Well, here we go. This isn't the first Galaxy S IV rumor we've seen or heard over the last several weeks, but it's the first one that may actually hold water. The story actually started earlier today, when Eldar Murtazin of Mobile-Review pasted a somewhat cryptic message on Twitter about "a big announcement" coming on March 14th. He went on to mention something about HTC missing One sales again.

It was later corroborated by SamMobile that the March 14th date was in reference to an upcoming Samsung event where the Galaxy S IV will be announced. Now, we're not generally ones to buy into something just because it was suggested by multiple people, but in this case The Verge is also backing the rumor, stating that it "has confirmed with sources familiar with Samsung's plans" that the company will "definitely" announce one or more devices on March 14th. Color us intrigued.

Of course, it's only a presumption that the GSIV will be part of the show. The word on the street is that, much like with the Galaxy S III, Samsung is keeping its new baby under very close observation, so we have no real way of knowing what the company has planned. 

Still, given that The Verge is willing to put its name on this one, it's probably a safe bet that we'll see the next iteration of the iconic handset in less than a month. Hoo-rah.

The Verge

Cameron Summerson
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    ...So you're saying I should clear my schedule.

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      Yeah, poor you, you will have to go and play with cool new tech... Life sucks, right? :-)

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      I'll create a diversion while you grab a few demo units. Gogogo!

  • ProductFRED

    I'm actually pretty happy with my S3. Unless the S4 is revolutionary and groundbreaking, I don't think I'll purchase it. Or at least I won't until the middle of its life when the price has dropped significantly.

  • Daafe

    I really hope they dont use the menu button anymore and switch to the software ones, but smth inside me knows it wont happen

    • guest

      honestly, I prefer the hardware menu button. I ALWAYS know right where it is, and it doesn't change based on what app I'm in or how the screen is oriented.

    • ques

      Honestly, I prefer the hardware buttons. I always know right where the menu button is and it doesn't change based on what app I have open or what orientation the device is set at.

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    The question will it be a real Google Android or Samsung taking you into their Samsung Android environment

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    Hey, that's my birthday! Hopefully I'll get some good news!

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    Cant see it doing much more than the s3