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Around a year and a half ago, Google removed access to paid apps from the Taiwanese Play Store after a complaint was issued claiming that the company violated a local law demanding a seven day return window. A surprisingly short court battle ensued and 8 months later Mountain View walked away with a $34k fine (you read that right), and a losing appeal. The company opted, at that point, to simply remain out of the Taiwanese market. Until now.

We reached out to Google to confirm that it was, indeed, offering paid apps again. The company had this to say:

“Google Inc. is pleased to announce that Taiwan users can once again find and purchase paid apps on Google Play."

This should come as good news not only to Taiwan but all international markets. Google is working to bring paid apps (and other content) to more nations and apparently the company is more flexible than it was in the past. Whether that's due to new infrastructure or just a loosening in policy is anyone's guess.

Source: Google

Eric Ravenscraft
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  • Thomas

    Google had surprising little to say :P

  • SteveE

    So do the Taiwanese get a 7 day return window on their apps now, or did Google get an exclusion from the law?

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/author/eric-ravenscraft/ Eric Ravenscraft

      We asked. We'll update when/if we get a response.

    • Eker

      The Taiwanese did not get 7day return window.
      The Taipei government had lost the lawsuit against google. This mean google did violate law so google can sell app again

      • Jon

        Whait, what? Taipei government lost? Then google violates the law? Then Google can sell? No comprende.

        • Eker

          This is why my English teacher always Ask me double check what I write. lol

  • kevin_TeslaCoil

    FYI developers need to re enable Taiwan from the Play Store Developer Console > App > Pricing and Distribution > Taiwan.

    • Mike Reid

      I noticed Taiwan was unchecked on my paid apps yesterday and checked them.

      There is no native currency listed there for Taiwan though.

  • Anthony Dellavecchia

    I live in Taiwan and this is great news!
    But I use Market Enabler so it isn't a huge deal personally.

  • akam akam