A few days ago, Plex announced that a completely redesigned version of its app was getting pretty close to completion, and that a beta build would be available "later this week." Well, it's later this week, and the beta version is now in in the Play Store. Awesome.

As previously noted, it's only available for PlexPass subscribers at the current time. Of course, if you pay monthly or yearly for extra Plex stuff, then you deserve some extra perks. This is one of them, so enjoy it. Unless you don't like things that look better than things that don't look good. Then you probably won't  be happy with this.

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The app, which adheres to the Android design guidelines very closely, should be quite the step up from the current, um, not-so-good-looking version. On top of a much more aesthetically-pleasing appearance, the new version of Plex will also work as its own media server, so you can stream audio/video/other stuff from one Android device to another, instead of just from your PC to Android. That's pretty good for anyone who keeps stuff stored locally on their Android device and has no desire to keep multiple copies across their various devices.

Since this version is for currently-paying PlexPass subscribers, it's a free download in the Play Store. Hit the widget to grab it.

Cameron Summerson
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  • Leonel Macias

    Cool beans, the app looks great...just one problem. It pulls in my queue and stuff but won't pull in my server and tells me it found it but it isn't

    That version isn't out yet afaik

    EDIT: NM, I found the new pre-release of 7.13 for plexpassorz

    • http://www.facebook.com/cr810scott Creighton Scott

      I thought the same.....Update your server the link is on the plex site.

    • http://profiles.google.com/nicholas.foote Nicholas Foote

      If you're a PlexPass subscriber, this link will take you to the forum page with the Server Preview download.


      I know you already found it, but hopefully this will help other people.

  • Nick Schiwy

    I bought the Flex for Google TV app so I could have a more consistent experience on my Vizio Co-star so hopefully they will be pushing this redesign to GTV as well! I've also heard that they were planning on rolling out a cloud service. Is that what plexpass is or have I missed the boat altogether?