Yes, we know - the Nexus 4 is still thin on the ground basically everywhere. (Americans, both the 8GB and 16GB versions are currently shown as "ships in 2-3 weeks" on the Play Store.) Even so, the LG flagship is the logical showpiece for Google Now, and it's doing some fine service in Google's latest mobile search ad. This one shows off Now's ability to automatically bring up contextual information for your time or location. It seems that Google is also pretty sure that American tourists don't know what sea urchins look like.

This commercial makes a little more sense than previous Now spots, since it's displaying the app's ability to predict the topical information you want as soon as you perform that distinctive swiping function. While the Nexus family may have exclusive claim on Android 4.1 at the moment, a growing number of Jelly Bean upgrades has given 4.1 a surprising 13.6% share of the Android userbase. That means that at least some of the people watching this ad will actually be able to use the cool features it shows off.


Jeremiah Rice
Jeremiah is a US-based blogger who bought a Nexus One the day it came out and never looked back. In his spare time he watches Star Trek, cooks eggs, and completely fails to write novels.
  • http://twitter.com/Vizualize a.d.AM

    How do you get it to do the translate google now thing?? I dont see it in the settings for google now either. Plus, how would it know you need a translation randomly?

    • http://kennydude.me/ Joe Simpson

      Google say it's when you're in another country to where you live

      • Ray Wall

        I can go across town and it's just like another country.

    • Martin Kemp

      It comes up when you are in a different country.

    • mauric

      It is in the settings actually, and it only shows when you are in a country with a different language. cards --> Travel --> Translate

    • Sherman J. Buster

      You could also just get Google Translate from the Play Store, if you wanna just play around with the ability to convert something into another language. It's kinda fun when you are bored and have nothing to do.

  • sri_tech

    HTC one pic from @evleaks. App switch button is missing.

  • Tarek El-Eter

    dont you mean 4.2 not 4.1 ?

    • http://twitter.com/LV2355 Laurentiu

      ...when refering to Nexus devices.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Lawrence-Ellul/825284796 Lawrence Ellul

    I got mine delivered in 3-4 days when the expected delivery date was 2-3 weeks from Google UK... so let's say the forecasts are pessimistic so when u get your device early you have a nice grin on your face :)

  • Makkan

    a) Fell in love with the cute musician in black.

    b) I have a Nexus 4 and, while Now is generally ok, I can't make the sports card work. I selected my favorite teams (FC Barcelona and a few others) but information about scores is always missing.

    Apart from that, I'm very happy with Now and the device.

    • http://twitter.com/nastybutler77 JJ

      Don't know what to tell you on b). The sports cards work great for me on both my N7 and with the port of GNow I'm running on my Optimus G. Might double check your settings to make sure they are set up correctly.

      • Makkan

        Are you following football, american football or basketball? Maybe it's just some sports that fail. I don't know wich settings to change, Now doesn't have many options.

        • http://twitter.com/nphandre Nicolas Andre

          soccer (or 'real' football) cards never worked for me while the (american) football, basketball (nba), hockey (nhl) and baseball (mlb cards) work fine.

          • juan

            I followed Arsenal and it worked OK. NFL scores also worked for me and now seeing NCAA scores show up although it seems it hasnt been implemented 100%

          • PCSievers

            Sounds like it has a Premiership feed but nothing else from European football (aka soccer).

          • Makkan

            Could be, but then I should be unable to select FC Barcelona. And, apart from Barcelona i selected the other big european teams, from Premier, Calcio, Bundes, etc... So if akshay7394 Chelsea appears, it should appear also in my phone, right? Strange...

          • Sean Carreon

            I follow Barca and it shows up in Now. The only problem I have is that I don't see any of the teams crests.

          • Makkan

            And how is it configured? It's important for me because I can't find any sports app (with holo) that I like and Google Now is so clean and well designed that my eyes bleed love.

        • akshay7394

          I follow Chelsea FC, and Google Now works fine for me in every respect when a match is going on :) I just wish it would let you customize just how far before a match it starts notifying you :P

  • Greg Sanders

    My Nexus 4 was to be shipped in "1-2 weeks" which turned out to be like 3-4 days.

    • JR

      Same here. I ordered the Wednesday it became available, with 1-2 week shipping, and it arrived that Friday. Super sweet.

    • Elias

      Ordered mine on december 10th with a bumper, shipped december 18th, received december 21th. And the bumper is gorgeous. Some people said this is the first time they actually see a bumper make a phone look better.

      • Elias

        Btw, shipping was to take "7-8 weeks". Seeing these come out as days and not weeks was a great surprise, and receiving the N4 before christmas was my gift from google.
        But I understand why they asking for much longer shipping deadlines. They'll either have time to sort out problems with stock, or surprise their customers positively.

  • http://photoJazz.ws/ Brian

    The note 2 also shipped with 4.1, being the second device to do so (after the Nexus 7 but before the Nexus 4).

    • Scott Miller

      well the Nexus 4 did not ship with 4.1, it shipped with 4.2

      • http://photoJazz.ws/ Brian

        Ah, then the article is incorrect.

  • skitchbeatz

    What they don't show is the glass back causing it to slip out of the user's hand and shattering on the city streets

    • mattrition

      I don't find the glass slippery in my hand. Any other non-flat surface is a completely different matter.

      • skitchbeatz

        I was mostly joking. Although I do feel less confident about running around with mine naked though in comparison to my galaxy nexus. It DOES slide off of everything imaginable though... Even surfaces that I swear were level with the ground

    • dobbsy

      It's the least slippery phone I've ever owned.

      • skitchbeatz

        The physics department would like a word with you to explain how the coefficient of friction works with respect to materials

        • Darius_bd

          You don't hold this phone by the rear glass, but by the frame, which happens to be very grippy.

  • Owen Finn

    Wait - the guy in France knew English all along?

    • adi19956

      Maybe not... It's a sea urchin isn't it? They are not fish

    • JG

      It wouldn't be unheard of... Monolingual-ism is only really common in the US. Most Europeans know at least a second language. English would likely be one of the more popular second languages, especially in more touristy locals. I don't know about France, but something like a third of all Germans know English... The German teenagers we hung out with when I was over there for the High School German trip actually spoke it better than some of us Americans did I think....

      • Darius_bd

        You clearly missed the sarcasm and clearly never been to France...

  • wjrandon

    Jeremiah Rice seems a little disgruntled towards Google with this post. :-/

  • http://twitter.com/graffixnyc Patrick Hill

    "The Nexus 4 You Don't Have"

    Speak for yourself... I have one :)

  • Sootie

    Only time I have found google now brought up crazy useful information that was super reliant was when I was OS and hadn't used it because I didn't have wifi and OS data is crazy expensive but accidently opened it once while connected to wifi and holy crap it was awesome, exchange rates stuff to do weather local transport photo spots, everything!

  • Larizard

    I'm surprised they showed the subway for LA and restaurants for New York. That's a little backwards, imo.

    • s_bomb

      I'm surprised too, NYC is better in both categories :P

  • http://www.facebook.com/ngomac Chisanga Ng’oma

    The Nexus 4 you don't have, LOL