• Thomas Lovett

    Dammit. I'd buy this phone in a flash if it had an awesome dev community like the GNex. I love the onscreen buttons and the battery life. The Galaxy S4 better have as good as a dev community as the S3 and onscreen buttons. A couple of my friends have the S3 and I can't stand the mixture of physical and disappearing capacitive buttons. I guess I'll find out soon enough.

    • Sherman J. Buster

      I hear you there. I'm about to buy a new phone (off contract) and really want a good dev community-backed phone, but I hate the GS3 with its buttons and plastic. I would love to go back to Motorola, but no real dev support. Wish CyanogenMod had the Dev. Edition of the regular RAZR HD on official support, then I would get that without hesitation.

    • Scott

      The Maxx HD is a very good phone. I was fed up with the Galaxy Nexus on Verizon and all it's reception problems. No more problems with signal or battery life. I typically go 2.5-3.5 on a single charge, on-screen time ranging from 2-6 hours in between.

  • Sherman J. Buster

    The Verizon store I was in the other day had the Maxx HD listed at $249.99, so this would be a $150 savings, not $200. I think the only $299.99 subsidized phone they have right now is the Galaxy Note II.

  • UncommonCents

    I called Amazon's wireless division which told me that the $99 offer was for new customers ONLY. Existing customers wanting to upgrade don't get this deal and no such offer is in place.
    Wish the author did a bit more verification before posting an inaccurate article.

    • Sherman J. Buster

      This was from 8 days ago. It was perfectly accurate the day it was posted. Amazon changes their pricing all the time, so it has changed since this was posted. Now the upgrade price is $149.99.

      • UncommonCents

        I understand but when several different news article sites are published within a 2 week period (and recent publications as of 2-20-13) you would think that there was some accuracy to this information.
        I'll have to post to the 2-20-13 article being out of date.

  • George Jungle

    Love my Razr maxx hd.. replaced my Razr maxx and I got it for $99 from Costco. Great price for a great phone, the best I've ever owned. Jelly Bean is what makes it a great phone...