The Rogers version of the Galaxy S II LTE is finally receiving its update to Android 4.1.2, aka Jelly Bean, and the firmware upgrade is currently available through Kies (Rogers' own site does not yet show the update as available).

You can also download the update from Samsung Updates, software version I727RUXUMA7. Android 4.1 includes new features like Google Now, enhanced rich notifications, and some of Samsung's newer proprietary additions like Smart Stay. Rogers had originally promised the update in January, but yesterday announced that it had pushed the update to a February release.

via Samsung Updates

David Ruddock
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  • Johnny S.

    I'm hoping this is a sign that the AT&T update will drop before the end of the month! I can't wait for my skyrocket to get updated!

    • Marshall

      AT&T can't even update the HTC One X to jellybean and it's been out for ages. I'm getting sick of them...

  • ken

    can the rogers rom /firmware work on the At&T skyrocket?

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000772421683 Forrest Armstrong-Cate

      If you use ODIN then yes you can flash the Rogers Firmware onto the AT&T Version, Just remember you will have to enter the AT&T APN Settings and it will have the Rogers Bloatware till you Root it

  • paul

    just updated my s2 lte but now smart stay option and allshare app is gone. any ideas.. any one with this issue?

    • Johnny S.

      how's your phone running after the update? does it feel faster or slower? have you noticed any bugs besides the missing apps?

      • TheTashLB

        Much faster for me. Less lag time. I haven't noticed any bugs. And my battery life is better,

  • Cory

    Has anyone noticed a problem with LTE data connection after the JB update. first off, I don't get the "LTE" icon on the status bar anymore (I did check the mobile network setting and its set to automode w/ LTE). I took my update OTA, but have a colleague who manually did it via Kies and he has no LTE data issues

    • Shan

      Having the same issue. Can't see my LTE icon. Does anyone have a solutions?

      • Snakes

        If your phone says 4g, you are getting LTE... Check your speeds to confirm.
        This kind of confusion is created by the carriers throwing around terms like 3g... 3.5g, 4g, hspa, hspa+, and LTE... Now it's 4gLTE... It's all marketing and people don't know what they even mean anymore because there hasn't been a proper standard.
        When I enable LTE on my nexus 4 it says 4g as well as my sgs2lte and they both show at least 40mbps down... Sorry to be long winded, I hope this info helps.

        • Shan

          Not sure, There is something wrong. There is a difference for sure between 4G and LTE. I never got H+ and all the other stuff. After the upgrade I am getting H+ and etc. Speed wise it it slower then before.

  • peter

    I just updated 1 hr ago. Problem with the calculator..... It says "app isn't installed"

  • peter

    I just updated 1 hr ago. Problem with the calculator. Says "app isn't installed"

  • HD

    Galaxy S2 LTE
    I cant get LTE after the update. Also the phone gets warm if its not connected to WIFI and battery drains. Also noticed the earpiece volume is lower (I have the volume on max.).

  • Steve

    I agree with Cory about how the phone was updated... Futher info.
    If you update OTA then tethering works
    If you update Kies then tethering does not work.
    Both methods face unlock is not installed

    • Hammerlock

      Ah! Does anyone please have a solution to the tethering problem? I updated over kies and now it won't work, please!

  • justin

    I just got this update and now i cant find where to change or put on a password

  • Tim

    after upgrading ive noticed a severe drop in battery life, call volume, available features and even the loss of some standard widgets as well as a host of other issues. also doesnt show LTE connection anymore either. "app isnt installed" just means that the update has a new version of that app that can be found in the menu.

    anyone know how to revert back to where i was before this most recent update?

  • Hogan Courrier

    LTE and 4G do not work with Rogers under the new Jelly Bean release. I have been on the phone with Rogers and Samsung and Rogers has finally admitted that it is a problem with THEIR bloatware coding on the JB ROM. Rogers is now working feaverishly to get a new update to restore 4G and LTE, in the meantime if you call them they will give you a credit. I got 200 extra minutes for 3 months.

  • Hogan Courrier

    Also any bonehead that tries to tell you that it is a marketing/relabeling of the 4G and LTE is totally out to lunch and has no clue on actual facts! I have been rooting phones for 2 years now and I can tell you I am very experienced in this field. Samsung does not release the updates, the provider does. The software is managed by Google and pushed to your device by your service provider. If they tell you anything else they are lying to you!

    • Charlie

      Will my galaxy S 2 by Tmobile 2.3.6 gingerbread have lte when it comes out at the end of this month in Minnesota? And how do I tell if I jave the old or new galaxy s 2 lte phone?

  • Arthur

    Updated, and now drains battery, predictive text sucks, Google play crashes and won't open.

  • Jason

    I'd like to first and foremost comment on what many of you have already questioned about this new update affecting your connectivity to the internet via LTE or Wi-Fi. I for one can see that this update from ICS was much needed considering that the future of android's success depends on it's innovation and adaptability to an ever growing market. What I don't agree with and I'm sure many of you can all agree on is that the small changes actually make these updates a bit of a hassle considering that when an update happens to be available to you what works now should actually work after you update things in the end. Since this update occurred a few days ago I've noticed that my Wi-Fi connectivity does not allow me to browse the internet like it should I noticed the icon on the top which shows your connection to Wi-Fi as being active but when it comes to browsing or doing anything which normally works under LTE or using your data it just does not seem to work for me. I spent time talking with both rogers (my current carrier) and through Samsung customer support personnel about these issues and about any news of problems occurring during this android update but there guess was as good as mine and didn't offer any support only by telling me to "hard reset" my phone and that it should work after doing so with no unforeseen or reoccurring problems after it's been done. I hope that this comment helps anyone who has doubts or is looking for answers to there problems with this update.

  • brooke

    Where is the update for the sky rocket on att? I check it manually and the phone keeps saying software up to date. Its currently on ice cream sand which. I need help?

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100005687707860 Sara Khan


  • Gailgolf

    I also updated my Galaxy skyrocket II phone the other day thru Kies Air and lost the tethering hot spot connect ablity. I called AT&T and after trying several things, I am all good now. But it took much of the morning! Each phone will be different as to what you lose I think.
    In setting /application manager/under ALL - you can try clearing the cache in the item called "tetherin provision" but that didn't help me. So they took me to Settings/Personal/ Back up and reset/factory data reset -after checking the boxes to back up my data, I had to HIT the button. The phone shuts down and restarts. it will assign you a new password and adjust your name on your tethering hotspot also..so be aware, you can rename it and change your password again. BIG hassle! But it worked. I had to reinstall all my apps it saved. If there's a short cut no one could tell us.

  • Taimur Ali

    i have Samsung S2 4G LTE (Korean), i upgraded the firmware using the Kies now its not even starting, It loads in start but then stuck, Please Help...