If you're sporting one of HTC's 2012 flagship models – the One XL (evita), One S (ville), or EVO LTE (jewel) – then your day just got a little bit better. The first CM 10.1 nightlies just landed on get.cm for all three devices. This, of course, brings stock Android 4.2.x to the handsets.




Unfortunately, there's still no sign of 10.1 for the "original" One X (endeavoru), but if you're ready to "de-Senseify" one of the aforementioned handsets, hit the appropriate link below. And don't forget to grab the latest GApps!




Cameron Summerson
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    • jammer

      Did you follow the directions on CyanogenMod or XDA websites?

    • Rudy Belova

      worked on mine. Just make sure you flash the boot.img though.

      • epsiblivion

        the boot.img is referring to the one you find in the cm zip file right? just unzip and fastboot flash that?

        • Rudy Belova

          Yes, at first i didn't do it (I forgot, my other phone does it by itself) and i just got a blank screen. Once i did that, it worked fine! Good luck!

  • Chris Caldwell

    So, basically phones with are about 6 months old, which holds true to HTC form. Release a phone sold primarily under 2 year contracts, 6 months later bless us with a 5 month old OS update, then never update it again. Thanks for reporting on it, but GOD I hate them and my 8 mo old "obsolete" phone that I still owe over a year on. This kind of bad faith negligence should be illegal, or at the least they should be held liable.

    • xnadax

      What are you talking about? This article has got nothing to do with HTC's updates.

    • http://twitter.com/MyL1ttlePwny Matthew Sepersky

      I will assume you didn't read the article. This is cyanogen mod, not HTC and it is 4.2, not 4.1, which has been on these phones for a while in both cm and sense flavors.

  • Vishen Gounden

    10.1 for original HOX (endeavouru i believe) is available, not official nightlies though. it's still in alpha, but it is very stable for me anyway, and all the currently available 10.1 features work perfectly.

    • http://twitter.com/MyL1ttlePwny Matthew Sepersky

      Toast and deck have done a bang up job on the one x and evo lte...its great to have some of the best Devs working on this hardware.

  • D12

    Is anybody else having problems with the wifi because of the update?

  • Bo Kee

    Dark Jelly S edition, build 10.1 is fully funcional 4.2.1 H1S ROM.

  • On to You CM

    CM- the very inventors of kang. No other group gets away with taking googles code and replacing their own name in the copyright. In some cases they won't even add a comment or change a line of code and then claim it as there own. Even IF they made a drastic change they are still not legally entitiled to remove google from the copyright only add their names under it. This also goes for patches they aquire from public repo's. Original name out, CM name in.

    KINGS OF KANG. Before anyone flames me for this I strongly suggest you do a side by side comparison of googles code to theirs and then get back to me.

    • RB


      You do realize what the OS in AOSP stands for... Right?

  • Cherokee4Life

    is it just me, I read this article and after reading it it made me feel like they are saying this is the first time 10.1 is available for these phones. But I have been running 10.1 for about a month now on my EVO LTE.

    never mind I just re-read the post again. Correction. This is NOT the first time Nightlies are available. This is the first time the "experimental" Nightly if available. The post is a little misconstrued.

  • hanbeeg

    Great news!! Was waiting for this!

  • Brendan

    Is the HTC One S S3/C2 version supported, or just the more common S4?