Last Updated: February 13th, 2013

So this is interesting, Google just updated the product page for every Nexus 7 model on the Play Store, and the change on every one is the same: estimated battery life. Previously, the Nexus 7 was listed as having "Up to 8 hours of active use," but now the figure has been revised to 10 hours - within a day's time of the release of the Android 4.2.2 update (manual update download here).

Update 2/13/13: Google just reverted all the Nexus 7 pages back to 8 hours. Why must you toy with our feelings like that?


We've been digging for new features and changes in Android 4.2.2 (see here, here, and here), but we've yet to see anything specific about improved battery life. The timing is undoubtedly odd, though. With that in mind, to those of you with Nexus 7's on Android 4.2.2: keep an eye on your battery life over the coming days. It may be better.

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  • http://k3rnel.net Juan Rodriguez

    Maybe it's Tegra 3-related and not really 4.2.2 related?

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

      Well, whatever it is related to, it's probably a change that came with the 4.2.2 OTA.

      Or it's unrelated and they revised it for some other reason.

      I hope we actually find out. All these unexplained changes are killing me.

  • brkshr

    And the OS still says 4.1...

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

      Since 4.2 has been available for a long time now and the Nexus 7 has had it, it's not an indication of why that change was made IMO. For all we know they may just let list the Android version that was preloaded at the factory when they were boxed.

      • brkshr

        I agree. Just stating what I saw & wondering why they would update the battery and not the OS.

    • D14BL0

      They probably still ship with 4.1 on them, since Google's not about to go open up a thousand tablets in a warehouse and flash an update to them.

      • cy_n_ic

        I would gladly take that job. Even at minimum wage. Hell ill pay goog to flash em all!!! Bwahahahaha!!!

      • Glen

        Then the battery lift should reflect the OS version it ships with. If 4.1 has a smaller battery life than it should list that

  • joshstan

    The battery life on mine amazing already... But will be interested to see if it makes any difference. If only I could use mine for 10 hours a day ;)

  • adi19956

    I'd put it more like 12, it's bloody good

  • Julio M

    Is that yet another iteration of Nexus 7?

  • Kernschatten

    Why stop at 10 hours?
    Mine goes to 11.

  • http://twitter.com/Bluewall Bluewall

    Couldn't find a reason too. But I expect the same happening to the Nexus 4 product page :p

  • Razormike

    The changelog mentions a bug related to location awareness. The log states it was fixed and it would therefore improve battery life.

  • Razormike

    The changelog states a location awareness bug was fixed. Which could be a possible explanation. It mentions it should improve battery life.

  • VS54_Orion

    That's nice - but will it fix the battery crashes?!!!!! There's no excuse for selling a product that shuts off at 20% battery, shows an explosion of artifacts on the screen, a deathly humming noise, and forces you to play around with the charging cable and side buttons to turn it back on. I thought you were better than this, google!

    • Justin Swanson

      is it possible your unit is defective? the only similar problem i had was when autobrightness was on. since i set it to manual, i haven't had any issues.

    • Magnus100

      Probably a defective unit. Not experienced any of those issues.

    • jmhain

      Mine does this too. I read on a forum somewhere that it may be caused by a loose battery connector and is easy to fix, but I haven't had the guts to open mine and try it yet.

    • Cuvis

      Sounds like you got a defective unit. I'd contact Google for an RMA.

      You didn't think they were all like that, did you?

    • Zoltán Sárkány

      Mine does it also. I bought it in September and did it for the first time two weeks ago, then again couple of days later. Exactly as VS54_Orion described it. I read it somewhere you shouldn't let it to discharge completely, but still. I had to charge it during the night to come back to life. There also have been couple of random reboots at various battery levels.

  • heat361

    They battery life is already great and I read in their code that they were merging some battery fixes.

  • http://twitter.com/nastybutler77 JJ

    Since switching to the M-Kernel, my battery life has been fantastic, along with everything else. Don't think I'll upgrade until the XDA devs get this new OS wrestled into submission.

  • http://google.com/+derekross Derek Ross

    Not that weird. Before it said 9 hours of video playback, 10 hours of web browsing or e-reading, and 300 hours on standby. Higher is better. Bill Gates taught us that yesterday on Reddit.

    • Bob

      Upvote for the IAMA ref.

    • aiden9

      On an off topic note, still don't get people buying him reddit gold. In the time it took him to sign up for reddit he made enough money to buy a lifetime worth of it.

      • Beyonce’s Weave

        He got gold for all ~30 of his replies. I didn't really understand it as well. Some of the gold was okay because what he said was clever/hilarious/insightful but most of his replies were just short replies about his life which shouldn't really merit reddit gold. Whatever though I'm just jealous over rich people giving gold to rich people - nothing new.

  • BrianLipp

    Still charges like a piece of sh!t though!

  • Brad

    I know they were planning to swap out the Nvidia processor. Could that be the reason?

  • bL4Ck

    They indeed did something, mine is much more responsive, on 4.2.1 there was always lag between inputs, specially when pressing the soft buttons, and battery life was way worse than 4.1.2, sunday I used it for 2 hrs and battery went from 100% to 59%, today, after the update, with 2hrs and 15min of screen on is still at 75%. A nice update, indeed.

    • http://www.facebook.com/raphael.tefera Raphael Tefera

      exact same thing happened to me and i'm very grateful for the update.

  • http://www.yashmaheshwari.com/ Yash Maheshwari

    So they updated the battery life to reflect the improvements brought in by 4.2.2, but have still mentioned 4.1 as the OS?

  • Waldemar Thiel
  • Wayne Randall

    Fully charged my N7 last night after updating to 4.2.2, battery drain through the night was -2mA as measured by BMW. That's a huge improvement. The tablet still registered as 'Charged' when I turned it on this morning.

  • http://www.geekchoice.com/ Richard Short

    That means the OS was pulling more power than it needed. http://www.geekchoice.com/new-york

  • http://twitter.com/xplodwild Guillaume

    Here's the explanation. https://github.com/pboonstoppel/linux-3.1-nv-rel15r7-cpuquiet/commits/15r7

    CPUQuiet, a new governor from nvidia added to the kernel, to better take advantage of the companion core and better manage the overall CPU power consumption.

    It hasn't been pushed yet to Grouper's kernel repo, that's why nobody seen it. But we're merging it in TF300 and TF700's CyanogenModded devices ;)

  • Ivan Myring

    I still don't have it on my nexus 4 or 7 yet

  • GP

    Screen colours and brightness are a lot sharper

  • GP

    Also scrolling is a lot better with the 4.22 update.

  • TechGuy21

    waiting for rootbox to update or AOKP so i can enjoy this

  • Max

    There is no way you can get that much life with the screen on. 3-4 hours seems more what I have been getting. Haven't got 4.2.2 yet

  • http://about.me/BenRogersWPG Ben Rogers

    Strange, I'm seeing 8 hours on the Play Store.

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

      They reverted it.

  • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

    Aaaand they've now reverted it back to 8. Wtf, Google?

  • Ralph Figueroa

    It was optimizing applications during the update, so yes, Virginia, there is going to be 10 hour battery life on your Nexus 7, you can thank Santa for that.

  • juancarlos caranchini muñoz

    Since updated to 4.2.2 NEXUS media importer with OTG no work any more please help

  • juancarlos caranchini muñoz

    Since updated todo 4.2.2 muy NEXUS media importe not work anymore with OTG please help

  • juancarlos caranchini muñoz

    Since updated todo 4.2.2 yesterday muy NEXUS media importe don't work anymore with muy OTG con NEXUS 7 32 Gb 3G please help

  • Brian Parchman

    On my wifi Nexus 7: Battery life is great, charging time greatly reduced. Performance seemed improved at first, then seemed to go back to 4.2.1 standards, but who can ever really be sure about that. But what stood out was the spontaneous reboot when doing a batch update of all my updatable apps from the Play Store, and the other random reboot when being left alone later the same night. Both happened within 12 hours of the system update. None since, but I'm very wary.

  • Paul

    updated to 4.2.2 on nexus 7 and all is well. Only downside is the swipe gesture on standard android keyboard no longer seems to work in Chrome address/search bar or any other browsers, it has no autospace?so it bunches words as in web address-Sure it worked before the update

    in the meantime have downloaded a third party swipe gesture keyboard and has solved the problem

  • microfax

    Having done a forced update to 4.22 without telling Sky, users have all lost sky go.....sort it Goggle!!

  • kamil
  • Realistic Ralph

    I have had the Nexus 7 for 2 days.

    Set up as follows:
    Wifi / GPS / Data off
    Airplane mode on
    Brightness, less than 10%
    No rogue apps appearing in processes / cached process./ no downloaded widgets
    Running Android 4.2.2
    Manufacture date appears to be February 2013.

    I've noticed the battery decreasing at a rate of 10% every 15-20 minutes while playing any video games on it, graphically intense or not. i.e. Modern Combat 4, Great Big War Game.
    At that rate the battery will be toast after ~ 2-3 hours.

    I've stopped playing those games and came online looking for similar stories. Does that seem normal while playing games?
    If so, I'm going to stop playing games on it, and just use it for email / browsing internet / reading magazines.


    • Alex

      Probably you have one of those bugs with baseband_xmm_power...google it for more details on how it is impossible to fix it for now...

  • Meh

    Really? After updating to 4.2.2 my battery life went from 10 hours to five hours.