It's been a week or so since Samsung decided to release some source code, so I guess it's time for a fix. The company just dropped the Jelly Bean source for the international variant of the original Galaxy Note, which received the 4.1.2 update back in mid-February.


You know the drill: download, tinker, enjoy. Hit the link to grab it.

Samsung Open Source Release Center

Cameron Summerson
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  • Harjit Sahota

    good guy samsunngggg

  • james smith

    Whats a source code and what does it do?

    • Mike Reid

      it's a funny thing that goes into a machine and comes out like sausage. :)

  • Taran Dhillon

    I dont understand how to update my note! what link do i press and or what else do i do? ???

    • Nick Wright

      I would not bother if I were you, it won't make much of a difference anyway & you could easily brick your phone as you obviously are not experienced at it.

  • ro37373

    How do I ipdate my note ? Please.
    How to do ?

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Stefano-Lovecchio/100000656644606 Stefano Lovecchio

    Just a question...Kernel source code is already available for Note 2 N7100?

  • Paul

    Whoah. They JUST NOW released the kernel source code for the original Galaxy Note? Isn't that device like 6-12 months old?

    • Mooki

      The device is nearly 18 months old, the source they "just now" released was for an update that started being pushed out 2 weeks ago. Sammy have generally been good about releasing the source in a reasonable amount of time.

  • Marcus

    yeh whatever, the site is frozen or miss linked, probably be a couple of days or a week at best.....

  • The B Pain

    I have updated and working well really like the advantages of using email now and the better pen interface

    • mohammed dwairy

      How,should it work? I mean i downloaded the source code and searched for the update but didnt find anything

  • mehul

    Is this a officeal jelly bean for note (yes or no ) ?

  • dilbaghsingh

    hey guys please anybody tell me when would we get the jelly bean update for galaxy note (gt n7000) in india......please guys reply as fast as u can.....u may email at dilbagh.narender@gmail.com

  • Sumeet Biswas

    When will it release in INDIA :(
    Plz reply :'(

  • sunil

    Plz tell me i should get jelly vean

  • Daksh

    How do i update my galaxy note (GT-N7000) with the official 4.1.2 jelly bean?
    Plz reply fast. ....

    • Drifter

      Go to settings then find google framework press cear then goto developer section then press updat instead of waiting for an update u can do this on any android .