Back in December, Media Monkey released a beta of the Android version of the media player app that received a level of success on the desktop. It still packs the same ability to tag and run scripts that the original possessed. Now it's arrived on the Play Store, which should make rolling out bug fixes much easier.

mediamonkey1 mediamonkey2 mediamonkey3

Speaking of bug fixes, the most recent set includes ensuring that playback position will be remembered, improving memory utilization and preventing duplicate tracks. Here's the full changelog:

What's in this version:

Build 100:
Added playback position should be remembered
Fixed several situations that result in a freeze
Fixed USB (wired) sync can result in empty MMA db
Fixed DB may not be updated on update of MTP content
Fixed several situations that can result in duplicate tracks
Fixed several cases in which the application fails to terminate correctly
Improved memory utilization
Build 98: Fixes video playback problem on some devices
Build 97: First version published

You can grab the app via the widget below.

Eric Ravenscraft
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  • Pablo Marusich AviƱa

    im using this media player as default since the beta started and im in love with it!

    • BubbleSort

      Does it have any Google Music integration? I wasn't able to find a reference to it. I'm a huge fan of the desktop client, but I love Google Music too much.

      • David Smith

        I would kill a man for an app that integrates Play Music and Spotify. I know that is a pipe dream though so for now I would just settle for smb shares to be integrated.

      • Freak4Dell

        There's no official API yet, and developers seem to be scared of touching the unofficial API, so the only thing that supports Google Music is Google Music.