If you're the kind of fan that absolutely must have a Star Wars version of everything in your life, then grab your officially licensed Ahsoka Tano phone case and head for the Play Store. Zen Studios, makers of the well-received Zen Pinball HD, have released their Star Wars-themed pinball app, creatively titled Star Wars Pinball. It's a reasonable $1.99, but unfortunately restricted to Android 4.0 devices and above, and thus tragically off-limits to the Special Edition R2-DROID2.

The game comes with the Empire Strikes Back table, and the Boba Fett and Clone Wars (The Cartoon Network series, not the lamentable prequel) tables can be downloaded for another two dollars each. But "table" might not be the right word: the usual gee-whiz props of real pinball have been replaced with full 3D animation, interspersed with some impressive "scenes" from the movies. Characters run around the table like a 1990s toy commercial, duking it out for your entertainment once you've racked up enough points. Six bucks is a lot for a pinball game, but Zen seems to have put a lot of love into it.

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You can also download the tables in the Zen Pinball HD game for a two dollars each. It works out as the same price, so you can get the Boba Fett or Clone Wars tables instead, or keep all your tables in the same app if you've already bought some of the previous in-app purchases. There appears to be some early issues with the Star Wars Pinball app - Zen Studios says that they're working to iron out the kinks.