US Cellular's variants of the Galaxy S III and Note II are slated to receive OTA updates to the MB1 build, which includes a bump to Android version 4.1.2 for the GS IIII (the previous Note II update here, previous GS III update here).

The Galaxy S III's release notes indicate only two changes: the aforementioned increase in OS version, and a fix for audio when playing streaming media (this may fix a long-reported issue with Netflix playback on the device).

Galaxy S III

Build JR003L.R530UVXMB1 - Android 4.1.2
Release Notes

Items updated, added, removed from the device:

  • Android version Jelly Bean upgrade to v4.1.2
  • Fixed audio issue with streaming media

The changes built into the Note II's update (build R950VXAMB1) are unknown, as it was already running Android 4.1.2.

The Galaxy S III update should be pushing over the air soon, but there are instructions on downloading and flashing it manually using the Simple Upgrade Tool here. The Note II has no such instructions, so you may have to wait for it to push to your device directly.

US Cellular (Note II), Samsung (Galaxy S III)

David Ruddock
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  • lilshit

    I have the Verizon galaxy s3 and i finally got that update on Wednesday. Haven'tseen of an improvement on anything yet except the camera. You can do burst shots. As for anything else, nothing new to see yet.

  • vstop

    When's Verizon gonna give an update, next year?

    • Bold_PC_Manager

      Verizon is always WAY behind everyone else when it comes to OS updates. Very sad.

  • BobM

    Strange but true... I just got my 4.1.2 ota update today. Verizon Wireless. Galaxy GS III.

  • Matthew

    I have the US Cellular Note II, but it is not 4.1.2. My device is on 4.1.1, build R950VXALL1 but includes the multi window feature that I thought was part of 4.1.2. I have only had the device for less than a month and have not received any OTA updates.

  • Paul

    The GS3 and Note2 are like close cousins. The ROM/Firmware is nearly identical. It makes sense if they update one, even with a few minor bug fixes, it's no hassle to update the other. You might-as-well. Recently a Note 2 bug was reported where there's a brief period you can see the desktop and bypass the unlock pattern. Involving going to Emergency Dialer and emergency contacts and hitting home, you could see the desktop for a brief second. They only reported it for the Note II but I went and confirmed not only does my Note II have the "issue" but so does a Galaxy S III. They're almost the same. Except the Note II has the S-Pen and S-Note and multi-window, etc. etc. More memory, faster CPU (it's a few months newer).

  • Scott

    I just installed the latest firmware update on my US Cellular SGS3 and can confirm that Netflix now works.

  • http://www.facebook.com/kamotse.pettigrew Kamotse Pettigrew

    Verizon is getting there update today. 3/13/13