocked yesterday.

Whether this is a permanent move is uncertain, but things don't look good for the bumper given the fate of other items that have gotten the "no longer available for sale" treatment (ahem Nexus Q, Nexus 7 covers).


What's also uncertain is why Google would trim the bumper from the lineup. When considering that the Nexus 7 covers disappeared (except for a few) just the other day, one could speculate wildly about whether this is because the accessories will soon be obsolete. There's no way of answering this question for now, but it's an interesting move to be sure.

Source: Google Play

Liam Spradlin
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  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000003999549 Mike Harris

    Obviously, Google doesn't want to have to sell more physical items than any one person could carry with two hands.

  • pirate

    Add the charging ORB to the list. At least for the international play store.

  • https://steamcommunity.com/id/m-p-3 m-p{3}

    Wow, it feels like Google really doesn't want to sell their products..

    • NexusKoolaid

      Feels like there's a new phone on the way (and they don't want to order a ton of bumpers they won't be able to sell).

      • http://AndroidPolice.com/ Liam Spradlin

        That's sort of my instinct, but I don't want to speak too soon.

        • tstartrekdude

          What do you know? o_o

        • ltredbeard

          really? I'd be surprised considering the Nexus 4 is still pretty new and they just recently managed to get the stock issues worked out.

          • JonJJon

            Yeah I don't think they want to Samsungify the Nexus brand by releasing a rehashed version every few months

        • ltredbeard

          edit: NM i didnt see the update

      • moelsen8

        i'd normally agree except the bumper was never really in stock to be
        sold most of the time to begin with. you can probably count how many
        days it was in stock and able to be ordered on one hand. it all just feels incredibly sloppy, like it always has from google play.

        • NexusKoolaid

          It's not like they're saying they don't know when or if the bumper will be in stock as was the message up to this point. What they're saying now is they're not even remotely interested in selling a bumper. Interesting, given that with a glass front and back the N4 begs for some type of stylish protection.

          Now the only remaining accessory is a Qi charger that will probably look just as good with a N5 on top as it did with the N4.

  • http://twitter.com/monolithnyc Monolith NYC

    There are blue nexus 7 covers available in the store right now? Maybe they are about to offer the white one... who knows.

  • Si

    Phew! I just ordered one today!

    • David asaro

      I just got one the other day with a new nexus 4.

  • http://twitter.com/af_marzouki Ahmed Almarzouki

    Thank god i ordered mine yesterday once i saw the stock available article from AP.

  • chris2kari

    So tired of all this 'churn' with Google products & services.. really tired of it. Blackberry Z10, Nokia Lumia 920 & iPhone 5 are all starting to look a whole lot more attractive.

  • QwietStorm

    What a joke. I got a cheaper alternative months back anyway. People can make all the lack of retail experience excuses they want. To me, its like they don't even care.

  • Dan

    And it's back on the play store. Ordering one now just in case.

  • Ivan Myring

    Aaaand......... Its gone!
    Aaaand......... Its back!
    Make your mind up google

  • Uncle_Rico

    nice.. I just ordered mine... WHEW!