Last Updated: March 5th, 2013

Update (3/5/13): The latest update to Stitcher Radio (3.0.1) has added back the much-needed homescreen widget with playback controls.

Popular talk radio app Stitcher received a doozy of an update this morning - it's now sporting a brand-new UI, significant streaming and stability enhancements, and rich notifications on Android 4.1+.

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The new version brings Stitcher into line with some of the more modern Android app design paradigms, including the adoption of an action bar, tabs, and a generally more holo UI. You can get the update on the Play Store right now.

David Ruddock
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  • Chris

    nice. I rememberd I sent them feedback about this few months back. The old design was almost like an iOS port. That wasn't what bothered me, but the fact that we have these high res screens, the the UI was designed for low res, smaller screens.

  • andyr354

    Trying it shortly! I like Stitcher for picking up my casual podcasts or for the radio mode of just playing similar stuff in the background.

  • http://www.facebook.com/herman.nazworth Herman Nazworth

    So Mad at new Stitcher update!!
    It no longer fully buffers episodes!!!
    If you leave signal,you lose audio!!
    Hate it.
    My favorite app destroyed....
    Unless someone knows a fix.