Samsung recently starting updating its aging-but-not-dead flagship phone from yesteryear (OK, technically it was the year before that, but yesteryesteryear isn't a thing) to Jelly Bean. And when Samsung updates things, you know what that means, right? Source code. Because a new version of Android brings with it a new kernel. And Android modders want new source to go along with that new kernel. So Samsung delivered, as always.



This go around, it's uploaded the kernel source for the Galaxy S II i9100, as well as Bell Canada's variant, the i9100M BMC. So, if you maintain a ROM, want to tweak some code, or some other third thing – you can hit the appropriate link below to grab the download.

GSII GT-i9100


Cameron Summerson
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  • dextersgenius

    Um, Samsung may have delivered - but it's way too late. What's the point?
    I got tired of waiting and upgraded to a Nexus 4. Never again will I use a non-Nexus device.

    • Forcemaker

      Actually, I share your opinion on "never a non-Nexus device" as I am sick of this "bad support" but I will stick to my yesteryear device for at least 1 1/2 more years (my personal budgeteering).

      So, after all, I am very happy that things are moving, finally :)

    • http://trapchan.blogspot.com trapchan

      still much better than any other OEM. Compare it with another flagship phone from other OEM at that time.

      • chris2kari

        I made the mistake if buying a GTI-9000 (SGS) which was hobbled by Samsung choosing the wrong file system & the shitty Windoze only Kies software. It left me scarred for life against Samsung. If I got a SGS II or SGS III now is it still only usable with doze?

        • http://trapchan.blogspot.com trapchan

          just get an iphone if you can't live with windows, end of rant.

    • http://twitter.com/jusuchin85 Justin Alex

      Yea, I would agree that a Nexus device would be a great purchase when compared with other OEM devices; but looking back, we don't have much options that matches the SGS2 (apart from the HTC Sensation, which I feel is not as good as the SGS2).

      Furthermore, a Nexus device is not easily bought from where I'm from (Malaysia), and even those Nexus devices that came in (Nexus 2, Nexus 4) are contract-based and sold at cut-throat prices.

      If only Google would open to selling their Nexus in Singapore, then I would happily pay for one. For now, I'm accepting Samsung's offering with open arms and still loving my SGS2. :D

      • Mandarina

        If you're from Malaysia, you could buy a Nexus 4 or Galaxy Nexus from http://www.ipmart.com.my. I'm from Argentina and I bought a couple of phones from there.

        • http://twitter.com/jusuchin85 Justin Alex

          Thanks for that note, man. I've looked through the site, and yes it does sell the Nexus devices at quite a good price. Will consider next time! :)

    • chris2kari

      A lot of folks agree with you judging by the permanently out of stock status of Nexus devices..

  • Itaré Victor Galvêas Garrute

    ICS/GB drivers? Go away Samsung!

  • sammy rocks

    You will find that Samsung outpaces other companies with freely giving up their source code for kernels and drivers. Shame on you HTC!