We're all eagerly awaiting the arrival of the Ouya and the one question we need to have answered is whether or not the platform will be able to acquire enough interesting games to be worthwhile. One of the ways the company is generating interest and content is with a 10-day developer competition. Keeping in mind that the entire programming process occurred in a little more than a week (and in some cases, less than that) and all the titles are unfinished, here's a look at some of the games that may end up on the console.


This might just be one of the most visually-polished games to come out so far. A side-scrolling platformer that centers on solving puzzles and collecting items. Pretty standard fare, but it sure looks nice. Given the rapid pace of development, that should be considered an accomplishment in itself.

Color Thief

The visuals here are very obviously incomplete, but the concept seems pretty cool. A chameleon mimics the colors and (presumably) patterns of its environment to solve puzzles and escape detection. To be perfectly honest, if this game were finished it would be the first one I'd try on Ouya.


Points for creativity have to go to this one. In Pipnis game, two players use one controller (yes, you read that right), to navigate a pair of ships through mazes. The game has a very three-legged-race feel. Not only is the co-op concept intriguing, but making the experience equally as entertainingly awkward physically as it is virtually just sounds awesome. Please let this one become real.

Super Dungeon Bros.

While the trailer is mildly obnoxious, this one also remembers what mobile gaming forgot: that consoles are meant to be social. While we've all been focusing on whether major titles on Android will end up on Ouya, we've almost all collectively forgotten about the fact that a console can do so much more than a phone can. This four-player dungeon crawler shows a lot of potential for co-operative play. Granted, we now know that controllers cost $50 each, so actually utilizing four would cost $250 (or roughly the cost of a PS3), but with the promise of a bunch of free content and the potential ability to use controllers with your tablet/phone as well, it might not be impossible to convince people to shell out the extra cash. In that case, games like this one would come in handy.


Or as I like to call it, "Oh My God, Mega Tetris Street Fighter Brawl Smash Showdown." Seriously, much love to the developers, but this thing needs a better name. Watch the video. Do you know what it is? It's battle Tetris. The game board is sideways and two players are working their way towards each other. Their pieces fit into the other person's game board. Each line one player completes backs their opponent further into a corner. I've seen a ton of mind-bending Tetris variants, but this one takes the cake. And I love my Tetris variants.

And 17 More Finalists

Out of 166 game prototypes, 22 titles ended up on the finalists list. This is by no means a comprehensive overview of what these devs have to offer. There's also a Minecraft-ian T-Rex that shoots mouth lasers, a Starfox-esque arena shooter, and a game that looks like what Doodle Jump would be if you added jet packs and awesome.

There's no guarantee that all or even any of these titles will come to Ouya, but $45,000 in prizes are going out to at least some of these developers. We're looking forward to March (and then June) to see how well the ecosystem evolves, but for right now, we'd love to play these titles. Take a look around the source link to see the rest of the finalists. The winners will be announced February 18th.

Source: Kill Screen Daily

Eric Ravenscraft
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  • Vito Cassisi

    Duplicity looks like good fun, but that background track is annoying. Needs something upbeat like the original Korobeiniki instrumental.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000003999549 Mike Harris

      Duplicity looks like one of those games where you ask yourself "how come this hasn't been done before?" It's genius and I want to start playing people now. In my personal experience, Tetris is one of those rare games that never seems outdated and almost everyone loves to play - including people who don't normally play video games, like many females (and I don't say that to sound sexist; it's just that video games are, unfortunately, a male-dominated world).

      • http://www.androidpolice.com/author/eric-ravenscraft/ Eric Ravenscraft

        39% of Xbox's 75m users are female.

        • http://twitter.com/misterE33 Mr E

          In other news, 39% of Xbox's users are males pretending to be females ;)


          • ergu

            Yeah that stat seems a bit hard to believe. I mean I agree there are a lot more girls in gaming than there used to be, but it seems more likely that a large percentage of the 39% is men posing as women. Further, there is also the fact that not all XBOX users are playing games, I believe it was on AP that I saw some graph showing a pretty sizable chunk of PS3 and XBOX users who just watch movies on their consoles. I think it's still pretty accurate to call gaming a male-dominated... sport?

        • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000003999549 Mike Harris

          That's the first I've heard of a number that high, but let's say it's true, for argument's sake. How many of those females are simply girlfriends or friends of male gamers who created an account just for fun or to play a game or two with their boyfriends/friends? In other words, how many of those accounts have played more than one or two games - if any?

          • Andrew Ruffolo

            My wife is a gamer. Im not much of one. She brought the xbox and wii into the home when we got married. I have a ps3. I bought the 60 GB version so we could also play her vast collection of ps2 games since i didnt own one of those either. We primarily use the xbox.

          • http://www.androidpolice.com/author/eric-ravenscraft/ Eric Ravenscraft

            A few things. One: those numbers come straight from Microsoft yesterday at D: Dive Into Media. So the "let's say it's true" puts the burden of proof on you. Because otherwise, I have no reason to believe the anecdotal evidence of people on the internet over Microsoft's own word. Specifically when they have no reason to lie. Inflating female users doesn't bring more in. In fact it specifically represents a challenge, as the platform currently caters much more favorably to men in their 20s and 30s. These numbers would mean that Microsoft has work to do. So, let's skip the "giant international organizations are lying because I personally don't see the evidence."

            Moving on from that, this preposterous notion that women don't play video games, or that they're just the girlfriends of "real" gamers, or that only playing one or two games somehow doesn't count is sexism of the worst kind. It's the kind that attempts to deny that an entire demographic exists for absolutely no reason. What, exactly, do you gain from arguing that women are nearly invisible in the gaming world when faced with official statistics to the contrary? Nothing. It's a pointless dispute.

            I agree with the original premise that the Ouya will be appealing to people who do not normally play video games. However, correlating "people who don't normally play video games" with "women" is short sighted, outdated, and archaic thinking. Godspeed with that mentality, if that's what you'd like to continue to hold to. I'll be in the present with all the awesome women who know more about games than I do.

      • rap

        Love the concept! Tetris is one my 54 y.o. sister will play. That's probably the only thing she plays.

    • kindrudekid

      or something from shatter!

  • xsirxx

    4 player split screen against anyone online? NOW THEYRE TALKING! I wish the 360 had done this from the getgo. I hate having to setup 2 tvs and buy 2 game systems so we can game on the same screen agaisnt the rest of the world. Sky Arena seems pretty neat with that feature, I wonder what other games will have that.

    Its features like that that devs can build that sony/nintendo/microsoft cant get in the way of. I wouldnt mind seeing a mmorpg too(dont really play them, but for thepoint of it on console).

  • http://twitter.com/misterE33 Mr E

    That duplicity video is tripping me out, man

    • Alm0s

      It's so simple, yet nobody thought of it before. Brilliant, I hope it wins it's category.

    • Matthew Fry

      "Are You Ready?" Uh... no? It makes my brain all weird.

  • http://twitter.com/misterE33 Mr E

    I was disappointed when Dungeon Bros didn't feature roundhouse kicks and uppercuts. Give me a Streets of Rage + Diablo mashup!

  • Himmat Singh

    Color Thieif looks absolutely interesting!

  • RitishOemraw

    pipnis reminds me of that 2 spaceship mode in pewpew (or maybe pewpew2)

  • http://twitter.com/ToysSamurai Toys Samurai

    >> Granted, we now know that controllers cost $50 each, so actually utilizing four would cost $250 (or roughly the cost of a PS3)

    Yes, but PS3 controllers aren't free neither.

  • GraveUypo

    duplicity is the simplest yet most promising of all of these

  • http://brgulker.wordpress.com/ brgulker

    The issue of getting these games to look good on HD TVs doesn't seem solveable to me. These games are meant to run on mobile device screens. In that regard, the Shield seems more viable to me (except for the price point, which I'm not sure they could possibly sell cheaper).

    Ultimately, this product feels more like a prototype than anything ready for the market. I think there's potential for a platform like this in the future, but not until the ecosystem and infrastructure is there (read games, Play Store) to support it.

    Also, why no Play Store? I must have missed that.

  • http://brgulker.wordpress.com/ brgulker

    Also, what I don't understand is why Google doesn't make a gaming controller, then develop an API for that controller. Then, a console like this would already have a group of games that work with said controller and could focus on things other than the controller that clearly need improvement.