Verizon is rolling out yet an OTA update to the HTC Rezound as of this morning, this one claiming to add "HTC Device Enhancement" (only one enhancement, obviously), so we're not quite sure what's inside. The new version number is 3.14.605.13 710RD, and you can probably expect it to begin rolling out some time this week.


The Incredible 2 is also getting some OTA love, with the some sort of cryptic changelog. Given that we saw a totally unexpected security update to the now-ancient EVO 4G last week, it seems possible these "enhancement" may be security-related as well.


Rezound, Incredible 2

David Ruddock
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  • Adam92Wilkins

    to bad i ditched running stock on my rezound.

    thanks to that I am actually running JB on it, something verizon will NEVER bring to it.

    • Dee

      Any suggested sites to get directions to run JB on the rezound?

      • Adam92Wilkins

        xda is your best friend when rooting/flashing.

        However make sure you READ through everything at least 2x before attempting. After you get root, only certain roms can be flashed, so you might want to s-off (not recommended if you aren't tech savvy) then head to the original android development for the rezound and grab a JB rom to flash.


        • Dee


  • http://www.facebook.com/michael.toth.18 Michael Toth

    No update for my wifes rezound. I checked 10 times so far to no avail.

    • boobs

      they said it would roll out sometime this week.

  • DJ

    These asshats (mainly HTC but partly Verizon) are terrible and treat their customers poorly. There's no reason the DINC2 hasn't been upgraded to ICS by now and the DINC4G to Jellybean. Until HTC gets their act together I will not be purchasing any more of their phones. I have switched to a RAZR M (released AFTER the DINC4G but has had Jellybean for months now). I never thought the DINC2 would be stuck at Gingerbread in 2013. It's shameful.

  • http://www.facebook.com/paul.tobeck Paul Tobeck

    Well, if it helps my Rezounds battery life, I'm all for it. It'll make it more tolerable until Samsung drops the Note 3 right around my upgrade time :)
    Love the hardware, but I don't foresee HTC pulling their heads out of their asses when it comes to battery life any time soon.

    • Tidewater

      Rooting and using a custom ROM are the best things you can do on this phone. I am running jb aokp on my rezound and with the proper kernel, ihatewebos's in my case, I get about a day and a half to two days on a fully charged battery. Root, ROM, kiss sense goodbye, and never look back. Check the xda site for the rezound forum, everything you need and need to use is there. This phone is one of the few with absolutely the best devs out there.

      • http://www.facebook.com/paul.tobeck Paul Tobeck

        Gave up on the whole root/rom scene. Couldn't find a rom that didn't have some major function broken or remained stable for any length of time. Not my cup of tea. I keep hoping Google will give HTC another shot at a Nexus. If they go LG again, I'm switching to iPhone.

  • TBolt

    security enhancement? i guess this means they are just killing any existing root process?

  • Renee

    I got my REZOUND Update this morning. I have no idea what the update was for yet?