In a post to its official blog today, HTC asked developers "what could better than the HTC One," quickly following up with the answer: the same phone. Okay, not quite the same phone – this one is shipped with SIM and bootloader unlocked.

Positioning the device as "a modern platform to build and test your apps," HTC reminds potential buyers of the One's Snapdragon 600 processor, 2GB RAM, 64GB on-board storage, HTC's open APIs for low-energy Bluetooth, Infrared, and "more," along with its dual speakers and microphones.

For those wondering, the developer edition will support the following frequencies:

  • HSPA/WCDMA 850/1900/2100 MHz
  • GSM/GPRS/EDGE 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
  • LTE 700/850/AWS/1900 MHz


Unfortunately, the real Developer Edition won't come with a see-through back

HTC says the Developer Edition of the new flagship will be available in limited quantities to US customers "when the HTC One is released in the United States," costing interested parties $649 a pop. The one clear benefit to this device of course being that the bootloader comes pre-unlocked, meaning those developers wishing to use the phone on a network that prohibits unlocking of the device – or those who just want to tinker – can do so without hassle.

Which carriers will or won't allow unlocking? you may be asking. Well, we can't be exactly sure just yet, but all will become clear when the One's release finally comes around.

Source: HTC Blog

Liam Spradlin
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  • Giblet

    Well the actuall question is.. will it be HTC Unlocked, or will it be S-OFF unlocked..
    I suspect HTC Dumblocked.. which will only help those with providers not allowing bootloader unlocking.. - Still better than nothing..

  • Dan

    *buzzkill* When do I get my phone with the transparent aluminum back?

    • Daniel Wiggins

      My question exactly.

      • John O’Connor

        I was hoping someone would finally do this.. come on x phone

  • TomasHunter

    This is great news! I travel a lot for my job at DISH, so having an unlocked phone will make my life a lot easier when I am overseas. I was already looking forward to that new high density screen and those front facing speakers. My DISH Anywhere app is my go to source for news and entertainment because it streams live TV channels and DVR recordings right to my phone. It’s a great way for me to pass the time I spend in airports during layovers, cancelations and delays; and I expect it to look and sound fantastic on the HTC One.