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Valarm Pro

Android Police coverage: [New App] Valarm Pro Monitors Sensor Data Remotely, Uploads For Detailed Tracking And Study

Need to keep track of a fleet of company vehicles, or study the travel patterns of the earthbound college student? Then Valarm is for you. It's an impressive data gathering app that calls back to Valarm's web servers, presenting information on location, speed, audio, light, and power in an impressive display of analytics. There's even support for external Bluetooth and USB sensors. You'll need a subscription to the service for multiple devices and more advanced tracking.


Valarm is the Versatile Asset Locator And Remote Monitor. You can use it to track almost anything via GPS, and to monitor almost any environment via sensors. Commercial fleet managers use Valarm as a vehicle or container-tracking device with additional sensor information. Scientists and hobbyists use it as a remote environmental monitor or Data Acquisition platform. Consumer applications include use as a motion-sensing or sound-sensing, GPS-tracking, anti-theft alarm and tracking device, or a powerful property monitor.


You may have heard of MOO's NFC-enabled business cards. This is the app that reads them. But wait, says the infomercial spokesman, that's not all! It can also write new information to your existing cards, or any other open NFC tag for that matter. Of course, you'll need Android 4.0 or later and a device that supports NFC to take advantage of the app.


The NFC by MOO app allows you to easily write URLs, phone numbers, maplinks, contacts or social network links to your NFC-enabled MOO Business Cards, or any other NFC tag. Just choose, tap, and go. Built by the same people who brought you MiniCards and the acclaimed Luxe Business Cards, the NFC by MOO app allows you to truly customize the “third side” of your NFC enabled MOO Business Cards. Release your creativity, and then tell us about it

Zero Motorcycles

Android Police coverage: Zero Motorcycles Releases A Companion App For Its All-Electric Bikes, And It's Actually Pretty Neat

We've seen a few apps for electric vehicles before, but Zero's takes the cake. In addition to remotely viewing the charge level and range of your all-electric crotch rocket, you can actually change performance settings. Set it to be faster or more efficient right from your phone - now that's cool. If you don't have a Zero bike (like most of us) you can go through a digital showroom on the app as well.


The Zero Motorcycles Android App is the perfect companion to your new 100% electric Zero. The app utilizes your Android's Bluetooth connection to communicate with any 2013, or later, Zero Motorcycles model. The Zero App includes a "Demo Mode" that allows you to browse the App and envision what it might be like to use this app with your own Zero. We encourage you to check it out.


AutoTether for Automatica

The Automatica dongle sits in your car and downloads audio from podcasts, Google Drive, Dropbox, and Skydrive when an open WiFi access point is near. If you'd rather not wait, you can use this app to tether the gadget to your phone via Bluetooth for some on-the-go downloads. You can also manage the software on the screenless device without a PC.


AutoTether automates the task of starting the tethering when you get in your car and stopping it when you leave the car. AutoTether has been designed as a companion app for the Automatica car USB device, to keep it synced while you're driving around. AutoTether uses simple Bluetooth detection to make your smartphone location aware. It provides an alternative to NFC leveraging the Bluetooth availability for location awareness and lets your Android device turn tethering on automatically when in proximity of another paired device.

WeMo Beta for Galaxy SIII

Android Police review: [New App] Belkin Releases An Early Beta Preview Of Its WeMo App For Android, Still Missing Several Features, But It's A Good Start

It's about time. Belkin's remote-controlled appliance system WeMo has had an iOS component since launch, but they're just now getting around to an Android version. The title includes "For Galaxy S III", either because it's the single-most popular Android phone at the moment or (more likely) it's the only one they bothered to test. Any phone running Android 4.0 or later should work, more or less.


As announced at CES 2013, Belkin will be releasing a fully functional WeMo App for Android 4.0 and higher devices this Summer. This App is an early Beta version, specifically tested on the Samsung Galaxy SIII. Although all 4.0 and higher devices can download the app, stability and performance can’t be guaranteed.

Supported features;
• WeMo device control via Wi-Fi and 3G/4G networks (remote access)
• Setup, custom icons and names
• Local firmware updates
• IFTTT integration
• English language only

Get Free Apps

We considered this one for a long time before including it in the roundup, but it seems to be a legitimate service. It's fairly similar to Amazon's Free App of the Day. Developers submit their apps to the program, you download them through Google Play, and get refunded via a PayPal account. Naturally, you'll need both a valid credit card and a PayPal account to take advantage of it.


Do you want to enjoy the best Android paid apps for FREE? In Get Free Apps we promote an app. Elsewhere, you have to pay for it, but we give it to you for free. All you have to do is buy the app as you always do, and then we will transfer to your PayPal account what you paid for it. As easy at it sounds. You need to activate a credit card in your Google Play Store account, and own a verified PayPal account (business or personal). If not, you won't be able to purchase the promoted app and we cannot refund your money :( Verify these points before installing Get Free Apps and rate the app.


Shortened URLs are useful, until they don't work. Unshorten runs in the background, routing shortened links in a social messaging application (or anything else) to your specified app with ease. After setting up the "complete action" dialogues, it should save power users a measurable few seconds a day.


Jump directly to your favorite native apps and avoid using a browser to unshorten URLs such as and With Unshorten, you avoid the annoying browser middle-man to unshorten URLs and are taken directly to your chosen native application. Tapping short links in Twitter clients, Facebook, Google Plus, and Reddit first opens a web browser. The browser then immediately redirects you to your selected default native application. Save time and avoid unnecessary taps by letting Unshorten expand short URLs and open the proper native application directly.


The FOX Network is a member of the Hulu, which makes major US broadcast shows available freely and legally to online watchers. So what's the point of a separate mobile app when we already have Hulu Plus? Well, for one, it's not a video app: it's the latest in the "second screen" fad, which encourages you to chat, tweet, and otherwise socialize while watching live TV. There are few DVD-style extras thrown in for good measure.


FOX NOW is the mobile destination for your favorite FOX shows. Tap into the social conversation around your favorite FOX shows while you watch TV, get more content from your favorites, and stay connected throughout the week. FOX NOW takes you deeper into your favorite FOX shows, with behind-the-scenes cast and crew interviews, previews of and clips from upcoming episodes, special compilations, and tons of photos. Keep the app open while you watch live TV to follow along with the show, cast and crew, friends and other fans on Twitter and Facebook. Tweet your thoughts on what's happening now. With select shows, sync FOX NOW to your TV for even bonus show content tied to scenes.


Android Police coverage: Channel 4's 4oD Comes To Android In The UK, Provides You With Your Inbetweeners Fix On The Go

Alright Brits, this one is for you. While your BBC television payment will get you access to most public channel programming on mobile, the less integrated ones in the UK are still a bit behind the times. not so with Channel 4 and its subsidiaries, thanks to the 4oD app, which has long disgraced Android with its absence. Full episodes and other video detritus are streamed freely to all subjects of Her Majesty - yanks need not apply.


The 4oD app is free to download and hosts a wide selection of programmes from Channel 4, E4 and More4. This content is available to watch free of charge, with no limit to the amount you can watch, and is accessible via WiFi networks. Browse for programmes by date of broadcast, category type, A to Z list - or try our editorially curated collections.

Movie App HD

Since Google's added movie results in the main search, there's less demand for this sort of app. But movie buffs should still find some more dedicated info for themselves. The best idea on display is probably the dedicated ratings section for each flick, which displays a collection of aggregate ratings quickly.


Movie App HD is the ultimate movie discovery app on Google Play right now. What this app allows you to do is search for movies, check their ratings, screenshots, trailers, actors, director, writers, release dates, similar movies, basicly all the information you would expect of a movie discovery application. Also be sure to check out the different top lists like: New Movies, Top Rentals, Box Office, Now in Theaters and Upcoming DVDs.

BBC Sport

Android Police coverage: BBC Sport Mobile App Launched For Android, Just In Time For Six Nations And The End Of The Premier League Season

The BBC has a sports app. You know what that means: more soccer, cricket, and English horseriding rugby than you can shake a stick at. Even so, it's impressive that the app features news. live video, and live scores from the six sports included, and the interface is an eye-catching yellow-themed Holo. The app is only available in the UK, and only to devices 7 inches or smaller.


The official BBC Sport app is the sports fan’s guide to live sport news, video highlights, scores stats, fixtures and results, curated by the BBC’s team of sport journalists.

Main features:

  • Home screen displaying the top stories across the world of sport.
  • Live and on demand video and audio
  • A page for Football, Formula 1, Cricket, Rugby Union, Rugby League, Tennis, Golf
  • A page for all the other main sports, UK nations, plus major events
  • Daily live text commentaries from BBC journalists

NBA All-Star 2013

Android Police coverage: [New App] NBA All-Star 2013 Is Exactly What All Sports Apps Should Be

The All-Star Game is over, but we're including this app in the roundup just because it's a great example of a sports app done right. With an interface that's clean (if not exactly Holo), lots of video, a long list of features for both visiting fans and those tuning in, and no carrier restrictions, some of the folks at Verizon and the NFL should be taking notes.


The NBA All-Star 2013 App is the ultimate guide to All-Star. Keep up to date with event information, live scores, video and photos. Vote for your favorite players to win contests during the weekend and play predictive games.

MediaMonkey Beta

Android Police coverage: MediaMonkey Beta Shows Up In The Play Store, Brings Some Bug Fixes Along With It

Desktop users of MediaMonkey love it for its automatic tagging and sorting capabilities, not to mention customization options. While it's still in beta on Android, it's now got an official Google Play release, so serious music lovers can dig into their perfectly organized collections. Local music only - be prepared to load up your device or MicroSD card.


A media player for serious collectors. This is the pre-release version for users who want to test out the latest and (sometimes) greatest... MediaMonkey helps you navigate and manage and sync large music collections. Key features in the initial release:

  • Content Navigation for Music, Audiobooks, Podcasts, Video, ...
  • Navigation by various subcategories (e.g. by Artist, Album, Composer, Genre, Playlist
  • Playback (relies on native Android codecs), with replay gain (volume leveling), bookmarks, Lock screen support (Android 4.1+)
  • UPnP/DLNA client with download manager
  • Contextual functions to manage single/multiple files (e.g. play, queue, playlist management, delete, use as ringtone, share, edit)

radio reddit (free)

Indie music and Internet counterculture den Reddit were made for each other, and this app was made for the both of them. Tune in to an impressive selection of live streams curated and maintained by redditors, all for free. The pro version will let you play Top Ten songs at any time, and replay the streams you've already listened to. And since it's a Reddit app, it's Holo. Naturally.

-- is the source for quality new and popular independent music. Our live streams are not controlled by program directors and DJs in the pockets of large labels. Songs are chosen by an algorithm which only weighs users' votes when deciding what gets played and what gets excluded as junk. Songs with high voter approval eventually make it onto the radio reddit charts and get promoted by having a higher probability of being played.

Archos Video Player Free

We previously featured Archos' admittedly solid video player app, now available on the Google Play Store for a mere five bones. For those who can't shell out even that much, there's now a free ad-supported version.


ARCHOS makes Video Player app available for all Android tablets and phones (requires Android 4.0 or later). The critically acclaimed Archos video player app offers an uncompromised multimedia experience. Hardware accelerated video decoding support for most devices and video formats; Ability to play content from any computer/network storage in your local network (SMB and UPnP) or from an external USB storage device; Automatic online retrieval of Movie and TV show information with poster and backdrop for both local and network content; Integrated subtitle downloader.

flikdate - live video dating

Speed dating gets its natural digital evolution in Flikdate. Spend 90 seconds talking to a stranger on a "date," and see if you hit it off. A note to exhibitionists: there's a strict no-nude policy, and you'll get your bare butt kicked if you try anything R-rated. You'll also need to be 18 to legally use the service.


Flikdate is the world’s first real-time live video dating app. We’re fun, we’re cute and we are wherever and whenever you want to be dating.

• Instant signup - no profiles to fill out - immediate access to real dates.
• Enjoy 90 seconds of a real video date with a real person; see and hear what they’re really like.
• Be yourself: have fun and test your chemistry in minutes.
• The fastest date in the world

Martini - Meet New People

So you're looking to date, but you're not a basement-dwelling loner. You have friends. So take 'em along, in spontaneously organized mixers. You and your friends set up a group, then go out to a mutually beneficial social gathering. Groups are organized similar to Google+ circles, and a built-in chat function allows you to talk to individuals.


MARTINI sets you and your friends up on mixers in your city. Meeting new people should be fun & easy. Martini matches you and your friends with fun, outgoing people in your city.

• Create a group with your friends via Facebook
• Get daily matches with other groups in your city
• Decide who you want to meet and start chatting

Moment.Me is a personal photo aggregator. Log into all your disparate social networks and photo uploading sites, and let it download, organize and tag your photos automatically. You can add a new "moment" from within the app, and like every other photo app under the sun, you've got the option to add Instagram-like filters.

-- is an app that collects all the pics, tweets and videos created at any given event and displays them in a panoramic, multi-POV (point of view) layout for you – and it works in real time. It’s never been easier to view shared experiences through the eyes of your family, friends and others in the crowd. Forget the hassle of trying to track down and organize all the social content you and your friends created at a shared event; does all the hard work for you. Simply post pics, tweets and videos as you normally would on your favorite social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google+), and takes care of the rest.

Shuffle My Life

If you're so bored that you need an app to tell you what to do, you should probably put the phone down, go outside, and look for some pleasant company. If that option simply doesn't exist, you could try Shuffle My Life, which suggests dorky things you can do with a Chat Roulette-type random social element.


Shuffle My Life is a game played in real life which transforms your free time through fun and chance. It’s an obvious antidote to ruts, stress, boredom and even mid-life crises, but more importantly, it is designed from the ground up to get you in situations you’re not used to. It’s free to play and completely open to user contribution. To play, just press the logo and a new task will be generated from a huge and ever-growing list of possibilities.


Android Police coverage: NARR8 Motion Comic Reader Comes To Android, Offers A Unique Take On Indie Art

Motion comics aren't exactly brand new on Android, but NARR8 has already made quite a mark on iOS, so those who were waiting for it can fire up the Play Store to get in on the action. Selection seems a bit limited at the moment (and fair warning, there's a disproportionate amount of "furry" comics on display).


NARR8 is the latest innovation in the world of mobile applications, erasing the boundary between a book and a TV series. NARR8 is more than just an e-book. Every series comes complete with animation, sounds, music, HD-effects, and multimedia elements, which allow you to interact with whatever appears on the screen. NARR8 is waiting to tell you about everything from superheroes to furry, spacecraft commanders to monsters, as well as romance, politics, and much more. The best scriptwriters, illustrators, designers, and programmers will help you to immerse in the world of NARR8: where stories come alive and never end.

Pokémon TV

Android Police coverage: Pokémon TV Arrives On Android, Streams A Rotating Selection Of Episodes For Free

There are approximately a billion people who would pay for a native Pokemon game on Android (and if you kept it to the Gold and Silver critters, I'd be one of them). This isn't that app. Instead, it's intended for the legions of fans of the Pokemon TV show, which has over 750 episodes, 15 movies, 8 TV specials, and entirely too many monsters. It presents a few of the latest episodes Hulu-style, with previews for upcoming episodes to boot.


Take Pokémon TV on the go with the Pokémon TV app. Watch amazing Pokémon animated adventures starring Ash, Pikachu, and all their friends. Plus, don't miss exciting special features and trailers for upcoming Pokémon movie events. It's the perfect app for Pokémon fans to keep up with Pokémon TV episodes. Even better—this Pokémon TV app is free.



Yup, yet another recipe app. But this one has achieved notable success on Windows, and even so, has managed to adhere to Holo standards on Android. All the standard feature are here, including the ability to browse a database of recipes or add your own.


More than 2,000 recipes and photographs, equivalent to 20 giant cookbooks. The iCookbook team of FOOD EXPERTS and ACCREDITED NUTRITIONISTS selected recipes that use readily accessible (and affordable) ingredients. The recipes will inspire you and help solve your everyday problem of meal selection. FREE recipes every month. Every month, the iCookbook team will carefully select a group of new recipes that you can add to your collection at NO ADDITIONAL COST so iCookbook™ will grow with you and become the only cooking app you will ever need.

Burpple - Food Photo Blog

Foodies have really blossomed in the digital age, and apps like the awkwardly-named Burpple (really?) are only encouraging them. Document and photograph your meal so that you can delight one or two of your peers and annoy the hell out of the rest. It connects with Instagram, naturally, and has listings for restaurants in your area.


Burpple is a new way to share, organize and discover trusted food experiences through photos and stories. It's a brand new way to food blog. We'll keep you forever hungry. We’re so excited to welcome Android users to what has become a thriving food and travel community. As Burpple is currently in beta, you might experience occasional hitches. We will continue to iterate and release updates with more features frequently.


Android Police coverage: [New App] Tapestry Is A Collection Of Short Stories That You Read By Tapping, But You Can't Go Back

Here's an interesting idea: mobile-friendly short stories, formatted specifically for smartphones, and advanced by a tap. But they're only advanced: you can't ever go back. Most of the stories will take less time than this roundup to get through. The app is still in the early stages, and the Twitter integration seems to be having some issues.


Exclusive short stories presented in a beautiful and unique reading experience. Tapestry includes free stories from best selling author Robin Sloan and many others, with new stories released regularly. Take your time enjoying these interesting stories.


  • Beautiful, full screen reading environment
  • Tap to download new stories when they’re released
  • Offline reading – read on the go
  • Direct link to share your thoughts with the authors
  • Tweet and share notable pages with a single tap

The Little Mermaid

Pop-up books are a sadly ignored medium, especially since books are becoming an ignored medium. Developer StoryToys is taking the pop-up book idea to the digital age, with "books" that animate while telling a story. The Little Mermaid (Hans Christian Andersen, not Disney) is their latest offering, complete with minigames, narration, and "follow the bouncing ball" reading assistance.


StoryToys presents a magical new story from its award winning series of interactive fairy tales. Submerge yourself in the Little Mermaid’s underwater world and help her win the Prince’s heart. This beautifully rendered tale is adapted for younger readers from the original (there’s even a happy ending). Filled with wonderful illustrations, 3D pop-up scenes and a variety of fun and engaging activities, The Little Mermaid is sure to become a firm favourite. With potions to mix, music to play, puzzles to solve and dances to attend, there’s never a dull moment for readers sharing the Little Mermaid’s adventures.

Vixes - book for kids

Another entry in the "digital book" genre, this may be the first original children's book I've seen in the format. Characters are fully voiced and there are interactive puzzles - so at what point does a digital book become a game with slightly less animation?


Vixes is an interactive book for children and their parents for Android smartphones and tablets. Our interactive book is suited for kids of age from 2 to 7 and packed with beautiful artistic backgrounds. It is fully voiced and features little Vixes - Valie and Alie, in a long and engaging story with logical and intuitive puzzles and games. Vixes are jolly and hard-working little people. When night falls on Earth, the Sun shines bright in their world - and they work tirelessly to bring us sweet and colorful dreams.

The 500 Hats of Bartholomew

Regular readers of these roundups know the drill by now: Dr. Seuss children's books, complete with narration, reading assistance, and slight animation.


King Derwin of Didd demands "hats off to the King" when he passes by his citizens. But poor young Bartholomew Cubbins has a problem. Every time he removes his hat, another hat appears atop his head. Come along for the ride, as Bartholomew is whisked off to the royal throne room, summoned to the wise men, brought before the King's magicians and even shot at by bow and arrow. As the number of hats reaches 200...300...400, what will happen to Bartholomew at hat number 500?

Hunches in Bunches - Dr. Seuss

...and another one.


A young boy with many wonderful ideas is led in many directions by dozens of Seussian hunches--a Sour Hunch, a Very Odd Hunch, the Homework Hunch, a Four-Way Hunch, the Nowhere Hunch, creatures with good, bad and silly advice, but mysterious creatures with large gloves on there heads reply with bad and crazy ideas, even with some contradicting their own ideas.


Alright, 80s kids, go nuts. This app recreates the sounds of the ZX Spectrum 8-bit computer released in the UK. The only "software" it emulates" is the tape error screen, which you can play with to create different sounds. Preferably when you're not in company.


Play the ZX Specturm loading sounds as a musical instrument on your Android device. The critically acclaimed ZXPlectrum has finally come home to android. Relive the crisp sounds of your youth. Change the loading phase and pitch to make some weird but familiar sounds.

♥ Heart Collage

Android Police coverage: App Roundup: Here Are Four New Valentine's Day Apps That Don't Suck [Update]

This app instructs you to take eight separate self-shots in various poses, then stitches them together into a heart shape. Stick your phone on a shelf, and the app helps you align your body to the necessary shape. Sharing to various social networks (including Google+) is included, and developer Square Island gets brownie points for a Holo interface.


This fun app shows you how to pose for each part, snaps the shots one by one, and stitch them all together into a heart mosaic. Just prop it on a shelf, start the timer, and keep on posing. It's your portable photo booth for fun collages. Get creative. Pose with your arms, hands, fingers, get the cat in it too. How about lying on grass for a nice green background?

Live Wallpapers

Love is in the air LWP (Free)

This one might work best if you can steal your intended's phone for a few seconds (or a few more, and change their ringtone to the Barry White song). It's a simple Valentine's theme with some animated background elements, plus customization with the names of your choice. The $1 Pro version allows for a slightly busier wallpaper with more animated elements at once.


This Valentine Season Why Not Splash Your Device Screens With Your Love?? Thinking How?? This Live Wall Paper here is what we made just for you. Customize It To Show You & Your Valentine's Name, or leave cute notes for your partner on their homescreen. Customize the complete Scene to achieve your desired effect.



Love Letters Pro

Android Police coverage: App Roundup: Here Are Four New Valentine's Day Apps That Don't Suck [Update]

Joko Interactive makes some great live wallpapers, including the popular Light Grid and Paperland. Their Valentine's Day entry is a simple screensaver-style live wallpaper with scrolling shapes, text, squiggles and what have you. There are plenty of options for customization, as you'd expect from their other apps. The app is $1.


The perfect Valentine's Day live wallpaper. Romantic imagery and phrases hand-drawn across your screen. Choose how much is drawn at a time, how fast, and what colors to use. Choose from a variety of built in themes. Take screen shots of your creations and share them with your friends. Use the Randomize feature to create unlimited new themes.

WTF App(s) Of The Week


Oh Captain, my Captain, how the mighty have fallen. William Shatner was never particularly serious, but this app is definitely a new low. Rearrange words and hear them in The Shat's dulcet, halting tones, in a process called "Shatisms". Good grief, I can hear every one of our UK readers laughing from here. Additional wordpacks are available for purchase, if you really feel the need to pay to hear Captain Kirk speaking random sentences. 


I am pleased to present to you my official app. I created it to invite you to collaborate with me – through Shatoetry. Shatoetry lets you arrange words to compose sentences, statements, phrases, messages and hear me perform them for you. That’s right: You author it, and I’ll recite it. And what do we call that? A Shatism, of course. You can save the Shatisms you create, and send them to your friends by email.

The Predicktor

Android Police coverage: 'The Predicktor' Will Allegedly Predict Penis Size Based On Your Butt Size (And Other Very Personal Info)

This is an app that will predict your penis size. Put in some less specific information about other dimensions, and it'll tell you your size when you're (ahem) standing at attention. There's also some genuinely interesting facts, mostly to mollify those gentlemen who feel that they're somewhat lacking in the trouser department.


Forget measuring your own penis - old news - no perspective. Our app takes it to the next level and tells you every other guy's size - from across the room. No need to ask him or measure any of his parts. We pulled together trends from medical studies to give you the best predicktion. Ours doesn't rely on one measurement to find his length - but uses what matters - including butt size, height, ring finger length and even sexual orientation. Why? Because scientific studies show that's what matters - not his nose size or sadly relying on one thing to predict.

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  • the app's launch date has to be no longer than 2 weeks ago
  • it has to be original, ground-breaking, well-reviewed, interesting, fun, etc - the cream of the crop

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