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  • http://twitter.com/getalifeindia Zack DSouza

    the trade up offer is only available for HTC US customers... maybe HTC does not want users from other countries to buy "one"

    • rvichar

      Not true its available in Canada as well. But no way am I replacing my nexus 4. And why the hell isn't there a single video demonstrating the HTC One multitasking which is still a nightmare on the One X.

      • Shahin Fadakar

        I forget where but some blog had pics of it, it shows 9 apps at a time in a grid. Looks honestly like the best multitasking interface of any of the big skins. Which is amazing because Sense 4's was a whole 3 steps back in quality compared to AOSP and TouchWiz's.

        • rvichar

          I am referring to the constant reload when you bring an app back to the foreground. Has this behavior changed? For example you could be composing a reply to these comments, switch to check an email. When you come back your browser will reload and you lose everything you wrote. I guess I will find out in 2015 when my Onex gets sense 5

  • M.Beg

    Even if HTC gives a phone for free i would take it.

    • Wam31

      Ok, I'll bite...
      Why would you not ?
      It's gonna be a good one, I can feel it...

      • M.Beg

        Because HTC is so 3 years ago and made joke phones for clowns

        • blast0id

          you sir ARE the clown... goofy two shoes is what you shall be referred to from this day on...

          • M.Beg

            HTC the real clowns with no makeup, HTC made some of the worst android plastic phones ever before Samsung overtook them.

        • Wam31

          Yep, that's what I thought...

  • https://twitter.com/#!/doomstang Doomstang

    If I've got the HTC and the Sammy as a toss up to become my next phone....the one that offers me $100 for a piece of junk old phone will likely be the winner. I need to see more about the SGS4 (I'm still at work) but I'm leaning towards the One

  • terrence

    Waste no time with freebies,check out the best smartphone ever in the whole world n universe ....( drum in e background)...Samsung galaxy s4 with glove friendly feature, floating cursor,9 languages translator ( phone actually listens n translate to Eng..now that's smart),voice to text during driving vv, n the innovation goes on n on not to forget removable battery n wireless charging ,nfc, etc...samsung teams deserve a big long applause n vvip standing ovation!!!

    • blast0id

      hey dummy... just about every "innovation" you speak of is software based, not hardware based... take a deep breath, then slowly remove your lips from Samsung's a-hole!

  • L boogie

    While the extension offer sounds good, how about working on getting your present/future devices up to date especially in light of the GS4's announcements, love my DNA as well as my Note 2 and would pass on this phone or any other till I find out about Motorola X, Nexus 5 or the Note 3

  • Jamie

    DigitalSpy: Carphone Warehouse and Phones4u has given April 26th as S4 launch day in UK along with Samsung UK flagship store (stones throw from Olympic Park)

    Surprise Much!

  • http://meatcastle.com/ Youre My Boy Bloo

    What I want to know is how much you would get in trade in for the DNA. I bought that bad boy, and love it, but I would love to upgrade when the One hits Verizon.

    • http://meatcastle.com/ Youre My Boy Bloo

      Wow, I just finished the registration process... They are willing to give me $190 for my mint condition DROID DNA. Hey HTC, how about instead of that, you can suck my dick and we'll call it even?

  • Chris Caldwell

    wish theyd offer $100 to trade in my crapass amaze4g. Bout it less than a year ago, HTC considers it "obsolete", yet was happy to sell it to me on a 2 year contract (implying it would be supported for two years). NEVER buy HTC again.

  • http://twitter.com/rbyrnes Rob Byrnes

    Shame they didn't extend the trade-up to Australia :(

  • tempprofile

    They should extend it after May 19th, since every time I've tried to buy one -they are out of stock. I'll give them a couple days to extend it, otherwise Galaxy S4 it will be.