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Welcome to the roundup of the best new Android applications, games, and live wallpapers that went live in the Play Store or were spotted by us in the previous 2 weeks or so.

This is the app roundup. The game roundup from last week can be found here.

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Featured App

PassWallet - Password Manager

Today's roundup is brought to you by PassWallet (formerly Password Wallet) by HandyApps. Passwords are hard, thanks to the thousands of logins required for modern digital living. Sure, you could have the same passcode for every service, if you enjoy throwing your life into chaos when you lose your phone or get your identity stolen. HandyApps' PassWallet puts all your passwords behind a single PIN, with 256-bit encryption, floating windows for easy copying, cloud sync, a stealth mode, and entries for just about any information you could want. With this app, there's no reason to be anything less than safe. The app below is a 30-day trial - the full version is a one-time purchase of $4.99.


PassWallet is a password manager app that safely and securely stores your most sensitive data conveniently in your mobile phone or tablet. We believe PassWallet to be the most stealthy, most secure and most convenient password manager ever developed for the Android smartphones and tablets! PassWallet password manager keeps sensitive data safe by hiding it in a secret hidden vault. In addition to password management, PassWallet is also capable of being hidden. No one will know you have installed the app. The app does not appear in your app drawer. All data stored in PassWallet is encrypted with tough 256bit AES encryption - the same encryption level used by the military.

✓ Stealth access mode that hides app launcher icon
✓ Most popular templates including web logins, credit cards and ID documents.
✓ Unique floating window function for easy data transfer to other apps
✓ Sync between multiple devices via Dropbox or Google Drive.
✓ Secure password generator built-in
✓ Import and export data to .CSV files
✓ PassWallet will not appear in your recent apps list
✓ Quick launch websites with password auto-copied to clipboard

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Photoshop Touch for phone

Android Police review: Photoshop Touch For Phone Review: Worth The Price, Even If You've Already Paid It

Yes, it's a bit of a jerk move to make those who have already bought Photoshop for tablets pay again to get the same app on their phone. But it's just five bucks (which, in contrast with the $600-800 that the desktop version costs, isn't that bad) and it's certainly worth it. The depth of features like layer and advanced selection tools, along with a stellar user interface, makes Photoshop the hands-down leader in image editing for phones.


Bring the fun and creative possibilities of Adobe® Photoshop® software to your phone with Adobe Photoshop Touch for phone. Transform your images with core Photoshop features. Combine images, apply professional effects, and share results with friends and family through Facebook and Twitter — all from the convenience of your phone.

Opera browser beta

Android Police coverage: [New App] Opera Browser Beta, With Ground-Up Redesign And Webkit Rendering Engine, Is Live In The Play Store

Opera Browser is coming out of the dark age and switching to the WebKit rendering engine (the same one that powers Chrome and the default Android browser) with its latest release. The newly-christened Opera Browser (no Mini or Mobile) also has an appealing UI, and most of the features from the older smartphone releases are intact, including the "new" Off-Road server-side caching.


The free must-have app for your phone. Find friends – discover personalized news – download movies and music – search better. Do more online using less data, with the Opera browser. It’s our best all-in-one app for Android. Fast and easy to use: Our fastest browser for Android loads webpages almost instantly, in the right size and format for your phone. Keep your connection: Browse at high speed outside 3G coverage with Off-Road Mode.


Android Police coverage: Koush's Open Source Superuser App Goes Live In The Play Store

There used to be just one go-to app for superuser permissions on rooted phones, but a few legitimate competitors have stepped up as of late. The newest is Koushik "Koush" Dutta, of ClockworkMod fame, and his Superuser app covers all the bases and then some. Multi-user, PIN passwords, per-app configuration, Holo/tablet UI, and more are available on your device, and the source code for the free app has already been posted to GitHub.


Grant and manage Superuser rights for your phone.

* Multiuser support
* Pin protection
* Manifest permission support
* Per app configuration
* Request timeout
* Logging
* Notifications
* Proper Tablet UX

Vire Launcher

A lot of the fanatical customizers in the Android world have adopted an "outline" look as of late, not least because it seems to work so well with AOSP. Vire Launcher is a homescreen replacement that seems tailor-made for these folks: the unique animations and quasi-3D effects show off your homescreen choices with some fetching visual flair. There's also a few custom widgets, and the ability to theme all icons on the homescreen. This release is a beta version.


Vire Launcher quickly improves your smartphone experiences. Join our public beta phase and try it now for free. This fast, fluid and power friendly custom home screen makes low-end Android phones feel like high-end and adds realistic 3D effects into all devices. Vire Launcher previews some cool features, such as real-time lighting, 3D transitions and automatic theming of all UI elements, including widgets and icons.

Samsung Multi Window Manager

If you're on one of Samsung's later devices like the Galaxy S III or Note II, you know how handy the multi-window function can be. You also know how annoying it can be that not all apps are compatible with the public API. This root-only, 4.2-only app aims to solve this oversight, in lieu of giving developers of said apps a stern talking-to. The reasonable $1.25 paid version adds the ability to set custom shortcuts and open multiple instances of some apps.


Samsung has added a new multi window feature to a few of their Jelly Bean devices. However...there is only a limited set of apps compatible with this new feature. Using this Multi Window Manager, you can enable ANY app to take advantage of this awesome new feature.

This app is now compatible with the following Samsung Galaxy devices:

Note II
Note 10.1


Twitter widgets are a dime a dozen (though some are certainly better than others) but this might just be the best Facebook widget we've ever seen. It's a full-screen scrollable feed that easily switches between networks (just Facebook and Twitter for now) while boosting readability with big, contrasting text and photos. Too bad it's "not optimised" for tablets.


SO.HO is an Android launcher that brings your Facebook and Twitter feeds to life visually on your homescreen. Just unlock your phone and you can switch easily between Twitter and Facebook without having to dive in and out of different apps. With SO.HO on your homescreen you never miss what’s going on. Launching in BETA with Facebook and Twitter and adding other social networks over the coming months we’ll make it easy to stay social. Download now to try it out.

Google Voice for DashClock

We've covered DashClock, the simple, brilliant, and extendable lock screen widget, before. While it works with a few pre-built notifications, the base app is lacking in the Google Voice area, which is where this extension comes in. There's not much to it: get a text to your Google Voice number, and it will show up in DashClock, complete with Voice-specific icon to differentiate it from the standard messaging app. Naturally, Android 4.2 is required.


Show notifications from Google Voice on the popular DashClock widget.

- Displays new message counts (minimized view)
- Displays last received message (expanded view)
- Updates instantly when new notification arrives
- Tap to launch official Google Voice app

DashClock Music Extension

Android Police coverage: Want To See The Currently Playing Audio Track In DashClock? Check Out 'DashClock Music Extension'

And here's another simple expansion for DashClock, which lets you see the currently playing track in a wide variety of music apps. Granted, this one isn't that useful, since Google Play Music and many others already offer this service, but it's handy if you want to keep everything in a single, aesthetically appealing widget.


Shows the currently playing track, album, and artist on the DashClock Widget. Unfortunately both Spotify and Pandora do not broadcast any playing info so they can not be supported. Other players not listed might also work, but have not been tested. If the player supports scrobbling, it most likely will work if turned on.

DashClock RSS Viewer Extension

Android Police coverage: [New App] DashClock RSS Viewer Extension Brings Quick Feed Viewing To Your Lockscreen

Here's one that embeds the RSS feed of your choice on the DashClock widget. Unfortunately, it won't sync with Google Reader or any other RSS service; you'll have to enter the single feed of your choice manually, or choose from a limited gallery of pre-chosen feeds.


Enter your own feed address or pick one of our suggestions and have up to 5 articles displayed on your home or lock screen. Want the latest 5 news articles at a glance whenever you unlock your phone? You got it. What about tech? Fashion? Science? Sport? Enter the address of any feed you like. Great for catching all that breaking news. This is a first release so there may be a bug or two lurking around. Not all RSS feeds were created equally. If you have one that doesn't work just drop me an email and I'll do my best to sort it out.


Thank God. Those of you who live truly paperless will know the frustration of getting that one piece of paper that needs a real signature, only to find that the ink in your dusty printer dried out three years ago. HelloSign sues some fancy camera work to perfectly align documents ant let you digitally sign them without ever sullying yourself by handling dead trees. Truly, this is a golden age.


HelloSign is the simple and elegant way to scan, edit and sign your documents on your Android device. Need to sign a document when you are on the go? The HelloSign app saves you from the laborious process of printing, signing and scanning.. All you need to do is:

1) Import any PDF from your email or take a picture of the document you need to have signed.
2) Create a realistic signature with your finger (looks just like an ink signature).
3) Via email, send the signed document to the desired recipient(s).


Combining OCR and contact management is an idea so obvious that it's amazing no one has made this app before. Instead of focusing on a single business card, Ringya can import entire contact lists at once, and integrate them with your Android contacts and dialer. There's even a way to group contacts into Rings (a la Google+ Circles) for easy organization and sharing.


Put all your work contacts, class lists, club and sports team contacts onto your phone in a snap. Just snap a picture of any contact list or email a digital list to the app and Ringya transforms it into a smart, shareable, organized list. Know who’s calling you and how they fit into your world with contextual caller ID (eg. Matt Johnson, CFO, Axiom Corp / Sarah Jones, Tommy Jones’ Mother, Fairview School). Email or text groups, sub-groups or individuals with the touch of a button (eg. message the entire sales team or just the moms in your son’s class or just the account executives)

Skype WiFi

Android Police coverage: [New App] Skype Wifi Grants Easy Access To 1 Million WiFi Hotspots, Payable With Skype Credit

Not to be confused with the standard Skype app, or any WiFi/VOIP calling service, Skype WiFi is a login app for the network of partnered WiFi hotspots that use Skype's branding. The app allows you to pay for access from your Skype account credit, as well as log in quickly and securely on your phone or tablet. Most of the applicable hotspots are in hotels and airports at the moment.


Get online at over 1 million WiFi hotspots around the world. Pay per minute with Skype Credit. The must-have app for trips abroad and international travelers.

Reduce your data roaming costs when you’re abroad:
• Use Skype WiFi to connect to WiFi hotspots at hotels, airports, train stations, bars and restaurants – available at over 1 million hotspots worldwide.
• Just one tap to connect – then browse the internet, check email, use Skype, check Facebook, update Twitter, upload photos, download music or ebooks.
• Only pay for the time you’re connected - there are no limits on the amount of data you can upload or download.


Ignore the funny name for a moment. This app lets you take direct control of your Nikon dSLR (assuming it's one of the more expensive, later models, anyway) via the proprietary data cable. All of the standard camera functions are available on your phone. Unfortunately you'll still have to be physically connected in order for the app to work, and there are still quite a few kinks for the developer to iron out.


BBQDSLR is the first app that lets you fully take control of your your Nikon DSLR from your Android phone or tablet, with nothing more than your bundled USB cable. This app is only compatible with Android 3.2+ devices, having USB host support. For a full list of compatible devices (phones and cameras), FAQs and discussion forums, please check

Vybe – Custom Vibrations

Creating custom ringtones for contacts is a useful trick, but the utility disappears the moment your device goes into vibrate mode. Vibe intends to solve this problem with custom vibration patterns, set up with a unique control UI. Ham radio operators, you can go ahead and put it into Morse code. You know you want to.


Create custom vibration patterns for your contacts and know who’s calling without looking at your phone. A unique experience where you can design distinct vibration patterns for your phone calls. So, now if you are in the classroom, on the road or stuck in a meeting and find it inconvenient to take the phone out, you can still know who might be calling. And it’s pretty simple. Just create a vibration, assign it to a contact and know who’s on the other end of the line. To put it simple just Create, Assign and Feel it.

Walk Me Up! Alarm Clock

You've got a snooze problem. It's just too easy to hit that little button (or slider) and get another 15 minutes of Zs. Walk Me Up does just what it says, and requires that you walk a certain number of steps before you can shut the screeching alarm off. Who knew that you phone's gyroscope could become your new worst enemy. A tongue-in-cheek "Evil Mode" even disables that oh-so-tempting snooze button.


Walk Me Up. is unlike any other alarm app you would have used. It stops ringing only when you have walked a certain number of steps. That’s right, it 'walks' you up. And this app also has intelligent algorithms to detect shaking. So, if you try to cheat, the app wouldn't hesitate to gotta try it to believe it. So, all those sleepy heads out there who find it difficult to get out of bed, this is the perfect alarm for you.


The built-in Android calculator is a little basic, and by basic, I mean that most of the plastic bricks floating around in grade school backpacks offer more functionality. MathStep allows for advanced equations and syntax, with built-in operations for a handful of standard mathematical functions. It even solves for multiple variables. At the same time, it manages to ape the default calculator's look almost perfectly. Calculation is done remotely, so it needs an Internet connection to work properly.


MathStep is a symbolic pocket calculator with a complete CAS (Computer Algebra System) built-in. That means that it can solve math problems for you. It has an expression editor with a live preview and even gives you hints to solving a problem by yourself for some operations.

The following operations are currently supported:

- Simplification
- Deriving
- Integration
- Calculating limits
- Calculating sums
- Determining series expansions
- Solving equations

Monyt - Server Monitor

Need a simple, Holo-friendly app for monitoring your remote server? Then the vowel-eschewing Monyt is for you. PHP server administrators can see their uptime. load. resource usage, and bandwidth all in the same app, with both exact and visual output.


Monyt is a server monitoring application made to help IT professionals keeping an eye out on their machines status and get notified when something bad happens, as well as checking server stats in real time... at your fingertips.

* Monitoring interval ranging from 5 minutes to 8 hours
* Notice (even audio) in case a downtime occurs
* OS, kernel version, CPU model
* Uptime
* CPU load in last 1, 5 and 10 minutes
* RAM load
* Graphics for bandwidth, CPU and RAM usage
* Partitions table

Network Log

Network logs are pretty common on desktops, but this seems to be the most advanced available on Android. The interface isn't exactly user friendly, but to be honest, those who are interested in exactly what connections their apps are making probably won't mind. Real-time monitoring and a log are all part of the package, but if you want to use the app, you'll need to have a rooted device.


Wondering when and to where your Android apps are connecting across the Internet? Look no further. Network Log is for you. Network Log monitors iptables-logging to display a real-time list of which apps are making network connections, and provides statistics about those app connections. The log tab shows the network packets being transmitted and their details such as:

* source and destination addresses/ports
* network protocol
* bytes transmitted
* connection throughput speed in Kbps
* timestamp

OldSchool Battery Widget (Pro)

Longing for the nostalgic life meters of Zelda and Contra? Looking for a way to incorporate 8-bit chic into your modern digital lifestyle? Then this collection of battery widgets inspired by the greatest console gaming hits of the 80s is most definitely for you. Unfortunately, you can't input Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right B A Start to increase your juice level. This version includes homescreen widgets for those of you rocking Android 4.2.


Old School Battery Widget is the ultimate video game life bar widget. Choose from many classic games such as Zelda, Megaman, Chrono Trigger, Pokemon, Metal Gear, Metroid, Mario, Street Fighter and many more. This fancy battery widget is a must have for every Video Game lover.

  • It works on LockScreen and HomeScreen.
  • When charging the widget's skin animates slowly.
  • Recognises different battery states (regular, charging and full).
  • Up to 19 different skins.

iON Intelligence Battery App

Android Police coverage: Otterbox Releases iON Intelligence Battery Beta, The Companion App For Its Upcoming Battery-Packed Defender Series Cases

Plenty of battery apps end up doing more harm than good, but since this one manages the battery that will be embedded into Otterbox's (as yet unreleased) series of iON cases, it might be worth a look. Not only will it give you an accurate gauge of the remaining power in both the case and the phone, it'll dynamically predict how much time until empty based on your current usage. At the time of writing, only the Galaxy S III will be supported.


The OtterBox iON Intelligence app is the industry’s first fully integrated power management software that acts as an Android battery app. This app is a battery usage app for Android, estimating and predicting battery power and battery time remaining by monitoring your device-usage habits. The iON Intelligence app lets you eliminate guesswork by intelligently predicting when your phone battery will run out. Over time, the iON Intelligence app learns your power usage patterns and improves its accuracy. In other words, the more you use it, the better it gets. The iON Intelligence Android battery app monitors and incorporates many different factors to create the most accurate, personalized power profile possible.


Tornado - American Red Cross

Android Police coverage: [New App] American Red Cross Releases Long-Overdue Tornado App, With Live NOAA Alerts

Spring is coming, and in the south and midwest, that means just one thing: twisters. Like their previous disaster apps, the Red Cross Tornado app includes alerts, shelter locations, and an "I'm Safe" function that will easily contact friends and family. There's also some basic survival information and a flashing alarm, if the worst should come to the worst.


Get your family and home ready for a tornado. The American Red Cross tornado app is the complete solution you need to understand and prepare for a tornado and all that comes with it. With interactive quizzes and simple step-by-step advice it’s never been easier to be ready.

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