Sprint is sending it out a couple of minor over-the-air updates to its Galaxy S III and Note II handsets this morning, and here are the changelogs.

Galaxy S III


- Voicemail application update

- SMS 3-digit support

- Calendar sync issues

Galaxy Note II


-Security updates

If you're the owner of either device, these updates should be making their way to you in the next week or so. Head over to the Sprint Community posts for more information on how to obtain the new software.

Sprint Community (Note II, Galaxy S III)

David Ruddock
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  • yankeesusa

    Will this affect any rooted users i wonder. I'm sure on the note 2 its patching the exynos exploit. I guess we'll see.

  • virgil Clinton

    When the f is vzw even going to update theirs :-(

    • http://www.facebook.com/brandog.eaton Brandon Eaton

      I used to be on Verizon. Had the Htc Incredible 2. Bad ass phone. But they never updated past Gingerbread 3.2.4. Although the European varient the incredible S (same phone, just not global) is running an official JB update. Verizon says our version isnt capable. I called bullshit and told them the HTC Thunderbolt has ICS although it took forever for it to even update to that, but my point is, that the Thunderbolt is pratically the same as the incredible 2 (same singlecore processor, camera etc) but the thunderbolt has 4glte, the incredible 2 is only 3g. But they didn't even give the inc 2 an ics update. It would have fixed so much and helped that phone keep up just a little longer.

      In the end your gonna be waiting a while most likely. Verizon is the slowest to update their phones. They're all about money. And trying to get you to shell even more money to them to get the 'Latest' phone, that after six months (thanks to Verizon) it'll be obsolete. I'm sure when the S4 comes out on Verizon, the S3 will be forgotten. That's how they role.
      That's why I left. Not because my phone was bad, I loved that phone. But because I was tired of Verizon's shit. So I told them they can take my last bill and shove it. Sprint is ok. Not perfect (they're still working on the towers) but I got my S3 for a penny on Amazon so I aint complaining :-)

      I also pay $25 less then on Verizon and have unlimited everything.

      Verizon isn't as great as they make themselves sound. Get out when you have a chance. Stop waisting your money on a company that can care less how you feel about their way of doing things.

  • H R

    Wat is in this update

  • SDPT_Emile

    This update broke some of my notifications. Everything was working fine when I went to bed last night. I woke up this morning with the update and then I can't get FB chat and WWF notifications. I've done everything short of uninstalling those apps to resolve this issue.