If you love Toy Story, you probably already jumped on the new game Smash It! If that's not enough Toy Story action for you (or your kid), Disney just pushed out a brand new live wallpaper that lets you explore Andy's bedroom. Appropriately enough, it's called Toy Story: Andy's Room. 

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It's more than just a live wall, though – it's packed with fun mini-games, including falling army men and darts. Those games will net you points, which lets you unlock new characters. So, basically it's a game on your homescreen (read: battery hog).

The lighting in the room is also dynamic and changes according to your local time. So in the AM, it's bright and airy, and as the day goes on it settles into dusk and night, all in relation to what time it is where you are. That's pretty neat.

Andy's Room is a free download, so hit the widget to give it a shot.

Cameron Summerson
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      Oh wow, I didn't know they still run competitions for posting a comment first in 2013.

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      You win at the Internetz! Congratulations.

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    Stop hating on Johnny lol

  • spydie

    runs out of darts too quickly... when do they come back?

  • Sully Wisnefski

    Darts run out too quickly.. not enough army men to make it a fun "game." If there were more darts and army men, then it would be much more fun. Also, some screens are completly inactive?? As in, they dont have any interactive features on them..? That kinda sucks. But over all its pretty cool, probably guna switch back to my night jellyfish soon tho.