There are a lot of Android users that don't much care for buying paid apps. This is doubly true since the old 24-hour return windows was replaced with a comparatively small 15-minute one. A company called Mobiroo seems to think it has the solution: subscribe to an all-you-can-download service for paid apps. It's a little bit like Netflix for apps, and it only costs $2.49 per-month. Of course, that's only a good deal if the service offers apps you actually want.

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Mobiroo is essentially a third-party app store that has forged deals with various Android developers to include their content. Just install the Mobiroo store app and search or browse until you find something of interest to you. The Mobiroo app pushes an APK to your device, and you install it manually. The catch is that the apps are wrapped in DRM that deactivates them if you stop paying the subscription, although the company seems reluctant to make that clear. I could only find one definitive statement on the Mobiroo site that confirms canceling your account revokes access to downloaded apps – it was buried in the "Help Center."

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The Mobiroo app itself has a Holo vibe, and it's fairly snappy. The selection of apps isn't bad, but it's not great either. There are some notable titles like Cogs, Riptide GP, Quell Reflect, and Falcon Pro (as well as a lot of junk). You can get a 7-day free trial of the service, but its going to need more top apps to make that subscription a good deal in the long run. The price is apparently set to go up to $4.99 at some point in the future, so Mobiroo has some work to do in order to fill out the catalog. Full PR below:

TORONTO, March 4, 2013 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Mobiroo, a Canadian mobile apps start-up, announced today that they will be taking the Android app experience in a whole new direction. Today, Mobiroo is launching the first apps on-demand service for Android smartphones and tablets. Hundreds of top paid apps and games, unlimited downloads, one All You Can App membership. The all-new service offers unlimited access to a growing selection of hundreds of top paid apps and games, some which go for more than $20 on Google Play. For a limited time, Mobiroo is marketing the service for a very low $2.49 per month (50% off the regular retail price) with absolutely no time commitment.

"We're experiencing a major shift in the way we consume our content. Consumers are demanding services which give them unlimited access to their content. Netflix has done it for video. Spotify has done it for music. Now, Mobiroo is doing it for apps," said Vinay Chopra , Founder and CEO of Mobiroo. "We've created a premium app experience which is affordable and low-risk. We understand why many Android users don't want to pay for apps. We also understand why it's difficult to justify spending $2,$5, or even $20 plus on an individual app, when you might end up not liking it. That's why we have created an app experience that makes paid apps more appealing, affordable, and low-risk for any Android user. Membership to our service gives users unlimited access to thousands of dollars' worth of top paid apps on-demand; all for less than a Starbucks' coffee. With more paid apps and games being added every day, the value we bring to the service (and our users) never stops growing."

In a report released by research firm Canalys last year, it was revealed that top paid Android apps cost, on average, $3.47 – more than 2.5 times the cost of a top paid iPhone app. Offering the service for a low introductory rate of $2.49/month, Mobiroo users get unlimited, on-demand access to hundreds (soon thousands) of top paid Android apps and games from all categories, including games, health and fitness, music, productivity, utilities, books and reference, and everything else in between. Some of the most notable developers partnered with Mobiroo include Runtastic, Herocraft, Vector Unit, GameHouse, Binary Mill, and a long list of others. All developers' paid apps are available on-demand with Mobiroo's new 'All You Can App' Membership.

Android users can get Mobiroo risk-free and try unlimited top paid apps and games on-demand with a 7-day free trial, available for download at mobiroo.com. For a limited time, users will get to select one paid EA app (valued at up to $4.99) as a free gift when they subscribe to the service. For additional updates and news, follow Mobiroo on Twitter (twitter.com/mobiroo) and become a fan on Facebook (facebook.com/mobiroo). For corporate partnership information, please visitcorporate.mobiroo.com.

About Mobiroo
Headquartered in Toronto, Canada, Mobiroo is a mobile subscription service for paid apps and games on Android. The company obtains content from various studios and other content providers, and distributes this content through multiple markets and channels, including direct at mobiroo.com.

Since 2009, Mobiroo has become the leading provider of mobile solutions for app curation, discovery, promotion, and distribution. Leveraging the popularity of top mobile apps and games, Mobiroo was the first company to market with Android and BlackBerry app gift cards, which now sell in thousands of retail locations in over 15 countries worldwide.

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  • barret907k

    I like the idea. Better incentives for games. Make them more addicting make more money which hopefully makes a better game.

    • http://twitter.com/robinashe Robin Ashe

      I see it the other way. Great for games you'll get bored with and never play again, so there's no big loss if you cancel the sub.

    • primalxconvoy

      This would be great as a gaming platform, akin to the psn's "plus" service. That's if the games are any good.

  • Haedocynic

    For once we have a system where you can pay small, one-time amounts of money for exactly that application that you want and nothing else, namely the Play Store, and now these people want to turn it into something similar to cable subscriptions, where you are forced to pay forever and you are not rewarding the exact applications that you use? I'm sorry, but, even though this is still not very expensive, I see it as a step backwards from the bespoke system we have now. There is a reason why all-you-can-eat restaurants are generally low quality.

  • http://twitter.com/robinashe Robin Ashe

    I could see this being of value if you review apps. Otherwise, I would be concerned about the price going up and the selection not expanding. Also, is that 1 EA game free even after the subscription lapses?

    • Haedocynic

      I think refunds are better for that. You could get a full refund within 24 hours, or a 50 % refund within 7 days. Some applications will not be suitable for refunds: there should be an option to make those 1-hours refunds (to be determined by whom? I haven't thought about it yet).

  • http://codytoombs.wordpress.com/ Cody Toombs

    Mobiroo is not forthcoming about the split that developers get or how it is calculated. I've got a lot of doubts about this catching on.

  • Dan

    Yes, please. Give me a monthly contract! I don't want to own anything. I just want to keep throwing my money at you month after month after month. Wait... "Mobiroo"? I thought it was spelled v-e-r-i-z-o-n.