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Featured App

Catch The Candy

Today's roundup is sponsored by Catch the Candy from Herocraft. Good God, this thing is so cute it makes me sick. Catch the Candy is Herocraft's latest game, assigning you to guide a little purple... thing through physics-based stages towards sweet, sweet candy. The swinging and grabbing mechanic is similar to the various Spider-man clones you've seen hanging around the Play Store, with much better level design. It's based on the hit Flash game of the same name.


We all love candy right? So does this cute little creature, but it's always tantalizingly out of reach for him. You'll need to use his extendible grappling tail to catch the candy, but it's not always as easy as it looks. Push and pull obstacles, balance on unsteady logs, climb flag poles and grip onto almost anything to work your way across the level and grab that candy.








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The Simpsons™: Tapped Out North America

Android Police coverage: Woo Hoo! The Simpsons: Tapped Out Is Now Available In North America

If you thought that Sim City could only be improved if it was set in Springfield, then this is the game for you. After Homer destroys the town with a free IAP game, he needs to re-assemble famous landmarks like the power plant, Moe's, and 42 Evergreen Terrace. While the free nature means that there's a pretty big push towards spending real money, the Simpsons' writers and voice actors will be more than enough to keep true fans coming back for more.


THIS GAME IS LIFE-RUININGLY FUN. Homer accidently caused a meltdown that wiped out Springfield. D’OH. Now, it’s up to you to rebuild it. From the writers of The Simpsons, tap into a city building game that lets you create your own living, breathing Springfield... for FREE. With HD graphics – you’ll get an eyeful of greener greens, yellower yellows, and more. But who wants to read all this text on a screen? So you should CHECK OUT THE SCREENSHOTS because the screenshots really sell it even though we really don’t have to sell this game because it’s FREE.


Metal Slug is a series that needs no introduction, and plenty of fans consider the second installment the best of the lot. Maybe that's why DotEmu saved Metal Slug 2 for last - numbers one and three have been available on Android for some time. It's not cheap, but for some of the best side-scrolling shooter action of the 16-bit era, it's surely worth it.


The second chapter of the acclaimed run-and-gun action shooting series, "METAL SLUG 2" launches on Android. Thwart General Morden's evil ambition, and uncover the secret of his new coup. In addition to its classic “ARCADE MODE”, this perfect conversion of “METAL SLUG 2” includes a “MISSION MODE”, allowing you to select in which stage you want to play. You can now train yourself in your favorite stages or those which give you a hard time. 2 female recruits, Eri, a former super agent, and, Fio, the heir of a military family, join Regular Army's PF Squad Marco and Tarma, in order to put an end to Gen. Morden's dastardly plans.

Cordy 2

Android Police coverage: [New Game] Everyone's Favorite Sentient CRT Is Back In SilverTree Media's Cordy 2

SilverTree Media makes some fantastic, if infrequent, platforming games. Cordy 2 picks up where the original left off, with an animate monitor fighting off nonspecific evil. While the graphics, music, animation and game mechanics are all great, it's Cordy 2's fantastically tight controls that make it worthy of your attention. The first four levels are free, with the rest of the game unlocked by a single $3.99 in-app purchase.


SilverTree Media is proud to introduce Cordy 2. The sequel to the hit games Cordy and Cordy Sky. After a long and harrowing journey, Cordy and Volt finally arrive at World 2, only to find it besieged by the evil Boogaloo. Help Cordy and Volt as they set off to save the Zap Drops from Boogaloo's evil minions, the Boogie Bots. Guide Cordy through 3 action packed and beautiful worlds. Fun filled Carnival world, serene Harmony Harbor and epic Sky Factory.

Roller Rally - Snake Pass

Android Police review: Roller Rally Snake Pass Review: A Fun Mashup Of Racing And Platforming

With a genre as crowded as the endless runner, it's amazing that no one thought to include a racing element before now. Roller Rally is an iOS hit that plays a lot like the multiplayer stages of Sonic the Hedgehog 2, without the multiple players: you race three other adorable animals on roller skates, making your way through multi-layered levels. Graphics are cute, if not overly complex, and the low price is reasonable for twenty levels.


Use your wits, skill and speed to become the legend of Snake Pass, one of the most feared and deadly skating trails in the world. Steer your favourite Milky Tea character down a jagged and epic mountain ridge, twist and spin across dark and death-defying caverns and follow the trail as it descends at lightning speed into the sea, testing the skills of even the bravest skater. After completing the mountain pass, the adventure continues. Greater dangers lie in wait as the gang are transported to a land of ancient jungle temples and molten, Mayan mayhem. Race the volcano level at your peril.

Syder Arcade HD

Android Police coverage: Syder Arcade HD Knows What The 80s Never Forgot: Shooting Aliens Is Awesome

Syder Arcade HD knows its audience. It's perfect for those who are both nostalgic and masochistic. A slightly updated vision of classic space shooters, the game will make you work for every inch as you fly through bullet hell. Features include "Shooting, Dying, and Zombie-free" - it's got my vote. You'll need at least a dual-core device with an 800x480 screen to play the game.


Collecting coins never gets old, but some times you just need a break. Get back to some serious Old-School gaming with Syder Arcade. A love letter to Amiga the games of the 90', no coins, no upgrade grinding, just your tenacity and a motherload of alien invaders. Syder Arcade is a free scrolling, multi directional shoot 'em up, an uncompromised gaming experience, furious, straightforward and challenging. This game will bring you back in time, when bulky starships were cool and games were about swearing madly at your computer.


Android Police coverage: Awesome Land Is A Parallel Universe Where Mario Joined A Street Gang And Heads To The Acid Trip Kingdom

What would have happened if Shigeru Miyamoto joined a biker gang in 1982 and spent the rest of the decade doing speed and listening to Iron Maiden? It would probably look a lot like Awesome Land.


This retro platform game pays tribute to, and parodies, classics such as Super Mario Bros., CastleVania and Mega Man, in style. Manley's motorcycle has been stolen by evil aliens. It's up to you to help him kick some alien hide and claim it back in this incredible parody of the great platform games of the past. Venture into a twisted version of the Nevada Desert. Discover alien bases. Stamp on monsters with your massive biker boots. Weave between furious flamethrowers. Munch on meat... from the walls.

Forever Lost: Episode 1 SD

Android Police coverage: [New Game] 'Forever Lost: Episode 1' Is A Creepy Puzzle Adventure Game Along The Lines Of Myst

There's a surprisingly large market for point-and-click games made specifically to scare your pants off. Forever Lost mixes the Myst-style adventure gaming with survival horror sensibilities to make a title designed to creep you the hell out in the middle of a sliding block puzzle. A large part of the game centers around using the vintage in-game camera, with a free companion app (think Instagram of the Dead) available here. Unfortunately, the HD version is an Amazon exclusive for the moment, since the Play Store can't handle games bigger than 350MB.


Awaking in a mind you don’t know to a world you can’t remember. Surrounded by things that can’t be real, haunted by experiences long forgotten. Questions racing through your mind. Is this a waking nightmare or a half-forgotten dream? Who are you? Where are you? How long have you been here and how do you escape? The answers are somewhere, but where? In the world you have found yourself trapped in or your own mind? You have to move on, you have to discover the truth. You have to escape.


Android Police coverage: [New Game] QuestLord Will Scratch Your RPG Itch With An 8-Bit Sword

You think you're old-school? Brother, you ain't seen nothing yet. QuestLord takes its tongue-in-cheek RPG inspiration seriously, with full-time on-screen controls, decidedly 8-bit graphics, and more dungeons than a rat could crawl through. Luckily there's a little bit of modern-day sense in the title, thanks to a swipe gesture combat system.


In QuestLord you assume the role of a lone hero out to save the Shattered Realm from certain destruction. A new turn-based Role Playing Game in the classic style of the legendary Computer Role Playing Games that defined the genre.

  • Dungeon crawling action.
  • Screen swiping combat.
  • More than just DUNGEON CRAWLING action.
  • Explore vast worlds and over 160 maps.
  • Not just trapped in a dungeon, explore wilderness and cities.
  • Level up by crushing your foes and finishing Quests.

Tamagotchi L.i.f.e. by Namco Bandai

Android Police coverage: Tamagotchi L.i.f.e. Arrives On The Play Store, Floods Your Phone With Weird Japanese Nostalgia

Any child of the 90s will have fond memories of raising a digital chicken to adulthood, only to see it die a few days later, teaching us all a wonderful lesson about the futility of life and love. Now you can get that feeling on your Android phone with the official Tamagotchi app, complete with "authentic" LCD graphics and sound effects. Hey Bandai, where' the Digimon version?


It's Tamagotchi's Sweet 16 this year and we’re giving you the gift. Bandai has created the first ever Tamagotchi L.i.f.e. App, based on the original virtual pet, and it’s yours, FREE. It's just like the virtual pet you loved, only better; its in COLOR, features more characters and higher resolution and a place to keep your Tamagotchi collection. It’s Tamagotchi To Go. on your ANDROID smartphone and tablet.


Android Police coverage: [New Game] Too Lazy And Uncoordinated For Parkour In Real Life? Play Vector On Android

It's hard to find something new in the world of endless runners, but Vector takes inspiration from the real-life Parkour fad to inject some innovation into the genre. You'll have to carefully time your moves to keep the silhouetted character moving. Check the video below - the animations in this sprite-based game are truly impressive.


Vector is an exciting, arcade-style game featuring you as the exceptional free runner who won’t be held down by the system. The game opens with a view into a totalitarian world where freedom and individually is nothing more than a distant dream. But the heart of a freerunner is strong, and you soon break free. Run, vault, slide and climb using extraordinary techniques based on the urban ninja sport of Parkour all while being chased by “Big Brother” who’s sole purpose is to capture you and bring you back.

Alien Breed

Android Police coverage: [New Game] They're Comin' Out Of The Walls - Alien Breed Lands On Android For $4.99

If you were a bit young for the Amiga days, Alien Breed was a series that was unofficially based on the Alien movie franchise. It's got all the bases covered: space marines, scary aliens, bigger scary aliens, and... well, that's actually all there is. The Android release includes updated graphics and controls, as well as four new levels.


Alien Breed is the classic sci-fi, top-down shooter developed by Team17. Launching originally in 1991, Alien Breed has now been remade for Android which can only mean one thing it’s time to turn down the lights, turn up the sounds and encounter Alien Breed again.

★ Classic Mode – Play using the original graphics, music and controls.
★ Enhanced Mode – Featuring enhanced graphics, audio and controls.
★ 4 New Levels – entirely new levels that intersect with the original Alien Breed story
★ 6 original Alien Breed levels
★ 12 Alien Breed Special Edition levels

Zombie Minesweeper

Android Police coverage: [New Game] Zombie Minesweeper Is Exactly What It Sounds Like... And It's Awesome

Attention, readers: the February 20th game roundup marks an entire year's worth of posts featuring at least one zombie game. Woo. Even in a market as crowded as this one, Zombie Minesweeper manages to stand out, with quirky humor, fast play, and a fun take on a Windows classic. Keep moving through the minefield, marking your territory, picking up ammo, and of course, shooting zombies. But watch where you step, or you'll be just as dead as if the undead raccoon really had eaten your brain.


Zombie Minesweeper is a frantic adventure game filled with satisfying puzzles and juicy Zombie explosions. Our snarky heroine is caught up in a Zombie apocalypse and must escape her suburban neighborhood and cross the countryside to safely meet her boyfriend. By using markings on the ground, you must help her flag explosive mines and outrun hordes of brain-hungry Zombie wildlife. Fortunately, you have an assortment of weapons and tools to deal with the pesky Zombies in this mind-blowing soon-to-be-classic.

* Over 30 Zombie EXPLODING levels.
* Dozens of Achievements to collect
* Exciting environments such as a Zombie farm, a spooky forest, and the pet cemetery.
* 14 hungry Zombie animals to destroy
* Fight against birds that are angry.
* Fun puzzles based on classic minesweeper.

Hexen GLES

Android Police coverage: [New Game] Hexen GLES Brings The Classic Shooter To Android, But Bring Your Own Game Files

Nothing says "gaming classic" like a logo dripping with blood. For the uninitiated, Hexen was a Doom-style shooter with a Dungeons and Dragons theme, casting magic instead of slinging bullets. Unfortunately, it's just a demo - you'll have to provide your legally-acquired game files if you want to play the whole thing. Thanks to modern hardware the game should run quite smoothly even on mid-range phones.


HexenGLES is a 3D hardware accelerated port (OpenGLES) of the classic Hexen game. You are one of the 3 heroes who will defend Cronos, your realm, from Korax and his minions.

It supports:

  • High resolutions
  • Realtime dynamic lighting
  • Particles effects
  • Blood projections
  • Realistic water effect
  • Xperia Play gamepad buttons (touchpads not supported yet, probably later)


Android Police coverage: [New Game] Activision's Wipeout Brings Big Balls To The Small Screen

No, not that Wipeout - this is a digital version of the bafflingly popular and somewhat sadistic game show. Run through platforming levels avoiding water traps, perilous jumps, and foam-covered gauntlet obstacles. If you're a fan of the TV show, it's a fair bet that you'll enjoy the game. If only for the balls.


Say Hello to the BIG BALLS. Now you can tackle your favorite Wipeout obstacles on Android and pull off hilarious Wipeouts anywhere you go. Run, jump and dive through your favorite challenges from the hit TV show.

  • Wiping out has never been this fun. Earn style points for every victory as well as every Wipeout
  • Master classics like the Topple Towers and the infamous Big Balls, and face new challenges you've never seen before
  • Choose from a range of wacky contestants with unique abilities to conquer courses in the quickest time
  • New to Wipeout or just having an off day? No Problem. Hone your skills in Time Trial mode, and try to get the perfect run on every round


A vertically-oriented platformer with some puzzle elements, Robo5 resembles nothing so much as the old Q*Bert games with a fresh coat of paint. Your robot avatar has to get to the top of the level, strategically climbing, jumping on, and moving various blocks, while the battery element provides a ticking clock. Graphics and atmosphere are impressive, as is the free price, but it's exclusive to Amazon for the time being.


Robo5 is a 3D-Action-Puzzle game that gives you control of a tiny robot climbing from the bottom of a mountain of boxes all the way to the top. Enjoy hours of mind bending fun on your Kindle Fire and Fire HD while helping Robo5 escape from the freezing cold lab. Marvel at the games steampunk charm while completing a journey of self identity. Each level consists of a series of boxes stacked on top of one another. The goal is to push, pull, and climb these boxes to reach the top and advance to the next level.

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Amazon Appstore - Robo5

Monster Rivals

Monster Rivals is an interesting combination: a mix of Monster Rancher collecting and training with modern social elements. You'll have to create your own monsters by mixing body parts, then set them loose on your opponents for more RPG-style weapons and upgrades. Don't let the Street Fighter layout fool you: this one is a turn-based fighter.


Design your own monster and fight against your friends to become the best in the world. Destroy your enemies using tons of awesome and crazy weapons with super powerful moves. Free to play. Battle friends on Facebook. Monster Rivals is easy to pick up but offers endless ways to improve your monster and skills. With an absurd amount of unique and totally over the top weapons, you never know what to expect. Level up your monster and choose your own stats, gems, and trinkets. Explore the island and find hidden treasure by battling in different exotic areas.


It's about time that someone released Audiosurf for Android. Until then, you can try Stereoride, an interesting mix of Tempest and Guitar Hero. The game uses your own music to generate levels and enemies, which you then fly through in upgradeable ships. So you'll probably want to use Metallica over the Irish Tenors.


Pilot your ship through a unique asteroid-filled Universe that's generated from your very own music files. Fly your way through your favorite tunes in style, using never before seen on-the-fly level generation technology. Generate unique levels from your favorite music. Press 'Add New Song' in the Song Selection screen and pick your MP3 files from the Media Library. It's that simple. Collect as many stars as you can while avoiding the asteroids. Unlock new ships, and more. Over a dozen achievements, with more on the way.

Sela The Space Pirate

A fairly typical top-down space shooter with an interesting setting (think Metroid meets steampunk) and a wicked sense of humor is the order of the day in Sela the Space Pirate. The graphics are also pretty good. No half measures here - it's full 3D with 2D gameplay. Missions are interspersed with RPG-style cutscenes of the titular Sela and her robot friend cracking wise.


Sela the Space Pirate and her loyal robot Botte are flying through an asteroid field when they suddenly destroy a giant meteor that contains a huge alien nest. There’s no time to lose . Help Sela to clean up space and get rid of those parasites to reach her only goal: pillage and fill her ship with juicy money. But that won’t be an easy task because the Space Bunnies Police Force won’t let you rob the galaxy with impunity. Dive into the crazy world of this ultra-dynamic shooter with its incredible 3D environments and enemies, and fall for Sela, a true greedy psychopath and her funny misanthropist robot .

Zeus Defense

I don't know what's so attractive about phenomenal cosmic power, but there sure seem to be a bunch of games that tap into it. The latest is Zeus Defense, which places you in the sandals of the Almighty. It's your job to defend the cities of your worshipers with floods, volcanoes, lightning bolts, and (possibly) plagues of frogs. Less smiting, more saving.


The mighty Zeus, ruler of Olympia needs your help. An uprising of rival gods are desperately trying to destroy Zeus and all who worship him. So as their terror rains down on the cities of the world, you must take charge of the ultimate power of Zeus and vanquish them forever. The world needs you .Zeus needs you....Help save humanity today in Zeus Defense.

The Sandbox

Android Police coverage: [New Game] Creation Game The Sandbox Is Live, Pixelated, And (Sort Of) Free In The Play Store [Update]

At first, The Sandbox sounds like the perfect mobile game: open-ended creation aspects with some 8-bit style. And the Etch-A-Sketch aspect is a lot of fun, with the ability to build everything from a T-Rex to a xylophone. So say an impressive amount of downloads on iOS. It's too bad that in-app purchases are both frequent and egregious. To play the full "free" game, you'll be spending about $15.


The Sandbox is finally available on Google Play. Trust us – you haven’t seen anything like this yet. Imagine creating your own universe (complete with amazing Pixel Art), composing your own music, and much, much more. The universe is yours to create or destroy, and the only limit is your imagination. Start from scratch with basic building blocks like stone, water and soil. Once you discover mud and sand, you’re on your way. Grow plants, raise mountains, generate life and gain access to advanced tools for crafting more and more complex elements.


Shellrazer may or may not be inspired by the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' conveyance of a similar name. Either way, it's a shooting game in the vein of Contra, with an interesting customization aspect: you can customize your turtle tank with different guns and payloads. Rescue your fellows and you'll be able to use them in later levels. The game is free, with in-app purchases for later levels.


You are a Klang Clan Turtle Wrangler and you must ensure your War Turtle completes his annual trek across the Goblin Kingdoms. Battle hordes of goblin archers, ballooners, sheep riders, mutant monsters and steampunk war machines and collect their loot to keep your edge in battle. Rescue Klang Clan prisoners and recruit them to your cause. Curtis the War Wizard, Gunnar Gunnarson the Heavy Gunner and Klang the Mechanic are only a few of the warriors who will join your on your journey. Experiment with different combinations and set-up your War Turtle with your favorite characters to complete your quest.


Burt Destruction

"Burt Destruction" may be the least subtle name for a video game character since Duke Nukem. Burt's mission is to defeat the evil Yeti, who somehow has leprechauns as henchman. That seems unlikely, from both a geographical and cultural perspective. Animated shorts help to flesh out the story of this otherwise basic platformer.


Help Burt Destruction and his buddy Bigfoot defeat the forces of Yeti and his seriously twisted henchmen in this exciting new platformer. Do you have the sweet skills and lightning fast reflexes to defeat the insane leprechauns, the McGuillicutty’s, and the giant evil German earthworm, Wormenstein? Collect coins, upgrade your powerups, upgrade your allies, and unlock crazy costumes on your quest to do battle against the pint sized Yeti and his evil minions. Go now, they need you.


This game picks and chooses elements of the "roguelike" genre, taking the procedurally generated levels and old-school graphics but leaving the turn-based combat and permanent death. A handful of classes and a persistent story help to keep things interesting.


MicroVentures is an action adventure game with roguelike elements. Play as the Knight, Wizard or Rogue in bite-sized riveting adventures while you stand in line for something less exciting.

- Procedural roguelike levels
- Procedural story that will drive the gameplay
- Quick but powerful gameplay, suitable for all types of players
- Many different playable characters, including a Knight, Wizard, and Rogue.
- Full of wondrous settings outside of your ordinary dungeon
- Intuitive touchscreen controls
- Fantastic 8-bit retro style art and music

Rivals at War

You got your shooter in my card game! Despite the screenshots, Rivals at War plays more like Magic: the Gathering than Modern Warfare, thanks to a strategic card system that determines the outcome of computer-controlled battles. You can recruit soldiers, then train and upgrade them as battles progress. There's even a uniform customization option.


RECRUIT an elite team of combat soldiers and shooters who are ready for duty anytime and anywhere. TRAIN your soldiers and upgrade your weapons for each mission. ATTACK the enemy and watch epic head-to-head battles unfold. CONQUER rival teams from around the world. Fight for VICTORY and become the elite of the elite.

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BitsBits Dragon (English)

Tower Defense needs more dragons. At least, that seems to be the point of Bits Bits Dragon - it's honestly a little hard to tell. Tap the dice-based robots to blow them up, then unleash a special "FEVER" attack when you've made enough points based off of combos. It's simple... unlike the somewhat baffling backstory given on the Play Store.


War in the Saikoron Kingdom was becoming more intense by the day. In order to end the fighting, the ultimate weapon has finally been brought forth in your country.... Will this weapon really bring peace to the Kingdom? What fate lies ahead for this war? BitsBits×Dragon is a single-tap action defense game. Simple commands lead to exhilarating, spectacular effects! Unleash dragon attacks against your enemies, who appear from the foreground. Launch spectacular, fullscreen attacks with just a simple tap on the screen!!

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Bridge Constructor PG FREE

Hey, physics nerds: your very own paradise is here. A new entry in the surprisingly robust bridge-building genre, the free version of Bridge Constructor tasks you with building the most stable bridge while keeping your money and materials under budget. Unlike some similar games on Android, this title includes basic 3D graphics.


Bridge Constructor Playground offers people of all ages an introduction to the topic of “bridge building”. This game gives you the freedom to let your creative side run riot – nothing is impossible. You have to build bridges over deep valleys, canals or rivers. Following this your bridges will be subjected to a stress test to see whether they can support the weight of the cars and/or trucks which drive across them.

Redneck Revenge

Redneck Revenge takes 2D shooting down south. Blue-collar man Red was just trying to relax at his local watering hole when an army of undead stopped in for a pint. Kill zombies with boomsticks, machine guns, beer taps, nail guns, killer whales, and whatever else happens to be handy. And you thought the banjo duel from Deliverance couldn't get any creepier.


It's the end of another day for our good ol' Redneck. But just as he's starting to close the bar, strange customers start coming in through the door. Damned. Zombies. Grab your weapons and fend off hundreds of zombies in this unlikeliest of shoot 'em ups. Watch out for dentures, mad cows and other zombie abominations in this cartoon-style vertical shoot 'em up. Our Redneck will have to make a stand and get to grips with all sorts of weapons, both conventional (pistols, pump-action shotguns, assault rifles, etc.) and not so conventional... Using dynamite-stuffed chickens, the awesome spud gun or bulldozer hogs, wipe out zombies by the dozen.

Crazy Defense 3D

Crazy Defense 3D surely lives up to its name: it's a 3D tower defense game where you fight off doctors and nurses trying to re-capture a crazy man. The pill-popping mechanics might be a bit politically incorrect, but the 3D interface and mechanics look interesting - the variety of tower styles mean that this isn't your standard "make a maze" defense game.


"Crazy Defense 3D" is a new 3D tower defense game acclimated in realistic sceneries and its totally FREE to download in any android device. Is not a typical tower defense game. In this game you help Dan, a man thought to be crazy and that has been carried to a psychiatric center for strange behaviors. Dan has the ability to control objects around him with his mind, but he cant control them very well and he is believed to be dangerous. Dan receives as medication some pills that curiously help him to improve the control of his power.


While we wait for an Android version of Super Meat Boy, Grudger might just scratch the same sociopathic itch. It's another mix of endless runner with some solid platforming mechanics, and some cringe-worthy death animation and sound effects. The 3D graphics are alright, if simple, and a survival mode is included if you can get through enough of the main game.


Grudger puts his life on the line for the morally ambiguous strangers he calls his customers. He's a lowlife free runner in a dangerous steampunk world and he always delivers the goods. There is no life bar in this puzzle-runner hybrid; only the sound of crushed bones. Run, jump, roll, slide and bounce off walls to proceed. Use your environment to master all thirty levels in this acrobatic adventure.

Amelia vs. the Marathon

Want a running game that's a little more true to source material? Amelia has to outwit her marathon rival in a series of battles interspersed with endless runner gameplay.There's not a whole lot that's new here, but the addition of boss battles to this particular genre drew our eye. No in-app purchases is a nice change from the norm as well.


Amelia vs. the Marathon is a linear, replayable adventure in which you must dodge obstacles and defeat a sequence of characters as fast as possible to get the best marathon time. Battles are short, turn-based fights with timing mini-games that determine the power of your attacks. Between the battles, successfully dodge obstacles to regain your lost speed and stamina. Once you’re able to beat all six bosses and cross the finish line, start over again and try to beat your best time using the skills and strategies you have learned.

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Android Police coverage: Globulous Is Three Measures Of Mahjong, One of Bejeweled, Half Measure Of Tetris, Shaken Over A Sphere

If you've ever had the desire to play Tetris on a sphere, then you're a bigger fan than I. You're also the prime audience for Globulous, a 3D reimagining of the classic title. Clear the ball, create combos, and do it all in the time limit for the highest score possible. The developers seem pretty enamored with their in-game music, which is available on Google Play Bandcamp.


Classic block-puzzler gameplay, brand new world. This is the first title by Firestarter Games, a Canada-based indie game startup.


If you enjoyed the punishingly difficult Super Hexagon, this might be right up your alley... and you won't have to pull your hair out to play. Bobbing uses the now-familiar reverse gravity gameplay and fast-paced levels to keep you interested. Roll your way through the level without stopping and you're golden. A color switcher will keep you on your metaphorical toes. The free edition is appropriately prefaced "get addicted."


BOBBING is a unique fast-paced, addictive game with simple touch screen controls. Reverse the gravity and switch colors to clear challenging levels. Collect bonus pieces and don't get caught by the blazing fire to get the highest score.

  • 86 increasingly difficult levels with puzzles, portals, bonuses and replay value.
  • Simple touch screen controls that are easy to use.
  • Colorful HD graphics.
  • DJ Sigmao’s rousing music.
  • 0 IAP and will never have.

Planet Descent

Combining physics gameplay and the silhouette graphics that seem so popular with indie games recently, Planet Descent is part platformer and part puzzle game. Vector graphics should appeal to just about anyone. Without weapons, you'll have to get creative with the grapnel to make it through the various asteroid levels.


Piloting an asteroid mining ship; you must grab, pull and smash your way through 6 physics based planets fraught with manmade and natural dangers to retrieve a raw source of energy found only at their very core. Although unarmed, your ship is equipped with a grapnel hook capable of lifting rocks many times the size of itself. Pick up, pull, throw, smash and topple rocks with your grapnel using real world physics to solve puzzles and descend through each level.

Bend The Laser Pro

We've seen these laser puzzle games before, but there's only so many times you can play through the same levels. Bend The Laser also ups the ante with relatively large stages and extra game functions, and 120 different puzzles. Here's the free version to try it out.


Bend The Laser Pro is a simple yet addicting puzzle game with unlimited levels. Bend and Split laser beams to light up all the checkpoints in over 120 levels. Use 6 pipes to avoid wooden boxes to solve an endless supply of puzzles. Combine & Separate laser beams to solve mind-bending puzzles and interact with Portals to teleport laser beams across the grid.


Wordsplosion is a simple word game where you guess the correct form of a jumble of letters. Plus explosions. That's pretty much it. The game boasts a huge dictionary of words, which is a big deal for fans of the genre.


It sounds simple enough: Just try to guess the five letter word. You’ll have five guesses to do it and we’ll even give you the first letter. No problem, right? Well, you’d better be quick because the clock is ticking, and if you take too long...BOOM. Did you hear that? That was a Wordsplosion. — and the next one you hear might be your last. Performance-based hint system. If you keep a clear head and a steady hand you’ll earn free letters to help you out when you get in a jam. The more words you guess, the more hints you’ll get. Who knows, with enough practice you might even see your name in the high scores.



Android Police coverage: To Celebrate A Good Day To Die Hard, Fox Releases Subpar Game In A Played Out Genre, Fails To Notice Allegory

A Good Day To Die Hard is so awful, it's almost got moviegoers wishing they had Shia Labeouf Justin Long back. Almost. While the official tie-in game is getting surprisingly good reviews, there's no denying that the on-rails shooting is clunky and uninteresting. Oh, and you don't play as John McClane, you get to be his kid. What you gain in hair you lose in attitude. And in-app purchases rear their ugly heads at least as often as Russians.


Yippee-ki-yay. Welcome to Russia: are you ready to battle ruthless mobsters, elite commandos and shadowy politicians? Play as Jack McClane, the son of New York City’s most famous cop, legendary John McClane. Prove that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree – blast your way out of Moscow’s mean streets and travel to the radioactive wasteland of Chernobyl, where you’ll have to overcome incredible odds to save the world from nuclear terrorism.

WTF Game

Die For Metal

Vikings knew nothing of metal-based music forms, unless you count the sweet, sweet melody of bashing iron helmets. Die For Metal aims to fix this unfortunate fact of history with a viking battling to become a rock star. It's so metal, there are pentagrams for buttons. Amazingly, Jack Black appears nowhere in the credits.


Are you ready to die for Metal? It's a brutal battle to be a member of a legendary death-metal band. But if you have the balls, you could do it. Die For Metal is a 2D Platformer where you play as a pagan metal-viking, battling though 3 worlds, with 45 levels, from ridiculously easy, to extremely hardcore. You will die a lot. But luckily your deaths will be counted, so you can brag to your Metal friends about how much you have died for Metal.

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