If you're a fan of classic puzzle adventure games like Myst, then a new entry to the Play Store called Forever Lost should pique your interests. Like many games in the genre, Forever Lost tosses you – a confused amnesiac – into a room riddled with clues, and coats everything in layers and layers of creepiness. Expect memory flashbacks, strange visions, and a whole lot more as you embark on the journey to get your mind back in its former order.

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To go along with its haunting environment, FL features an equally as eerie soundtrack, which really helps set the tone of the game. Since I absolutely love puzzle adventure games (especially ones with a creepy vibe), this was an instant buy for me. After playing it for just a few minutes, I'm already hooked. Can't wait to really dig into the story, but alas – it's work time. If you, however, aren't on the ol' time clock right now and need a good way to kill some time (or just love hidden object games), you can grab Forever Lost for $2.33.

Note: This is the "SD" version of the game; according to the Play Store listing, an HD version is also on the way.

Cameron Summerson
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  • Josh Flowers

    as thankful as I am that they mentioned an HD version is on the way, it kind of makes me want to hold off on purchasing the SD version.
    looking forward to hearing some good feedback on this game, though. i love this type of game.

    • http://www.modminecraft.com/ Nick Coad

      Yeah I'll be holding out for that one too!

    • http://www.grahamranson.co.uk Graham Ranson

      As the developer I fully understand where you are coming from. We wanted to get the HD and SD versions out at the same time but are delayed because of the 50mb limit on Google Play. We can't currently use .apk extension files.

      We have just this minute got the SD and HD versions approved on the Amazon App store so that should be out any day now.

  • http://widescreen.org OAR_John

    "Myst" is not hidden object, and neither is this game. They are at the very least part of the "point and click adventure" category. Hidden object games are more closely related to "Where's Waldo" -- games like "Paranormal Agency" and "Pirate Mysteries".

  • Matti

    It's strange how many people seem to remember Myst but forget The 7th Guest. From visuals alone, I'd say this game resembles the latter more.

    • Josh Flowers

      7th Guest! man that was an awesome PC game.