Did you know there are other kinds of games out there besides 8-bit platformers? I was as shocked as you are. As it turns out, though, some people prefer to play things that don't involve shooting guns, jumping on enemies or collecting coins. Things like Puzzle Retreat which is a delightfully clever yet simple game for the casual player.

puzzleretreat1 puzzleretreat2 puzzleretreat3

The basic premise is simple. You have a set number of ice cubes that need to be slid into place. In later levels, new blocks that change the direction the cubes slide, or that melt already placed cubes show up. It's easy to learn, yet as the levels go on, they get remarkably complex to solve. As any good puzzle does.

There are two groups of 26 levels that come free, which is more than enough to determine whether or not you enjoy it. After that there are more level packs that can be purchased for $1 each, with a new set coming out every month. While obviously we find the best-case scenario to be "Buy once, play forever," it's hard to argue that a dollar a month is a rip-off. Especially for such a nice-looking game.

Eric Ravenscraft
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  • enomele

    Something like Where's My Water costs 1$ once. Not every update. :-)

    • Dan r. Maor

      True, however they do have the backing and marketing power of Disney, so the can afford lowering the price to gain more customer.

      My younger sister watches Phineas and Ferb regularly, and one time I could distinctively hear the Where's My Water music playing mid-show while one of the characters talked about an app.

      I hate IAPs as much as anyone, but at least this sort is somewhat more honest; it's not "pay more to be able to get a better sword to advance faster", it's not giving the illusion of "free" - it tells you upfront that you get 50 levels, and you can pay to get more if you so wish. Plain and simple.

  • Alexander Bohl

    I simply don't trust this IAs. What if I install the APP in 5 years again? I am sure that every bit I bought in Playstore is still there...
    Give me (us?) level-packs in Playstore and I'll buy some...