Last Updated: March 4th, 2013

At an afternoon press conference across the street from MWC 2013's enormous venue, ASUS has just wrapped a (hilarious) press conference that saw the introduction of two new devices (or three?) – the Padfone Infinity and the Fonepad. Before we dive in for hands-on, let's take a quick look at the specs and pricing for the devices.


Jonney Shih with the Padfone Infinity

Padfone Infinity

The Padfone Infinity is the tablet/phone combination we were expecting from ASUS today. It's got decent specs, and boasts ASUS' new AOCC "Ubiquitous Cloud" functionality, but has a rather stunning price, pegged at €999. The device isn't expected to make an appearance States-side. Here's a quick rundown:


  • 5" 1080p (441ppi) display
  • Quad-core 1.7GHz Snapdragon 600 Processor
  • 2GB RAM
  • 13MP Rear Camera (with a 2MP front shooter)
  • 2400mAh battery
  • Up to 64GB built-in storage
  • Android 4.2 Jelly Bean

Padfone Station

  • 10.1" 1920x1200 (~224 ppi) display
  • 5000mAh battery

padfone-infinity-03 padfone-infinity-04

padfone-infinity-01- padfone-infinity-02 padfone-infinity-05


The Fonepad, likewise, is just what it sounds like – a phone that's also a tablet. But this is not your ordinary phablet – the device rings in at a whopping seven inches diagonally, and packs some specs that are significantly different to (though not better than) the Padfone Infinity duo. The Fonepad may or may not become available in the US, but ASUS specified a $249USD price point for 8GB of storage, with European users set to pay €219 for a 16GB model minus the rear camera. Prospective customers can also choose between Titanium Gray and Champagne Gold color variants. Here's a look at the specs:

  • 7" 1280x800 IPS display (that's ~215ppi)
  • 1.2GHz Atom Z2420 processor
  • 1GB RAM
  • 4270mAh battery
  • Android 4.1 Jelly Bean
  • 3MP rear camera (and 1.2MP front camera)
  • Unspecified 3G Connectivity

asus-fonepad-01 asus-fonepad-02 asus-fonepad-gold-no-camasus-fonepad-purple asus-fonepad-purple-no-cam-1

While the Fonepad's specs are decidedly underwhelming (especially considering the similarly-positioned Galaxy Note 8.0 from Samsung), we've seen that using an actual tablet as a phone can work for some. We'll be back soon with hands-on photos. In the meantime, do ASUS' new offerings interest you?

Liam Spradlin
Liam loves Android, design, user experience, and travel. He doesn't love ill-proportioned letter forms, advertisements made entirely of stock photography, and writing biographical snippets.

  • Himmat Singh

    Not content with a Padfone, Asus comes up with a Fonepad. How ingenious.

  • madmike318

    meh... Thank you come again.

  • Chahk Noir

    I do like the *idea* that Padfone introduces - a dumb large screen/battery to enhance the phone when you need a larger viewing area. The last piece of the puzzle is still missing though - a keyboard/trackpad for the assembled padfone to dock into and turn into a full-fledged laptop for when you need better editing capabilities.

    Open up the bootloader so that I can load Ubuntu on it (phone/tablet/desktop editions, or better yet Ubuntu for Android when that's released) and I'd be willing to pay $1000 - $1200 for the entire combo. Sure beats paying for 3 devices separately, not to mention having all my docs/media in one place without having to sync.

    • ElfirBFG

      Lapdock happened, it's going to be a while before someone takes that risk again.

      • Chahk Noir

        Can we just pretend Lapdock never happened? Like Star Wars Episode 1, or Battlestar 1980, for example.

    • Jan Mikolajczak

      That's how the original Padfone works! I've got it and I am very happy with it (that's not saying there aren't a few downsides, like the terrible battery life of the phone on its own and the weight). I didn't bother getting the dedicated keyboard (it WAS really expensive, I thought), but have happily used it with the TF101 original docking keyboard (usb and all, even battery indicator worked. only had to give it a bit more of a squeeze, but nothing that made me fear for the hardware ;) )

  • http://www.facebook.com/HUDoubleFizzle Justin Huffman

    Why do these devices never come to the states??? I've always wanted a Padfone! Bring it stateside with LTE, Asus!

    • Matthew Fry

      It is such a cool idea. It's too late for me though. I'm not letting go of my S3 and N10.

      • http://www.facebook.com/HUDoubleFizzle Justin Huffman

        I've got an S3 myself but I have a special place in my heart for Asus tech...I'm still rocking my TF101 and I'm trying to get a hold of a N7. If I understand the specs right though, the only carrier that this phone is compatible with (if you want to pay almost $1k for the phone/tablet dock) is MetroPCS.

    • Mike Reid

      Because the carriers have you over a barrel.

  • Muddy

    Atom? Is that a joke, right? Even the new atoms are crap!

  • http://www.facebook.com/markj1993 Mark Johnson

    So the Padfone 2 doesn't arrive in the UK til next month yet they announce this.. Well done, Asus

  • troph

    No dock or stylus again? That was what made the original Padfone special. C'mon ASUS! You can do better.

  • L boogie

    Amazing that with the majority of the upcoming devices about to launch less than a handful including this padfone is running jelly bean 4.2 out of the gate, wonders never cease but I'll invest in this infinity device if Asus releases a keyboard dock to accompany the phone/station stateside, give or take on the stylus and I'll enjoy this complete package till the new nexus devices come out...btw, Asus where's the next iteration of the transformer series?

  • sssgadget

    Oh Shih!

  • Jan Mikolajczak

    Myself I own the original Padfone (right now I'm saddly missing it as it's screen is being replaced :( ) but to be honest, I like the 2 more than infinity... at least the shape, there's something more distinct and convincing about it .. :)

  • Bleakvision


  • Bleakvision

    Since the phone and the tablet have almost the same resolution, the tablet is basically a magnification glass.

  • Freak4Dell

    Dammit, Asus. I got all excited because I thought this Fonepad thing was like a Padfone, but smaller. Quit toying with me.

  • Mike

    That's too bad the Padfone Infinitywon't reach the U.S., it actually looks like a really good looking (from the front, at least) and powerful phone. I give props to Asus for the Padfone

  • prindorz

    what happend to the stylus? is it not included in this variant?