If you've been looking for a good clipboard management tool for Android, there's no better time to take a look at Clipper. The app just updated to v2.1, which brings a pretty incredible feature: cross-device syncing. This means you can copy text from one device, and paste it on another. That's just badass.

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Of course, there are potential security worries with a feature of this nature – like passwords, for example. Personally, I copy passwords from KeePassDroid quite frequently, and I know Artem uses LastPass to do the same thing. Understandably, this is the type of information that no one wants shared across multiple devices through the cloud.

That caveat aside, cross-device sync of clipboard contents is definitely a potentially useful feature; if you think you could find value in something like that, Clipper Plus will set you back two bucks. There's also a free version of Clipper, though it doesn't feature cloud syncing capabilities.

Thanks, Scuttlefield!