Rumors are tricky things. On the one hand, one of the best ways to verify that a suspicious-looking leak is legit is to examine the track record of the leakster. On the other hand, when an image comes out that's nothing but a rounded rectangle with a few gradients, it should be assumed that the picture is complete bunk or, at best, resembles a real device by virtue of adhering to predictable patterns. Those two principles collided, however, when the legendary @evleaks tweeted the following images that turned out to be Expansys placeholder photos.

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Here's the rub: @evleaks is generally a very reliable source. The images to come out of that account have been right more often than one would expect a single tipster to be and the mystery person behind it has earned a reputation for credibility. This led a lot of people to believe that, while this image may not be a finalized render, it could be indicative of Samsung's design process. Benefit of the doubt, at least, right?

However, if anyone else had leaked the above images, we would've laughed at them before deleting the email. The picture shows a rounded rectangle with no discernable features that, at best, looks like it could be something a Samsung designer put in a presentation as, well, a placeholder. Which is exactly what this image is. It just didn't come from Samsung.

This is the difficulty in sifting through rumors. Outside of official confirmation or sources deep within a company, we're all doing our best to verify the validity of anonymous pictures and apply some critical thinking to sift the truth from the fakes. This happens to be a case where a reputable channel got some bad info that the tech blog world picked up. Lessons learned for better reporting next time.

Source: Expansys (1), (2) via TechCrunch

Eric Ravenscraft
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  • Kenny O

    I was having a hard time believing Sammy would release a (non Nexus) device without hardware buttons, especially that big home key. I figured it was too good to be true.

  • TY

    Android Police, calmly analyzing rumours before reporting, unlike many other blogs which are basically saying, "Hey, look at this news! This is just a rumour, by the way, no matter how unlikely it seems."

    • mechapathy

      Sometimes it's a little tough for me to read that pink site. And it's not cuz of all the pink. Long live Android Police!

      • fixxmyhead

        yea i hate that site. geared towards that verizon cult

        • mechapathy

          Sometimes I enjoy their coverage. But sometimes the click bait is out of control.

          • fixxmyhead

            I hate it cuz it's mostly garbage DROID phones or Verizon oriented crap that only pertains to there locked down phone line up

  • Raje

    Even though Samsung is making me very excited about this device. I won't buy it. I love to be able to update my device whenever google releases a new update.

    I wish samsung cooperates with google to get this device updates like a nexus device : )

    By the way, does anyone know if the rumors about the nexus X this summer are legit or just BS ?

    • Justin Winker

      As far as the Samsung cooperating with Google: Google won't give preferential treatment to one manufacturer over another. The only way they can get it out to their devices faster is by either running Stock android with only modifications in the code for binaries and drivers or by adding their skin elements faster (my thought would be via custom launcher installed in the system folder, but no one's taken that one up yet).

  • Jon Garrett

    glad its fake cause that design would be a step backwards. the S3 is a beauty and I dont want the S4 to look like the S2.

    I wish Samsung would keep the home button shape from the S3, its iconic and different from all the rest.

  • mechapathy

    Thank god, cuz that thing was ugly as hell

  • Peter DeNardi

    Screen sizss are just getting outta hand, 4.5 i believe is the perfect size! I would love to get a samsung s4 but Like seriously 5inches please, id rather just go buy a 7inch tablet... just my opinion

  • Albert Kim

    Are those snowboarding pants? If so then there is your answer.